Dolphin Quantum

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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The Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner has the following:
  • Cleaning made convenient. Easy-to-use, light weight in-ground robotic pool cleaner with a weekly scheduler so you can set your Dolphin to automatically clean for you- every day, every other day, or every 3rd day.
  • Cleans with ease. Anti-tangling swivel technology allows the Quantum to move freely around large residential pools up to 50 feet for an uninterrupted hassle-free clean.
  • Hugs and scrubs your pool’s walls. PowerStream mobility provides a constant grip on vertical surfaces for intense wall and waterline scrubbing, removing tough, stuck-on-dirt for an exceptionally clean swimming pool.
  • XXL MaxBin with NanoFilters - Quantum includes Dolphin's Largest Filter Ever. At 400 in2, the XXL MaxBin is 225% larger than 1st Gen Dolphin Robots
  • Save Energy with Every Pool Cleaning. 8X more energy efficient than pressure and suction cleaners! No hoses or booster pump required. Backed by a 2.5 Warranty.
  • Dolphin Quantum Waterline Cleaning
  • Dolphin Quantum Filter Basket
  • Dolphin Quantum 2 Year Warranty
  • Dolphin Quantum Swivel
  • Dolphin Quantum Automatic Timer
  • Dolphin Quantum SmartNav 2.0
  • Dolphin Quantum PowerJet 3D Mobility
  • Dolphin Quantum Dual Scrubbing Brushes
  • Dolphin Quantum Cleaning Waterline
  • Dolphin Quantum Cleaning Pool
  • Dolphin Quantum Anti-Tangle Swivel
  • Dolphin Quantum Oversized Filter Basket


Waterline Cleaning Excellent Excellent
NanoFiltration Excellent Included with Robot
Pool Coverage Excellent Excellent
User Experience Excellent Excellent
No Restocking Fee Excellent No Restocking Fee Ever
30 Day Trial Avaliable Excellent Avaliable from All Sellers
Warranty Excellent 2 Year Warranty
Check mark Highs

Advanced ProLine Waterline Cleaning

2 Filters Included - NanoFilter and Standard XXL MaxBin

Programmable Smart Timer - Automatically run every day

Anti-Tangle Swivel - Prevents Tangles

2 Year Warranty - Full Coverage that isn't Prorated

X icon Lows

Pricey, but Fantastic Value

Dolphin Quantum Review

As part of their advanced class of robotic pool cleaners, Dolphin touts the Quantum model as one of their lightest and most methodically designed bots ever. Dolphin is a frontrunner in the industry of robotic pool cleaning, and they’ve had quality products on the market for years. But as one of their most popular models, we wanted to see how the Quantum lived up to the hype of wall-climbing, fantastic filtration, energy efficiency, and more. Keep reading to see our honest review of the Quantum experience.

Small Package, Big Power

You won’t hear us suggest buyers spring to purchase a caddy - the Dolphin Quantum weighs only about 16 pounds. Sure, you could make a workout out of curling it repeatedly, but as far as robotic pool cleaners go, that’s light. It’s small, compact, and sleek, built with a minimalist design to decrease weight and increase functionality. Hearing those statistics before seeing it in person gave us pause to wonder how powerful and durable it could be against a 50-foot pool, but we weren’t disappointed. Its patented Exoskel may be minimalist, but it’s built like a tank – low to the ground and solid. And thanks to its lightness and sturdy built-in handle, it’s far easier to transport to and from the water than other robotic pool cleaners.

Getting Set Up

Like most Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, there wasn’t much assembly required at all. Taking the bot from box to poolside took about five minutes. Just remove the plastic covering from the brushes, plug the Quantum into the power supply, and select your cleaning job.

The power supply’s control interface is fairly easy to use. You can’t miss the giant power button, and it has a convenient built-in programmable weekly timer. This will come in handy during the summer months when you need to run the Quantum daily, or if you’re out of town for a few days.

However, the power supply has a Bluetooth and wireless phone icon. To our knowledge, the Quantum doesn’t come equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities, so some users may find themselves trying to connect the bot to their phones to no available. This may be a bit confusing to buyers who haven’t read the fine print. This is because Maytronics uses a similar power supply on other models with Wi-Fi, such as the Dolphin Sigma.

Once the Quantum was set up and ready to go, we dropped it into the water and let it sink to the bottom, then pushed the start button.

In the Water

We tested the Dolphin Quantum robotic pool cleaner in a 20x40 gunite pool. The Quantum’s specs say it can clean up to a 50-foot pool in just two hours, so we knew ours wouldn’t make for an unfair testing environment. Like with all of our reviews, we let the pool accumulate debris for a few days without any cleaning in between. With large oak trees nearby, there were plenty of leaves, small twigs, and even pollen dispersed throughout the water. And there’s no telling what kind of dirt was floating around thanks to the windy weather and water-loving dog.

Once the Quantum had reached the bottom of our dirty test pool, we started its cleaning job. It spent the first bulk of the cycle focused on the bottom. The Quantum is equipped with Dolphin’s SmartNav 2.0, which is a software that scans the pool and calculates the optimal pattern for the fastest and most efficient cleaning. This prevents it from lingering in one area too long or missing other areas entirely. During the first cleaning, it seems like the Quantum was getting the lay of the new land, figuring out the best cleaning route for its new pool.

With each pass across the bottom, the Quantum picked up all of the bits of visible debris. But it’s when it started climbing and cleaning the walls that we became really impressed.

Quantum is equipped with something Dolphin engineers call PowerJet 3D Mobility. Most robotic pool cleaners can easily move forward and backward on a flat, horizontal surface. But there’s a lot more to a pool than just the floor. The Quantum has three vortex jets instead of the traditional one jet, letting it effortlessly adhere to vertical surfaces underwater. It can move laterally while vertical to reach hard-to-get spots, and the jets assist in defying gravity’s pull.

It climbed the walls with ease and quickly figured out where the water line was. Even when it peeked above water to clean the walls, it never lost grip or fell from its height. We think a lot of that has to do with the strong rubber grips on the Quantum’s track. They grip the pool surface tightly without being hindered by water weakening its efforts.

You can even see the strong bristles of the brush spin rapidly as it reaches the water line sludge, and it’s extremely satisfying to watch it obliterate the buildup of dirt and algae. Quantum’s dual HyperBrushes are located on the front and back of the bot, and they spin twice the speed of ordinary robotic pool cleaner brushes. This design actually lets the brushes attack bacteria, algae, and miscellaneous grime on the walls by aggressively scrubbing them. Most robotic pool cleaners glide over surfaces instead of dive into them. But the Quantum gets into the nitty gritty.

The Quantum took its time navigating the underwater steps, but its weight distribution lends itself to navigating those nooks and crannies. It eventually scrubbed the underwater steps and tanning ledge before wrapping up its cleaning job, and it had no problems gliding over the pool drains.


The first cleaning job took 2.5 hours, which is normal according to the Quantum’s specifications. Considering the state the pool was in when we dropped the Quantum into the water, we were impressed to see it gathered all of the visible debris. The cord got a little tangled in on itself from the first cleaning, but it unraveled easily.

The real proof of any robotic pool cleaner’s worth is in the filter – and the Quantum did not disappoint.

It’s fitted with an impressive, customizable filtration system. It comes standard with a large filter cartridge that has 400 square inches of space. That’s a huge capacity compared to the tight and finnicky filter cartridges of older robotic pool cleaners. When we pulled the cartridge out, it was impressively full of even more debris than we realized was floating in the pool. There was an abundance of sticks, leaves, acorns, and even some dog hair that it had managed to capture. Best of all, cleaning the cartridge is a breeze. Just dump the larger junk and hose it down until clean. It’s that simple.

The Quantum comes with quick-change filters so you can easily change the media dependent on what your cleaning job needs. Since we used the oversized filter cartridge first, we decided to test the Quantum again with the NanoFilter, which is designed to handle small debris like fine algae down to two microns. We set the Quantum to run another standard cleaning job with the micro-filter and were surprised at just how much fine debris and algae it picked up after its 2-ish hour run. The filter was remarkably dark with particles unseen to the naked eye while in the pool. While most robotic pool cleaners come standard with the capability to grab larger debris, not every bot can filter through for such a thorough deep cleaning. The Dolphin Quantum is in a class of its own there.

