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2nd Generation Filter Bins Increase Filter Capacity by up to 225%

The new generation is here. Gone are the days messing with pesky cartridges or filter bags. Maytronics introduced the Dolphin Max-Series which leads the way in innovation for robotic pool cleaners. With the Active Scrubbing, optional NanoFiltration, and the MaxBin filters, these 2nd generation robots have been paved a new path as the best pool robots for 2024.

Dolphin MaxBin

The New Generation of Filters

According to the engineers behind its creation, MaxBin was born out of valuable consumer input. Previous iterations, such as the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, featured a setup with two smaller filters and a total of six components. The necessity to disassemble each filter for cleaning was a persistent inconvenience. In a groundbreaking development, MaxBin introduces a revolutionary design that eliminates the need for disassembly altogether. This cutting-edge design not only streamlines the robot cleaning process, reducing it by 80%, but also significantly minimizes messiness during debris disposal, reducing touch points from six down to just one.

In reality, what this means is the Dolphin Max-Series is easy-to-clean. Is that the case? We thought so. We found the Max-Series to be some of the best and easiest to clean robotic pool cleaners we have ever tested. Once combined with the optional NanoFilters, the MaxBin was our preferred filter for any pool robot.

What is MaxBin?

The easiest filter to clean ever. Rather than fumbling around with pesky cartridges, the MaxBin can simply be opened and cleaned with one finger. Rather than assembling and disassembling a filter cartridge each and every time, the MaxBin takes less than a few seconds to clean and rinse. This innovation is just another reason why we recommend the Dolphin Max-Series over the previous generation of Maytronics models.

The Different Sizes


Starting off, the standard MaxBin is an astounding 260 in2. This increased capacity is 50% larger than the 175 in2 capacity of the cartridges found on other popular Dolphin units, such as the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. This upgraded capacity helps the Dolphin Max-Series robots clean and capture more than the previous generation of pool robots.

MaxBin XXL

Dolphin XXL MaxBin

An even larger filter basket than the standard MaxBin, the Dolphin MaxBin XXL has the largest filter bin ever - at over 400 in2. The XXL MaxBin has a 225% larger capacity than the standard filter cartridges. This MaxBin XXL can only be found in the Dolphin Quantum. The Quantum even includes the NanoFilter Panels if you want an even deeper clean, which we cover next.

MaxBin with NanoFilters

With the introduction of the Dolphin ProLine, Maytronics introduced the NanoFilters. These advanced highly-pleated filters unlock an even deeper clean. With deep ridges and an increased surface area, we saw an increased cleaning performance in our testing - as we ended up exclusively using the NanoFilter due to the better performance.

These filters are included in the box with the Dolphin Quantum. With the XXL MaxBin, it is the best of both worlds. As it can capture more than any other Dolphin Max-Series robot.

Dolphin Cayman and Dolphin Escape NanoFilter Panels

Both the Dolphin Cayman and Dolphin Escape have optional NanoFilter panels. These are currently included for free at Poolbots when you purchase any Cayman or Escape. You can check out the Dolphin Cayman and Dolphin Escape. If you have an existing unit, they're also avaliable for sale as panels or you can purchase the entire Maxbin with NanoFilters.

What Dolphin robots have MaxBins?

Found in the Dolphin Max-Series, every one of these robots have a MaxBin:

Select Authorized Dealers, such as Poolbots, even includes the NanoFilters panels for the MaxBin™ for free with purchase of a unit. You can check out the Dolphin Cayman and Dolphin Escape.

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