Here's what to look for in your robotic pool cleaner.

Dual Stabilizer

Unlock Full Waterline Cleaning Potential

In today’s world, robotic pool cleaners have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and ability to save time and money. Robotic pool cleaners are able to clean a large surface area of the pool in a relatively short amount of time. However, one challenge that these machines face is the ability to clean the waterline of a pool. To address this issue, manufacturers have developed dual stabilizers for robotic pool cleaners in order to ensure they can effectively clean the waterline of a swimming pool. Robotic pool cleaners, such as the Dolphin Premier and Dolphin Sigma, use Dual Stabilizers to be able to clean your wall and waterline more efficiently.

How do they help?

The first way that dual stabilizers help robotic pool cleaners is by providing stability while they are cleaning your walls and waterline. They help the robotic pool cleaner stick to the wall and waterline to provide better cleaning performance. Without proper stability, these obstacles can cause the robot cleaner to lose its balance or fall from the waterline. Dual stabilizers act like shock absorbers which provide extra stability and control, so that the robot can provide a more powerful clean.

Dual stabilizers help robotic pool cleaners is by allowing them to clean areas where debris often builds up along with algae growth on walls near steps and ladders (waterlines). When these areas are not properly cleaned, they can cause bacteria buildup leading to unsafe swimming conditions. This can also cause eye irritation from chemical imbalances in your swimming pool system caused by algae growths on walls near steps (waterlines). Dual stabilizers allow your robots access into those tight spaces where debris build up so that you don’t have worry about any health risks associated with poor maintenance of your swimming pools system nor do you need worry about health problems caused by chemicals imbalance from algae growths on walls near steps (waterlines).

Overall, dual stabilization provides numerous benefits when using robotic pool cleaners. They give the robot stability, enababling them to provide a more powerful clean in your swimming pool.

What robotic pool cleaners do we recommend?

The Dolphin Sigma and Dolphin Premier are two of the best robotic pool cleaners. Both have dual stabilizers that help them clean the walls and waterline of your swimming pool. We recommend reading their reviews and to also check out our comparison page!

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