Cleaning the NanoFilter was just as simple as the larger cartridge. All it requires is a good hosing down until the water runs clear, then it’s ready to be placed back inside the Quantum.

What Impresses Us About the Quantum


The weight of a robotic pool cleaner isn’t something you really dwell on until you’ve owned a few. Like we mentioned before, the Quantum’s 16 pounds isn’t much compared to rival pool cleaners, but it packs a mighty punch. We found no lacking performance due to its lightness – the power of the DC motors and 3D-mobility jets gives it all the oomph it needs. Best of all, there’s no risk of throwing out your back trying to lug it from the pool to the shed all summer long.

Power and Energy Efficiency

The Quantum uses dual 24-volt, 3000 RPM DC motors. To put that into perspective, traditional robotic pool cleaners use energy-sucking AC motors that can expend 1800 watts of power. But the Quantum only requires 180 watts. All in all, that means you’re spending a mere five cents an hour to run the Quantum robotic pool cleaner. And you’re not sacrificing in performance, either.

Ease of Maintenance

Gone are the days of shimmying filters out of tight nooks and dousing flimsy debris bags in water in a futile effort to clean them. The Quantum makes maintenance an absolute breeze. With the push of a button the filtration system opens, and you can remove the cartridge with one pull. Cleaning it out entails dumping the debris and hosing the cartridge and filter down until they are clean again. It takes a few minutes and is impossibly simple.

Two-Year Warranty

We’re suckers for a good warranty. Dolphin products come with varying warranties, but the Quantum is insured with an impressive two-year warranty. While it’s not a three-year value like some of their other top of the line models, we feel peace of mind knowing the Quantum is backed for 24 months. And it comes standard with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What’s Lacking

The only feature we raised our eyebrows at was the Bluetooth symbol on the power supply interface. The interface is easy enough to use to start a cleaning or set a weekly timer, but the Quantum doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities. We’re not sure if it was simply an oversight to include it here, or if Dolphin engineers are trying to use the same power supply across different models. Regardless, it’s a non-existent feature that shouldn’t be there.

The Final Verdict

The Dolphin Quantum robotic pool cleaner is a workhorse for your pool. It’s not a small investment, but we do think it is a worthwhile one, especially compared to the features and upgrades given to the Quantum over lower end models. Its ability to defy gravity and consistently scrub the walls of a pool is remarkable, and its power isn’t hindered by its sleek, compact design. The Quantum isn’t bogged down with frivolous bells and whistles – instead it’s a solid, well-designed, dynamic machine. If you’re looking for an everyday robotic pool cleaner that can take on your pool’s season-changing cleaning needs, we think the Quantum fits the bill.

Dolphin Quantum
Robot Class: In Ground


Oversized Top-Loading MaxBin

XXL MaxBin

The Largest Bin Ever. Now with NanoFilters.

Innovative one-click empty, the XXL MaxBin is the largest MaxBin ever. With included NanoFilters, you can swap filter types in seconds - allowing the superior performance of NanoFilters with the upgraded capacity of the Quantum's MaxBin.


Next Gen Filtration Captures More.

Dolphin Quantum includes NanoFilters. Introduced as a part of the Dolphin ProLine, high-tech, plated filters are able to capture microscopic algae, debris, sand, and more in your pool water - all while increasing water clarity. To use, just simply snap them in and your Dolphin Quantum is ready. NanoFilters are a must have for any pool robot.

Waterline / Tileline Cleaning

Clean where other robots can't.

90% of the bacteria in your pool is on the waterline. Don't get confused with robots that are "Wall Climbing". There is a big difference. Waterline cleaning means the Dolphin Quantum actively scrubs and sticks to the waterline scrubbing away this problem area in the pool. It is a feature you don't want to miss.

Dolphin Wall Climbing

Wall Climbing

Provides floor and wall coverage

Dolphin Quantum is able to easily clean your walls of your pool.The Dolphin Quantum combines wall climbing with the even more important waterline cleaning to provide a deep clean in your pool, giving you full floor, wall, and waterline coverage in your pool.

Anti-Tangle Swivel

Anti-Tangle Swivel

No more tangled cords.

With an anti-tangle swivel, the Dolphin Quantum can fully explore and clean your pool without ever getting stuck. The innovative design allows the robot to move freely 360 degrees around your pool, without ever knotting the cord.

Energy Saver

Ultra Efficient

Save hundreds of dollars a year while cleaning your pool!

Dolphin Quantum saves hundreds of dollars a year in energy when compared to pressure-side or suction-side cleaners.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Simply Plug Dolphin Quantum in and start cleaning!

Set up has never been easier. No installation needed. Dolphin Quantum is ready to go right out of the box. No extra pumps, plumbing, or anything else needed. Simply plug Quantum and start cleaning!

Smart Navigation

Precise Navigation

Powered by SmartNav 2.0™ Technology

SmartNav 2.0™ coverage is powered by an advanced navigation system. This technology ensures that the most effecient route is used to clean your pool floor. So smart, the system automatically navigates around obstacles and quickly returns to its route.


Compare to other highly rated robots

Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Sigma Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner

Best Price


Check mark Highs

Dolphin's Best Pool Robot Yet - More Features, More Filters, & More Power.

Most Advanced Dolphin Ever - Utilizes Gyroscope

Includes NanoFilters - Unlock a Deeper Clean

Quad Scrubbing Brushes - 4X Cleaning Power

Utilizes 3 Dolphin ProLine Commercial-Grade Motors

Best Price


Check mark Highs

Only Dolphin with a Leaf Bag - includes Multi-Media

Waterline Cleaning Beast

New, High Performing Dolphin ProLine Model

NanoFiltration - Premier's NanoFilters allow it to clean deeper than standard Dolphin pool robots

3 Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

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4 and half stars 4.7 Based on 262 Reviews

Featured Reviews:

5 stars
After 11 years and six other robots, this is the one!

acrisis - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 11, 2022

The media could not be loaded. Honest review, not sponsored, etc: this is our best robot yet! The house we purchased 12 years ago, came with a large in ground pool. We're also surrounded by pine trees, birches, maples, oaks, ... . Cleaning manually with a suction hose, wasting so much time, water and chemicals was not an option for me. Thus started the path with robotic cleaners. One particular brand we had 4 failures between motors and control boxes in 10 years; one dolphin robot would not climb walls, another one died and last year, in 2021, we actually ended up with TWO robots. An aquabot ( only really cleans floors despite saying it does walls ) and this mid range Dolphin Quantum. This Dolphin Quantum is hands down our best robot yet. I does not have all the bells and whistles, like remote control, wifi, fancy display ... but forget all that crap. Had it. Doesn't work ... or the robot dies and then you wasted an extra $250 $500 on fancy features you barely use. This robot ticks all the boxes for me: + extra large volume cleaning basket + two large soft scrubbing brushes (many others just have 1) + basket is easy to install, remove, open and clean out + no bags to clean for 5 - 10 minutes, that may blow off their tray (smart pool brand robots issue) ... just a simple sturdy rigid box with a full bottom that opens up + dead simple control box: power and pick 1 2 or 3 (for repeat cycle in n days) + cleans the floor, inside corners between floor and walls as well as the vertical walls + does a fabulous job cleaning around the water line and even moves sideways across the waterline (see video clip) + swivel cord = YES (see photo, video and note below) + has not gotten stuck on our steps into the pool + has not gotten stuck on our floor drain + fine and ultra fine filters are super easy to swap out Ignore the review for this robot that says there's no swivel. The white thing in that customer's picture is the swivel! As advertised. Don't know how they missed it. It works and is quite standard across the industry. Now there's a trick to having the swivel work for you - which I learned the hard way with our previous brand robot that we had 4 of, and they were notorious for tangling: >>> only give the robot as much cord as it needs! Put the robot in the water with next to no cord, get the whole cord stretched out on the deck, leave excess cord on the deck, and tuck away whatever amount of cord it does not need, then plug it in. If you have a 15x30 20x40 pool and chuck the robot in with all the cord, it may / will tangle. However if you have a 40 ft long pool and and you give it about 45-50 feet, it will untangle and swivel when it goes across to the deep end on other side of the pool. Has ours tangled in the past year? Minimally so. Sometimes, they just want to run in a circle a bit after they've taken a lot of cord into the pool, and in a year's time, two summer seasons, it's had a few minor issues with the cord. But no cord was tightly damaged and Nothing like when you don't have a swivel or when you give it unlimited cord. This thing has been a beast, with the standard (non pleated) filter, filling up its basket with leaves, seeds, ... it does a solid job on walls with its two scrubbers against algae, it comes up out of the water with the front and then scrubs the wall sideways for a bit. Absolutely fabulous. Now this year, we did end up with some water quality issues and excess algae. After fixing the water for phosphates, instead of doing the vacuuming with a suction brush on waste as they said at the pool store ... don't use a robot, you must hand vacuum to waste ... it was taking way too much time. So, I figured I'd let the robot do it anyhow. I swapped in the extra fine pleated filters and sent the robot on its way. And it was doing great! It sucks up the phosphate that fell to the bottom overnight easy peasy. Within two days, some backwashing, the robot running around, sucking up the dropped material on the floor, our pool is looking a ton better and should be back to pristine condition in a couple days. This is not an inexpensive robot, you can buy a lot cheaper, but for our in ground vinyl pool, with a lot of floor and surface area, tons of cleanup in the fall; it is a very solid performer and gets my two thumbs up.

4 stars
Saves me a bunch of work, but limited success

El Ted - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 27, 2022

My pool has never been cleaner with almost zero effort. Just hose out the filters and put it back in action. A couple of limitations, though: 1. The control box will only let you set the option to clean once, every day, every two days, or every three days for a week. After a week, it just stops working and you'd have to turn it off and turn it back on again to reset it for another week. My plan was to leave it in the pool basically unattended, but now I'll have to have somebody check on it at least once a week. 2. The control box doesn't have an option to set a time schedule. All it knows is to run for three hours beginning from whenever you turned it on. If you want a daily schedule, it is just going to go 24 hours later. 3. Power interruptions will reset everything and start over. Might not be an issue in the US, but here in Central America momentary power outages are common. 4. It doesn't appear to me that it remembers where it has been. Looks completely random to me. I've had it running for a week on a daily schedule and I see areas that haven't been touched yet. 5. Wall climbing is sort of iffy. My pool has a sharp 90 degree angle and somewhat slippery ceramic tile liner. Sometimes the little robot pops right up, and sometimes it just spins its tracks without any traction to start the climb. 6. Doesn't even attempt to clean the concrete entry steps. Senses it as a wall and only cleans the side of the lowest course of steps. But it has done a great job of cleaning years of stuff out of the tile grout lines and has clarified the water trememdously once I changed the filters to the included pleated extra fine ones. Will save me money in the long run as I can reduce the run time of my pool pump. I think there's an upgraded model of this same basic bot with bluetooth or wifi control that would probably address many of the shortcomings I'm seeing. Maybe there is or will be an option to upgrade to the different control box/power supply.

5 stars
Great suction & climbing feature!

Ray Acosta - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 6, 2022

My first purchase of a maytronics robotic cleaner (Cayman) was just under three years ago. The first year it was a great machine hardly had any problems other than the power supply cord kept tangling because that model did not have a swivel built in the cord. As time went on I replaced bearings, wheels, brushes, and eventually the power supply unit went out. Unfortunately it only had a one-year warranty and of course that time was way past the one year. So I decided on upgrading to a Maytronics Quantum robotic cleaner, which was considerably a lot more. I’ve had the unit now for about two months and it has worked flawlessly. I’m still kind of skeptical about it going long-term but I will be writing a review after the first year to share any updates I have with the cleaner. As of today it is working as it should. It cleans the whole pool as it should for being an upper quality cleaner I have a 48 x 18‘ pool which holds about 48,000 gallons and it does the job beautifully. I learned that parts for these units are made in Israel and I learned from my prior cleaner due to the pandemic situation there was a shortage on replacement parts so that was a big upset when I was trying to fix my old cleaner. Like as previously stated I will be reviewing how the cleaner operates after its first year and share those comments for your review. I was reluctant on buying another Maytronics cleaner but there is no other cleaner out there that performs as well as they do! I run the cleaner just on the weekends because it does such good job I don’t really have to run at all during the week. After it completes the cleaning cycle I clean it all off with the water hose and clean the filters then I store the unit inside my house out of the elements until usually the next weekend. keeping my fingers crossed that it will last longer than my previous Maytronics robotic cleaner.

4 stars
Happy with how this robot cleans

DeAnna P. - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 17, 2022

We like how the robot cleans our pool and its very easy to empty the basket. Just don’t like the idea of receiving a used vs new one. We ordered a new robot, paperwork states it’s a new one but yet the clear plastic had already been removed from each foam ring and there was a sticky fingerprint on the panel. So I believe the unit was a used/returned one.

5 stars
What a amazing pool cleaner

Amazon Customer - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 22, 2022

This can't get any easier you just drop this bad boy in and let it work the suction on this is amazing it picked up left over pebble shine left from plaster guys even picking up super fine sand and leaves,bugs all I can say is amazing, it's even a breeze to clean flip the lid empty basket and give it a good spraying with hose. Two thumbs up

4 stars
I love everything about it, but......

sidiq momini - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 2, 2022

I loved everything about it, with exception of doesn't clean the pool stairs, It cleans the walls really good,

4 stars
So far so good!

Kouhei Murakami - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 14, 2022

The media could not be loaded. Super easy to use. Put in water and press a button and off it goes. It doesn’t seem too smart, sometimes it’s hard to understand what it’s thinking when it goes back and forth around the same spot. So that’s similar to most robot cleaners. It’s also not good for collecting leaves floating on the surface since the robot pushes away floating debris when it climbs up to the waterline, so I do that using a net manually. but after the 3 hrs cleaning, there’s a lot of gunk in the filter and water and pool floor feels clean so definitely better to have the robot than not have a robot. Especially as I don’t have a filtration system running, it’s a god send to have a machine that filters the water. This is my first purchase so can not compare to other models. It doesn’t clean all the waterline or all the area in 3 hrs, but if you use it multiple times, on average it should end up cleaning most of the spots. Will update review if it breaks prematurely. But so far so good. Happy with the purchase. After the 3 hrs I pull it out of the water and spend about 3 mins rinsing the filter.

4 stars
DOLPHIN Quantum Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

edyta klin - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 10, 2022

DOLPHIN Quantum Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner it is great cleaning for my pool doing a good job

5 stars
Cleaning Machine!!

Amazon Customer - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 30, 2021

The pool company that opened our pool did a terrible job! They left our pool a complete and utter mess. I had to do something different as the pool cleaner we had was not cutting it. Day 1: The pool was so dirty I couldn’t see even halfway to the bottom and the Quantum was full after 20 minutes. I emptied the basket every 20-30 minutes that day. It was a Pro. I emptied it probably 14-15 times. Day 2: the cleaner was able to go an hour before I had to empty and then eventually up to two. I emptied it like clockwork still. So about 6-7 times this day. Day 3: it was able to run full cycles before it was full, which is 3 hours. Day 4: our pool is actually clean, mostly, and I can see the bottom. Pros: efficient, cleaned my mess of a pool in three days. Cleaned large debris and sandy debris/sludge stuff. The negatives: we have a ledge around the pool that I still need to broom off. It seems to skip this and go straight up the wall. Also, it will not clean our tanning ledge/steps. That is ok for me as it is easy to broom off towards the filters. Also, I noticed that it will go right over a leaf and not pull it in. Not sure if because it was getting super full in the beginning? But the leaves were eventually cleaned up. Also, we have a sitting pool that a waterfall fills. It gets extremely sandy and full of debris/rocks. I ran the Quantum for three days, emptied twice each day. It did a decent job and cleaned almost everything. It has trouble grabbing the stuff in the cracks. I will run it another time still. I will post pictures of this as well. This machine really saved our pool. The company left us high and dry and the machine has made it so we can swim! I will see how this is working at the end of the summer, or if I have any problems in between times, I will update. Update: At the end of Summer #1 This was ran after each swim which is basically every day. We did take a vacation that I had scheduled the cleaning and it did great. We finished the whole summer without any issues. I did find that I use the fine filters more frequently than the screens. It remained easy to clean.

5 stars
The best of the best

Wilson Pellot - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 30, 2022

This Pool robot is awesome. It’s been cleaning my above ground pool for the past 3 years now without a glitch. It’s so precise that someone lost their contacts in my pool and I ran the robot to see it they could be found, sure enough there they were in the basket unharmed. Climbs up walls, saves my pool filter, easy to clean. We even gave it its own name “GISMO” now it’s part of our family. Five stars across the board.

5 stars
does the job

Susan P Maiocchi - Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2022

easy to use.

1 star
Has some serious flaws (design or manufacturing defect)

AmazonCustomer - Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2021

Stay away from this particular model (Dolphin Quantum) - it has a serious issue with stopping/stalling randomly, sometimes in 20-40 min, sometimes right after it starts moving. Read other reviews, there are numerous mentions of this defect. And don't think "It will never happen to me", because when it does, you maybe outside the return window (I was lucky to be able to return it). Here is my full experience though, and some thoughts/advice. Bought a few weeks ago. First cleaning. Started moving, all looked normal. Then it tried to climb the wall and suddenly stopped after ~40 min. I was puzzled. Power button was "On", but robot was sitting dead on the bottom of the pool (its blue light turned off like it was done?). I didn't pay too much attention first time. Turned it off (by pressing power button), then on. Nothing. After several tries, it started moving again. It moved for yet another 20 min, then stopped again. I was running late so I left it alone. Cleaned less than 30% of the pool (that was kind of almost clean to start with). Next time, a few days later. Start cleaning cycle, everything looks normal - it moves, turns, filters water, etc. then 20 min later it stops (again) and turns off its blue light like it finished its cycle. What? That did not look right to me. Power off, then on: moves a few feet, stops/dies again. Rinse and repeat many times - same thing. If I unplugged it completely, waited for a minute or so, then plugged it back, it would run a bit longer (10-20 min), then it would still stop again. I started googling, reading reviews (should have done better job before buying), and here is what I found: 1. User manual does not mention anything like that. 2. Some people were saying there maybe some restriction (clogged impeller, etc.). Mine was *shiny brand new*, but I double checked: every part was clean, and moving - nothing was stuck. OK... 3. Review here on Amazon were mentioning a lot of cases like mine (do your part, read them). 4. One reviewer (engineer) mentioned about a defect he was able to fix by disassembling motor or something (search for it, it's here). That looked totally correct to be as mine experienced identical symptoms. Long story short, I spent 3 hours babysitting it and trying to make it move (with no success). If I cleaned pool manually that evening, I would have been done ~ 3 times already... lol. After all of the above I packed it, and back it went. Like I said, I was lucky it happened right out of the box. Some people were mentioning this would start happening a few month later - and that would have been bad... Imagine paying $1K+ for such a low quality product that cannot even complete its primary function and being stuck with it... Anyway, I turned to completely different model - bought Dolphin Sigma instead. My reasoning was I wanted completely different design of the product. If you look at Quantum, you will find many other models that would look identical or be very similar. I did not want same failing design/part so I tried to get something that looked as much different as it gets. Quantum Sigma. What a difference out of the box. I don't yet have much to say (only used once) but Sigma completed its first cleaning cycle (in 2+ hours), moved *much* faster, navigated the pool much easier (has 3 separate motors), pushed water (during filtering) with *much* stronger force, you name it. So far I am grateful Quantum turned out to be such a piece of junk due to bad manufacturing and/or design, because this made me return it and buy Dolphin Sigma instead, which looks like a much better product (a few hundred dollars more expensive but anyhow). Oh, and one more thing. Advice. Do not buy Dolphin robot universal caddy at the same time with the robot (like I did), because it you happened to have issues with the robot, it would make it difficult to consider another brands. My same brand replacement (Sigma) seemed to have worked fine, but if it did not, the caddy would have been real pain to disassemble and pack before returning. Good luck with whatever robot you decide to choose.

5 stars
Quantum is a winner!

tfm - Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2022

The media could not be loaded. Very happy with my choice of the Dolphin Quantum. Bought used in very good condition (just like my cars) and the pool looks great. Not having smart phone control not a issue for me… more importantly for me…No more algae dust! Water line looks good too. Still brush the steps. Also brush the spa then drop Quantum and he cleans the spa too. Pool here in Florida has pool cage so not a lot of debris but still makes pool care much easier. In our previous pool in Virginia, had a Pentair cleaner that would drop junk back into the pool as I was pulling it out of the water. Really like the filter basket on the Quantum that holds all that in until I get it out and spray it clean. Lighter and more powerful. After using every few days for about a month… Thumbs up for me.

4 stars
Loving it so far.

Amazon Customer - Reviewed in the United States on April 18, 2022

So far this little machine is working well. It is picking up large and small Debris from the bottom of my pool, vacuuming up Pineneedles and leaves with no problem. It’s easy to empty and clean. I would definitely recommend it.

4 stars
Clean like a professional

Bernice - Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2021

I have depended on my pool's creepy crawler for deep cleaning. Wrong! I had so much dust build up in my pool filter, I was cleaning the filters every other week. Decided to invest in a robotic cleaner and did my research. For the money the Dolphin Quantum Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner gets the job done. Love how it climbs to clean stairs and tile. Lifting the lid to remove the lid requires thumb to press down on the lid while lifting with the fingers. The directions weren't very clear about that. Other than that it was easy to remove the filters to hose off. My pool looked great even with the Santa Ana winds and fires.

3 stars
Had to take it apart twice

Gary in Fla - Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2022

This unit cleans great! When it wants to. The first week and a half, we were amazed by the great job this thing did. It got everything off of the bottom of the pool, and got most of the sides on the first run. But it suddenly started running for about 30 seconds, then would shut down. Watched the help video and tore the robot apart to make sure there wasn't something in the impeller. There wasn't. Worked for a day, then same issue. Help desk said take the motor out and reinstall it. I did, and it has been good for the last 2 weeks. Wife still says send it back before it happens again. I'm still undecided.

5 stars
Very happy about it. Powerful and easy to use.

JiePass - Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2022

I have a upground pool, the brush is soft and won't damage the pool. Wall climbing works very well(even though my wall is like 90 degree). Strong water flow. Well, much better than my old 7 years old pool robot. Very happy about it and Highly recommended.

3 stars

Amazon Customer - Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2022

Not satisfied with way hose stays tangled. False reviews that cord has swivel. Not happy with purchase for amount paid.

5 stars
It does STEPS!! Woohoo!!

Educationalization - Reviewed in the United States on April 18, 2022

The media could not be loaded. This is my 5th robot pool cleaner, two pools, and I’m VERY IMPRESSED!! Current pool is smaller than previous Olympic sized pool but I wanted a machine to tackle the waterline!! This one does that BEAUTIFULLY plus it worked on the steps several rounds!!! The seller - Terra- out of College Station area in Texas- responded with questions promptly, prior to purchase!! Thank you SO MUCH!! Will report on longevity in the future!!

5 stars
This marvel of engineering actually cleans all my pool area, WOW. Just WOW

David K Crossley - Reviewed in the United States on March 6, 2022

I have used pump filter type cleaners for years and was never satisfied. Have had this marvel of engineering for six hours and my pool is sparkling clean. It climbs up all walls cleans even the edge out of the water, all my beach areas and seating areas LOVE IT worth every dime...BUY it you will love it. I call mine MAD MAX.

5 stars
This was a great buy

Oscar Castillo - Reviewed in the United States on June 12, 2022

Replaced our old Maytronics Dolphin, worth the buy

4 stars
Works for us!

ELGuil - Reviewed in the United States on March 19, 2021

Wow! Why did I wait and spend money on other stuff. It is a bit more expensive but worth it on time and how much little debris it can pick up from the bottom of the pool. Easy to pull out the filter and wash out. Like how it works independently from my pool equipment. It was new out of the box and had a few scratches on the top. That is why I gave it a 4. For that price I would have thought it was scratched free

4 stars
I am a fan!

Jamie L. Mayes - Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2020

I first bought the Dolphin Premier. It worked great until it didn’t about 28 days. Luckily Amazon took it back and I decided to try the Quantum because of the bigger top load collection basket. I will say it works well , it only has a 2 hour cleaning cycle whereas the Premier had a 3 hour cycle. Quantum doesn’t quite do the job the Premier did but it certainly is easier to open up and empty debris. I just sometimes run it 2 cycles. The collection basket if you have large nuts and leaves makes it worth the little less suction. Get it! Working great months later.

1 star
VERY Disappointed

Peter - Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2022

This robot only worked for a couple of days and then it started to malfunction. It only ran like 30 minutes and then stopped working. I spent over 2 days trying make it work but failed. Solutions provided by the seller were useless. Obviously a defective item. I then read the reviews and found many other people had the same issue. I wish I had read the review before buying so I wouldn't have had to waste my time on this defective piece of junk. Definitely not worth the price paid. Also there's a Bluetooth icon on the power supply panel, but after trying for several hours I still couldn't get it connected to my phone. Asked the seller and they only told me Bluetooth doesn't work with this model so just ignore it. I mean why would you have that Bluetooth icon there when your robot is not even compatible? In addition, be careful when you clean the filters. The way it was designed makes it so hard to remove the filters from the basket. I almost got my fingers cut when trying to remove it. What's even more upsetting is that the seller told me I cannot return it without the original box. I can understand if it was a remorse return, but for a defective item? Totally makes NO sense. Luckily I was able to find the box so I'm returning to Amazon. Be aware of the poor customer service. Overall, VERY disappointed.

3 stars
Gets stuck on the bottom drain

Ron - Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2022

This unit has been getting stuck on the bottom drain since I got it. I have reached out to customer service and they have asked me to ship it back to them

5 stars
Great product

Edgardo Alvarado - Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2022

Definitely, this pool cleaner robot is doing great and making my life easier. Easy to use, reliable and requires minimum maintenance (super easy to clean). Love the way that clean the water line.

5 stars
I don't understand why there are so many bad reviews

Felix - Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2020

The media could not be loaded. My pool is incredibly dirty (I'm a new homeowner who came to a home with a mis-kept pool) I just got this guy today and I'm loving it so far. I really don't understand the negative reviews especially in regards to the cable being tangled. I have had my Dolphin running all day and it has yet tangled the cable. I have had to empty the basket once but thats primarily because my pool is just extremely dirty. This vacuum has so far met my expectations. I even attached a video of it cleaning the waterline of my pool. Where some reviews seem to state that it is incapable of doing so. I'll be sure to update this review after I've used it a bit longer. But so far, I'm very pleased with it!!

1 star
Meh! for $1600, not worth it

pheelyne - Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2022

Liked the reviews so I got it. Says it maps your pool. BS! I have a rectangle pool. Not that hard to figure out. There are large spots that haven't been touched since I put it in the pool three weeks ago. It gets 'confused' if it hits a small pile of tiny debris and turns back and forth then off in a random direction. Does NOT climb walls at all. Gunite pool so has traction type surface. It has NEVER gone from one end of the pool to the other.- still has plenty of cord left. Pool is less than 50 ft long. It gets about 3/4 of the length of the pool seeming like it will be fine, then it turns. I don't get it. I was excited about the large bin, but it NEVER fills up as it gets clogged by pollen or dead algae and will not pick anything else up after 20 minutes of run time so the remaining 2 1/2 hours of run time is a waste. Went out yesterday after the run time and the box was still on and hot. Waste of $1500

5 stars
Pool Cleaner

Ray Udovitsch - Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2022

Easy to use and clean

3 stars
Dolphin quantum pool robot

Zel - Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2022

The media could not be loaded. Almost a month having it and it stop working Blue light blinking 2x and not moving I’m not happy! Today I send message to company who sold it to me through Amazon We’ll see what happens Not happy Talking to company

2 stars
Not as good as our old one

Penny - Reviewed in the United States on June 24, 2022

We had one several years ago and it worked great, with a new and bigger pool this year we upgraded to the higher end one…. Doesn’t work near as good and can’t keep the cord from getting itself all twisted up

5 stars
Great Product

Charles - Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2022

Glad I purchased this robot. I bought it specifically for water line cleaning and it's doing just what I expected. Worth the cost

1 star
Don't buy. Read all the negative comments. These things are cheaply built and stop working.

M. K. - Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2020

Stopped working after 1.5 months. It works for 60 seconds then stops. This is my 4th maytronic in 5 months. Out of 30 day window. Waste of money. --- UPDATE --- I am an engineer, so since it was out of date for return, opened it all up, opened the top carcass, when I was going to unscrew the impeller, I got quite a strong electric shock (not sure if this is safe?). I opened and realised the circuit board tested the wheel motor and the servo correctly but it seemed to fail on the impeller and the light started blinking after that. I decided to open the impeller motor, and there was the bug. The small copper cable that holds the graphite contact was stuck behind the graphite holders in contact with the metal carcass of the motor (I guess the electric shock came from there. This was undoubtedly a factory defect. After placing the cable correctly from the top of the graphite holder, returning the inside plastic to proper isolate the electricity and reclosing the motor it worked again like charm. It took about two hours to fix. After opening and spending a couple hours analysing the components, I can confirm my above statement that these things are cheaply built and lacking proper quality control. 1) I am not sure I would trust to swim at the same time as this is working. 2) If you buy, try it extensively within the first month as it might fail, and no repair shop would do the type of repair I had to do. 3) Recommended for engineers that like the challenges of unreliable equipment.

5 stars
how good it pick up dirt

John R Ryan - Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2022

g works gooddoes the job

1 star

Amazon Customer - Reviewed in the United States on April 8, 2022

Ordered this model because it is supposed to clean the scum line at the top of the water. I received my brand new robot, followed all of the directions and it would run for a few minutes and shut itself off. I called customer support. They ran me through some things and then said it was not going to work and needed to be returned. If I returned it directly to the manufacturer, they would send me another unit of equal value but could not guarantee that I would get the same model AND I would have to pay for return shipping. I returned it through Amazon for free but could not get a replacement so I ordered another one from Amazon but slightly different model. Got it in and had a similar problem but was able to troubleshoot that unit with the help of customer support and removal of four screws. Not ideal but it has been working fine since then. It’s been 2 days so time will tell…

5 stars
Awesome cleaner

DBH - Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2021

I did not want to pay so much for a robot, but it is worth the price! My pool hasn’t been this clean in years! You don’t have to wait for it to charge- plug it in and it cleans! Love the ultra fine filters that come with it. The stuff doesn’t go back in the pool when pulling it out either!

2 stars
Breaks if left in the water for prolonged periods

Max - Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2021

This device is efficient at cleaning, but as noted by several reviewers, it is cheaply built. The “waterproof” encasing that holds the electronic components and motor circuits will eventually fill up with water causing the robot to fail. For me it happened once around 8 months after purchase after leaving it for about 2 weeks in the water running on a daily timer. I returned the equipment under warranty and was replaced. The second time it happened outside of warranty about a year and a few months after purchase, again after being left under water for about a week or so on a daily timer. Not worth the heavy price tag.

4 stars
Easy to use, cleans great.

Jessica Reed - Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2021

Like the easy to clean basket. It opens at the bottom and out dumps the debris.

1 star
Gets caught on sitting ledges and stairs

Cmac - Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2022

I bought this unit because I thought it was cable of cleaning my pool but ran into several problems with the most import one being it would get caught on my sitting ledge every use. It doesn’t back itself out it will just stop running which for a robot doesn’t make since. The manufacturer told me to block off stairs and stirring ledges and I would be ok but what a haste to have to do that every time you want to use it. I had a couple other issues but it’s is the most important.

1 star
Customer service is awful - Don’t buy

Kelly McCarthy - Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2022

Received the machine last July, used for two months and the control unit lights stopped working as did the programming for the unit. I called the company and they sent a new control unit, but by the time I received it the pool was closed for the summer. Installed the new control panel when we opened the pool last week and the machine still doesn’t work, spent the last 4 days doing troubleshooting and after all that they said i’ll have to send the unit back to them! So now a unit that lasted 2 months I will be out of when my pool is open. Would never buy this product again. I will go back to the Aquabot, at least that one lasted 9 years.

5 stars
Must have!

Melissa - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 29, 2021

I am so glad someone suggested this to me! Absolute time saver!

5 stars
Fantastic Pool Monster!

Juvencio G. - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 17, 2020

Having had a suction type pool cleaner, I was interested in trying this one. This was the simplest set up and go process I've ever had. Pretty much plug in and go. After a half hour I looked in on it and it had cleaned the whole pool. This cleaner is a monster. Well done.

1 star
Bad at cleaning

code - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 16, 2022

Stopped working after one use, sent it back for repair under warranty. It was fixed and returned very promptly. Still it does not clean well, never covers the complete pool floor. My pool is 20 x 30 ft and it gets about 1/3 done and stops. I am going to junk it and just call it money lost. I had a Polaris sport before this and it worked for about 3 years and did a good job. I should have just bought another one since they were about the same price.

4 stars
Great Pool Cleaner

Dawg Girl - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 11, 2020

The dolphin does a great job cleaning the pool, including the steps and sides. The basket is so easy to clean - the bottom opens to allow for quick dumping and hosing out.

5 stars
Worth the money

RALPH - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 18, 2021

I love this vacuum. Cleans really well. Only dislike is the power cord does get twisted but not a problem.

5 stars
Great seller

Marlena Cairol - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 18, 2021

Easy to use. Leaves the pool very clean I have a lot of trees around my pool, leaves end up at the bottom but the suction power of this vac is excellent.

5 stars
Great Automatic Pool Cleaner

jkiAmazon Customer - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 21, 2021

We replaced our Dauphin and this one is great. It cleans very well.

1 star
Lasted 13 days over the warranty period

Aaron - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 8, 2022

I was happy with this thing until today. Like with EVERYONE else, now this piece of garbage runs for 10-20 mins and then stops as if the cycle is complete. Tried cleaning it, pulling it apart, and nothing fixes the problem. This was the second model of Maytronics/Dolphin pool sweep that I had purchased. The first one had the issue straight out of the box. Maytronics accepted a return on that one after much hassle and, like an idiot, I purchased another one of their products (though a different model). I won't buy anything made from them again.

2 stars
Have a back up unit handy.

Robert D - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 19, 2021

The cleaner itself is OK. The cord always ends up in a tangled mess that limits how it moves in the pool. Mine failed under warranty. I had to pay to ship it for repairs. When it returned it worked for only about 30 seconds before failing again. Now I'm told the parts for repair on on backorder. No cleaner for about a month and waiting.

5 stars
The swivel cord is worth the money!

Teresa Gail Black - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 15, 2021

Works great and the swivel cord is a plus it is very efficient and cleans my pool

1 star
Power display quit working after one day

Amazon Customer - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 4, 2022

Power display quit working after one day. Very disappointing after all the research we did on the product and brand.

4 stars
Should of bought sooner.

ssimp - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 12, 2020

Works very well. Packing was great. Cleaning pool is so much easier.

5 stars
A must have for any pool owner

Kevin Martin - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 21, 2020

So far this pool cleaner is awesome. Cleans whole pool and is easy to clean filters. Recommend to anyone with an inground pool makes cleaning a snap and save hours of manual vacuuming.

5 stars
Dolphin Robot does excellent job

Debbie - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 28, 2021

Does a great job cleaning our new fiberglass pool. Love that it can be programmed.

5 stars
Worth the money!

Jennifer D - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 30, 2020

This has been worth the cost! It does a great job of keeping the pool clean and is super easy to take apart when it needs to be emptied. Highly recommend

5 stars

Amazon Customer - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 16, 2020

So far we love Dolphin Quantum Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner. I did not take a picture of before and after but we absolutely love the way Dolphin Quantum has clean our pool. I give it a five start

5 stars
Works great

Norman Kent - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 1, 2021

Works great Big cleaning basket , large and easy to clean

5 stars
does an awesome job cleaning the pool. would give it 10 stars if I could

Claunch & Associates, Inc. Jerry W Claunch - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 10, 2020

Easy to clean, all you have to do is put it in your pool, turn it on, and shortly you have a sparkling pool bottom and walls.

5 stars
The robot is very easy to use, and it works.

Charles S. - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 23, 2021

Suction power and value for the money.

5 stars
Works as advertised

David Cunningham - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 12, 2020

The best cleaner ever. The easy removable giant basket is amazing, and the console to schedule the unit is perfect! The filters are easy clean, the top handle is a must.

5 stars
Easy to clean

Ray Ojeda - Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2020

Very easy to clean debris. This is our second one. First one lasted over 5 years and might be repairable but like newer model as my daughter has one

1 star
Marketed with deceptive advertising, barely gets the job done and only with a lot of help

Michael Hennewinkel - Reviewed in the United States on May 20, 2020

This machine is the Triton PS with a different color and a different name slapped on the side of it. There is no difference. The chart on the website says it has two motors. It has one. It doesn’t climb walls; when it gets vertical it falls backwards. It has never gotten to the waterline. It’s so light that it has trouble maintaining traction on the pool floor. We solved that by putting a couple of big river rock in the basket!!! It often picks out a 3’ stretch of the pool floor and cleans it back and forth for 5-10 minutes. It won’t clean the shallow end without belaying the cord to a post so it CAN’T go to the deep end. It is easy to clean, I’ll give it that. Used to have a Tiger Shark and wish we had bought that instead.

2 stars
Not worth the money.

Mandi Brous - Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2020

The dolphin works good but the cord tangled very easily which greatly limits the area it can clean. The company replaced the dolphin one time but the new one has the same issue. One time the dolphin stopped working altogether and when we contacted the company they never replied back to us. We took it apart ourselves and fixed it since the company wouldn’t even respond to us.

5 stars

BCook - Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2020

Love it, initially thought it was pricey. After reading the instructions and getting itinto the pool. It's well worth the price.

5 stars
Awesome product!

Julieta Arnold - Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2020

Excellent robot, cleans my pool perfectly. The app doesn’t work for me but it really isn’t a big deal.

2 stars
Doesnt last more than a year

Amazonie junkie - Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2021

Great while it works...Loved it but can't pay for a new one every year!

5 stars
easy to use

jamie - Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2020

makes clean up easy

5 stars
Awesome purchase!!!

Kelli - Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2020

This vacuum is great!! ❤️❤️❤️

2 stars
Very disappointed.

Michele Walters - Reviewed in the United States on April 18, 2020

It jus just seems to wander never cleaning more than half of the pool. It does not climb the walls. Out of 4 times cleaning it twice finished in the middle of the pool once upside down. Very disappointed.

1 star
Worked well for 8 months. Now dead.

Amazon Customer - Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2022

The cleaner worked well for 8 months. It is now dead. Motor only works for a few seconds then quits.

1 star
does not work

Amazon Customer - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 7, 2021

It will start go a few inches then stop. We have to turn on and off many times to make it go. Looks like it cleans ok when it does but does miss parts of the pool.

1 star
The item is not covered by the Asurion insurance claim lots of red tape and red lining

Prince Ra Hotep EL - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 29, 2021

I wish to return this item and purchase it from the manufacturers asap

1 star
Missing caddy stand

Debra B. - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 23, 2021

No caddy stand

1 star
Not working

Olga - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 1, 2021

Not working

1 star
Complete Junk

Sheila - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 15, 2022

2 motors in 3 months. Sent it in and they said I needed a new control box, motor, and cable. Basically need to replace the entire unit. Will never buy again

5 stars
Amazing Product

Evans - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 22, 2021

I initially purchased the Dolphin Premier but returned it since it couldn't climb up my pool walls. Cleaned really well but couldn't climb up the walls. The tracks on the Premier don't fit well for all pool walls. I returned it and got the Quantum instead and couldn't be happier. The Quantum has no issues whatsoever climbing up the walls and cleans the waterline 2-3 feet at a time while going side ways. My Premier hardly ever got up the walls and if it did it would just stay at that specific location and clean the waterline. Barely moved a feet. The Quantum is also so much easier to clean, the large filter comes out in one piece and very easy to rinse off unlike the Premier model. Overall, it does a great job cleaning. The Premier did slightly better job but that was to be expected with the dual brushes but this works almost just as well. It is also much lighter than the Premier so easier to carry around. My only issue is what others have stated that sometimes (rare occasions) the Quantum just stops even though it's in mid cycle. Yes, it's a known bug but doesn't bother me at all. Just turn it on and off for a second and done. Problem solved. It's an easy solution. Yes, it's annoying but not worth to return it considering how well it cleans.

1 star
Lots of hype and that's about it

linfamax - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 27, 2020

I purchased this because I thought it would be easy to clean. That is the only good thing about this robot. It has a basket with snap out screens that can be hosed and replaced to remove debris and there are separate sets of screens for leaves and for fine particles. That was a big improvement over the last robot we had, which had a cloth bag that had to be stretched over a frame. Despite the hype, it isn't very powerful. It cannot climb vertical walls and cannot even manage the slope from the drain to the wall of the deep end. The cord tangles into a knot each time the robot is used, so the cord has to be unknotted in the middle of each cycle. The robot cleans randomly. It does not map and does not clean systematically. It gets stuck on the drain. It has no remote controller, so all you can do to direct it is to guide it with the cord or go in the pool and move it. It does not clean the pool completely - it has favorite spots that it visits over and over and ignores the rest of the pool. If it is broken, there is nothing on the website to indicate where to get it fixed, how to troubleshoot, etc. and customer service isn't. The manufacturer should be ashamed of themselves for selling this thing for this price.

4 stars
Durable, has performed well 4+ years and still going strong.

Slbw - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 20, 2020

Cleans well. Very reliable unit that has held up well over years. I bought unit in 2016 and it did not have swivel cord. This has been my only issue with Quantum. I replaced original cord with swivel 3rd party replacement last year 2019. Now works well. Good unit. I would buy again.

4 stars
The directions are not super clear on using it for the first time.

Jacob - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 9, 2020

I have only used it once so far and the experience was amazing. I hope it works the same way the next time I use it. I have not used the remote control at all.

2 stars
I want to love it.

Trendy - Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 25, 2020

I've had mine for about 2 weeks so far. Pros: love that it's easy to use, has good suction, and has a very large and easy to clean filter basket. My issue with it is that it doesn't map and navigate as advertised. It moves around during it's cleaning cycle, but leaves significant areas of the pool uncleaned (20x40 free-form in-ground pool). I have to run it for 2 or 3 cycles, and it still doesn't go everywhere. I feel like something may be wrong with my unit,

2 stars
It’s inefficient on all levels

Amazon Customer - Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2021

It does not: map the pool, pick up algae efficiently, scrub waterline efficiently, constantly cleaning filter baskets. Found myself doing more work than using a basic vac.

5 stars
Just works Great!!

Marc in SC - Reviewed in the United States on July 19, 2021

I have been using the Quantum Dolphin all summer. It is very easy to operate, clean and manage. I literally place it in the pool, turn it on and it cleans. It is not perfect, but is consistently 95% or better. Most of the time all is ready to jump right-in. I have no idea how they did what they did, but this little guy is awesome. I typically use it twice a week. It keeps the pool clean and I clean the screen in two minutes with a garden hose and bam, done and ready for the next go round. If you need the pool spotless, just run a second cycle. But for me a small leaf or other issue is easy to fish-out with the net so I usually don't bother. I have had no issues with Chlorine or other pool chemistry causing any problems. It is very well built and has saved me so much pool maintenance time. Love this thing and highly recommend! Updated end of summer into fall. Still zero issues. Climbs the walls and does a great job. I set it then forget it. Come back a few hours later to clean the filters and put it back for the next go round. I too do not understand any of the negative reviews unless they have a different machine. This is not an inexpensive unit, but worth the money. I still highly recommend and would buy again.

3 stars
Works OK, but...

David C - Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2020

Works OK, but the suction is a little disappointing. The real issue is the cord. It is NOT tangle free. After a two hour run, I need to remove the unit from the pool, unplug the cord and work to unravel it. It's a bit of a chore each time, but it is what it is.

3 stars
a very short pool cleaning cycle

Russ - Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2020

I like the way it cleans the pool top to bottom. I don't like the very short cleaning cycle time. The tool cleans about 3/4 of a standard size pool, then shuts off. Trouble shooting says the basket filters are probably dirty, but thats not true.

5 stars
Great cleaner

Amazon Customer - Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2022

Super cleaner, nice to use with pool pump off love the electrical aspect so I do not worry about the pop up cleaners in the pool. Does an excellent job and easy to clean.

4 stars

gamaliel diaz - Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2022

5 stars
Well worth it!!

smhawaii - Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2021

I was worried at first due to the heavy price tag but it's definitely worth every penny. Works amazing in my oval shaped pool.

4 stars
It doesn't come with the caddy.

Susan M Sieker - Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2021

Bought the caddy cover, only to find out it doesn't come with the caddy pictured

2 stars
no funciona correctamente

Eduardo - Reviewed in Mexico on June 24, 2020

no cubre toda la alberca, incluso aunque pongas 3 ciclos hay partes por las que nunca pasa, incluso si la acomodas en un lugar especifico no pasa por algunos puntos... la linea de flotacion tampoco la cubre toda y hay en lugares donde pasa mas de 3 o 4 veces... la verdad no lo recomiendo

4 stars
Buena compra en general

Ziomara Guadalupe De La Rosa Cantu - Reviewed in Mexico on October 10, 2020

Tiene buen funcionamiento pero tarda mucho en limpiar la alberca. No se tarda el tiempo que mencionan en la descripción, tarda más

Question & Answers

Why won't this cleaner climb the walls?

The above ground robotic pool cleaners are designed specifically for cleaning the FLOORS ONLY.

What is the typical life span of a Dolphin robot?

The Dolphin is designed to last many seasons. However, the lifespan differs from Dolphin to Dolphin. Many different factors play a role, such as amount of use, pool chemistry, and pool surface.

What DIY repairs can I complete on my Dolphin?

DIY repairs should be completed by an authorized technician. Please contact your local retailer for service, Maytronics directly at 1-888-365-7446 or the support page of our website.

What are the voltage requirements for the Dolphin power supply?

The Dolphin requires a standard 120v outlet for power.

How do you clean the cartridge?

I second the "Super Easy" comment. The filter basket is rinses out sparkly clean with a garden hose. My mesh filters look brand new after a year and a half of multiple cleans per week.

Is there a way to clean swivel?? Since purchased cord stays tangled.

This cleaner is lying when it says that the cord swivels. Mine is less than a month old and constantly gets twisted up and no matter what I do it does not swivel this is a complete rip off for $1500

Does this model really work good?

I bought mine about 2 months ago. So far, it’s doing really well. It does not do small steps, but I am genuinely satisfied with my purchase. I hope it helps, because I really had a hard time picking the right one.

Does this model map your pool or just aimlessly clean?

It seems to map my pool because there is not a spot in my pool that it does not clean. I am having trouble with getting the Bluetooth set up so I can just clean in certain areas daily but other than that I love my Dolphin.

How well does this remove sand-type debris ???

I use the Dolphin formy Hotel. Very reliableand a workhorse. The bottom of the pool is always spotless. No issues with debris on the pool bottom.

Is there any reason this could not be used on an above ground pool?

You could use it on an above ground pool. Unfortunately, the Dolphiin climbs walls and if you have the plastic or vinyl walls. I don't see that happening as the Dolphin needs traction and stability which the above groundpool cannotprovide. I use the Dolphin in a Olympic size pool made of concrete work great.

Does anyone have issues with this model landing on its back after it cleans a wall on the bottom of the pool? I am interested purchasing one.

Occasionally. It corrects itself quickly.

Muéstrame un video de cómo trabaja

Is this completely self sufficient? Will it be ok for a large in ground pool?

I used to have a Polaris pool cleaner that ran only when the pool water filtration system is on so having the dolphin robotic cleaner is extremely more convenient. It cleans more efficiently than the other sweep I used, I have a large in ground pool. Just clean filters after each use.

Can I use this for an aboveground pool

This thing climbs up the edges and stays there for at least a full minute sometimes, can an above ground pool tolerate that? Another thing to consider is the curve to the wall, is the angle to the wall smooth enough to allow it to climb the walls? I have never had an above ground pool, but it seems to me that you would not be able to get the full potential out of your dolphin.

Can this be used in a pool that has a beach entrance or will it just walk out of the pool?

It will walk out of the pool.

Does this cleaner plug into an electrical outlet?

Sure does. Power box is 110 DC then it converts it to about 24 volts DC. Line that powers the Dolphin is pretty safe being DC

Does it clean well around in pool bar stools?

The dolphin body is pretty wide (probably 15 inches?) and so it has a little trouble with our smaller plastered steps. That said, this dolphin is a wonderful pool cleaning tool - I love it.

How do most of you remove the vacuum from your pool?

Do not lift out of water using power cord. Get it close enough and pull of pool using provided handle. No brainer

Need a cleaner to climb ove the bottom ledge of pool and up walls

I have used this machine for a few months and it will work on pool walls as long as there is no straight edges as the walls need to be curved.

Does it come with fine and ultra fine filters?

Yes, the unit came with two sets of filters. Fine and ultra fine filters. The unit works very well on cleaning the pool.

Can you set the timer to run beyond a week? My old Dolphin could only schedule one week, had to reset every Monday...

You can set it to run every day, every other day and then every 3rd day.

Can you leave it in the pool

You can but why not take it out when not using. This is our second one. We left it in water all the time. Great cleaner. We even bought our daughter one

Having trouble changing the filter to the ultra fine. The two smaller filters do not go in like the two larger ones. What am I doing wrong?

There is a sequence to install the filters. Look closely at each filter and you will see that each one is numbered 1 thru 4.

Will this clean a lap pool 7 feet by 75 feet

No it will not do 75 feet. The reason being that the cable is not that long. It is only 11 meters long which translates to about 30 feet. So if your pool is 7 feet by 30 feet, it would be fine.

How can I clean algae out of filter? What chemicals can I use to clean the ultra fine filters?

I spray mine clean, but if that doesn't work some bleach and water might do the trick.

Can you tell me what the warranty actually covers and how long? Is there a cost to shipping this item back to the manufacturer?

Don’t know. We’re on our second one. First one still works.

Does this cleaner come with a caddy?

No, the caddy is optional. Or may be depends on where you purchase it. But mine did not come with one.

No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection on this unit?

No it’s a simple unit but the only one with top basket. I highly recommend getting a top debris basket. I’ve had both.

Will this pick up larger debris like 2"-3" leaves?

Yes, it cleans the pool very well... small debris and leaves.

Does the ultra fine filter come with the Dolphin Quantum?

Yes, it comes with 2 filters. The ultra fine filter and the standard filter to fully customize your cleanings!

Can this be used in a salt water pool


I am buying one for a pool. I also have a spa. Can this be used in both pool and spa or will I need separate devices?

I use mine in both!

Is there a caddy available for this model?

Yes, it appears to be so.

Is the extended warranty added to the end of this warranty or is it along side it

The warranty picks up when the manufacturer warranty comes to an end. The machine is hardy and works well. Probably, should consider not buying it.

Where can i get a swivel cord for this cleaner?.

I don't know. You can try Amazon.

Is this for vinyl lined pools ?

No, i would not recommend for a vinyl pool. Because of the weight and it would get no traction as it attempted to climb.

Does cord tangle

the cord does not tangle at all, great design

I only see one person who complained about getting stuck on main drain and he was complaining about lots. Have the rest of y'all had that problem?

Yes! This unit gets stuck on the main drain in my pool, and it frequently gets stuck at the top of the slope leading up from the deep end. And it repeats the same pattern over and over. In my opinion for the amount charged, versus the inadequacy of the unit, it's not worth it.

Will this accommodate sucking up hickory nuts or sweet gum spike balls into the filter?

It is able to capture leaves and small twigs with no problem. It will be able to capture that, but it can largely depends on the size! The Quantum has fairly large intakes, so as long as the hickory nuts and sweet gum spike balls aren’t larger than 1-2inches, it should be able to.

Does it come with caddy?

There is a caddy available but it was not included. I highly recommend getting the caddy.

Consumo eléctrico del equipo? Es decir de cuantos watts es ?

180 watts

Will this work on a glass tile pool?

Yes, it will work on glass tile.

Can I know if Quantum can take 230v?


is this 110v or 110~220v?

In the USA we use 110 V. I did not and have not specifically checked if this item is listed as 110~220 V. Confidently I will say it is 110 V.

What length is the cord to the cleaner and is it long enough to reach the electrical outlet on the porch?

around 3 feet. No, it would not be long enough to reach your backyard.

Does it pick up dirt?

Yes, the Dolphin Quantum can pick up dirt. It can also pick up leaves, small twigs, and all sorts of debris in your pool. It includes 2 filter options, an Ultra-fine Filter for particles as small as 2 microns and a Standard Cartridge filter, so that you can swap as needed to fine tune your clean!

Does this model work on vinyl liner pools

Yes, the Dolphin Quantum works on vinyl pools and all other types of pools such as gunite or fiberglass!

Will this pick up larger debris like 2"-3" leaves?

Yes, it will be able to. The Quantum is great for the large stuff. However, if your pool struggles with leaves, you should definitely look into purchase the Dolphin Premier. It is the only Dolphin with an Oversized Leaf Bag. It has Multi-media, which allows you to use up to 4 different media types (Oversized Leaf Bag, Ultrafine Filter, Standard Filter, and the optional Disposable Debris Bag!)

How long is the power cord?

I have not measured it - 50 - 55 ft is my best guess. My pool is 40 ft long. I have no problems.

Is this product enclosed with Power Supply?

Yes, it was.

How long is the power cord?

Roughly 50’ I have a 18*36 pool and there is plenty of cord to each end to end.

what does it weigh?

It states 28.4 lbs. it doesn’t feel cumbersome at all.

hola. se puede conectar en corriente 220 v.? Vivo en Chile y acá el sistema es de 220 v

No se puede conectar directamente a 220v. , se necesita utilizar un transformador.

Pool Attributes


Pool Types In Ground
Pool Size 50 ft
Pool Shape Rectangle, Oval, or Freeform
Obstacles Steps, Ladder, Drain Cover, Ledges, Pop-Ups
Surface Concrete, Plaster, Gunite, Pebble, Tile, Vinyl Liner, Fiberglass
Waterline Cleaning Yes
Number of Filters Included 2
Filter Cleaning Fine and Ultra-fine Oversized Filter Basket
Cleaning Coverage Floor, Walls, Waterline
Cleaning Cycle(s) 1.5 hrs
Number of Brushes 2
Connectivity & Automation
Remote operation No
WiFi / Bluetooth WiFi: No
Bluetooth: No
Smartphone App No
Automated Weekly Timer Yes
Full Bag Indicator No
Cable Length 60 ft
Anti-Tangling Swivel Yes
Restocking Fee No
Warranty 2 Years
Caddy Included Optional Caddies Available
Official Website Quantum Official Site
Official Dolphin Premier Comparison Page Dolphin Quantum vs Dolphin Premier
Official Dolphin Sigma Comparison Page Dolphin Quantum vs Dolphin Sigma
Part Number 99996203-SPLSW

Dolphin Quantum
Robot Class: In Ground


Terra Premium Caddy

Terra Caddy

The Must-Have Dolphin Accessory

Weather and UV-Resistant. Terra Caddy is the go-to Dolphin Caddy. Sealed and protected, the Terra Caddy is covered in a protect resin that cures to an extremely hard layer, making it resistant to scratches and weathering. The resin cures very hard, making it solvent-resistant and scratch-resistant. This level of protection makes the Terra Caddy stand up to rain, sunshine, termites, and more.

Dolphin Universal Caddy

Dolphin Caddy

Move and Store

A robotic pool cleaner is an investment, so make sure to protect it. The Dolphin Universal Caddy is a solid caddy that gets the job done. Easily store and transport your robotic pool cleaner to keep it lasting for years to come.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Need extra filters, replacement power supply, or new climbing rings?

Looking for Dolphin Quantum replacement parts? Well, you've come to the right place. Shop all replacement parts for the Dolphin Quantum and all other Dolphin models.

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