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Dolphin Premier

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

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The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner has the following:
  • Drop and go. Easy to use, single button plug and play in-ground robotic pool cleaner ideal for pools up to 50 feet; backed by a 3 year warranty.
  • SmartNav 2.0 delivers a smart and efficient clean using advanced algorithms for complete pool coverage. Anti-tangle patented swivel cable allows your Dolphin to move around your pool with ease.
  • Powerful, dual scrubbing brushes forcefully attack tough dirt and debris leaving your swimming pool floor, walls and waterline exceptionally clean in 3 hours.
  • Multi-Media Filtration - Multiple filter options for an optimal clean pool. The Premier comes standard with three filter options: bottom-load fine cartridge filters, ultra-fine cartridge filters, and an oversized fine filter bag. Plus an optional disposable debris bag.
  • Cleaning made convenient. Set the Premier’s weekly scheduler to automatically clean for you- every day, every other day, or every 3rd day. The full filter indicator lets you know when it’s time to clean your filter.



Waterline Cleaning Excellent Excellent
Filter Excellent Excellent
Coverage Excellent Excellent
User Experience Excellent Excellent
Warranty Excellent Excellent
Overall Score
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Only Dolphin with a Leaf Bag

Waterline Cleaning Beast

High Performing Commercial Grade Robot

Multiple Filter Options Included - 3 total!

3 Year Warranty

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No App - Everything controlled from Power Supply

Pricey, but Fantastic Value

Dolphin Premier Review

The Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner is one of the brand’s best-selling models from its advanced class. One Google search reveals its popularity to pool owners far and wide, leading the company to label it the #1 rated pool-cleaning robot by online users. It is Dolphin’s higher-end option with touted features like energy efficiency, intelligent navigation, and a MultiMedia filtration system. With a reputation like that, we decided to put the Dolphin Premier to the test ourselves.

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Product Photo

First Impressions

The Premier comes pretty much ready to work straight out of the box. There is no tedious assembly required. All we had to do was pull off the plastic protection from the wheels, plug it into the power supply, and drop it in the water.

Aesthetically, the Premier earns your confidence. It’s stout, weighing about 22 pounds when dry. But the shape and curves of the robot prove themselves dynamic once it’s the water. Some other standout features we noticed right away were the rubber grips and brushes. The Premier is supposed to be able to climb the walls of the pool, which is unlikely with a conventional wheel. Instead, it has a mobile track with strong rubber grips that clinch the sides of the pool, making gravity seem suddenly irrelevant. The brushes themselves look intense and heavy duty, with two variations of durable bristles that are flexible to the touch, yet resistant to wear and tear. These looked like they were ready for some intense scrubbing action.

Testing Time

We decided to test the Premier robotic pool cleaner in a 32,000 gallon in-ground pool. The pool was in need of a good cleaning, as we had let the elements do their thing for several days. There was obvious large debris like leaves, pollen, and a few sticks and bugs dispersed through the water. And not visible to the naked eye was most assuredly small cultures of bacteria and algae growth beginning to form.

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Waterline Cleaning

Choosing a Filter

One of the top-rated features of the Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner is the MultiMedia filter options. It is compatible with micro-cartridges, standard cartridges, oversized debris bags, and disposable debris bags. So dependent on what type of cleaning your pool needs, you can use the best filtration system for the job.

Being Dolphin’s only robotic pool cleaner with a leaf bag, we decided to use an oversized debris bag first. With all of the visible bits of nature floating around, we wanted to see how the Premier grabbed them with a larger storage capacity.

In Action

We set the Premier to the 2-hour cleaning job setting and watched it get to work. It moved steadily and powerfully across the bottom of the pool, grabbing heavier objects with ease and leaving behind a brightly colored streak of cleanliness we didn’t realize the bottom was missing.

We mentioned the rubber tracks that give the Premier a better grip on the walls of the pool, but it’s pretty cool to see it in action. Even at the deepest depths, the Premier climbed from the bottom of the pool all the way to the waterline. It never once fell or gave up before reaching the top. Since the walls are a hotspot for bacteria and algae growth, it’s a huge relief to see a pool robot actually clean the harder-to-reach areas without human intervention or elbow grease. Best of all, it was obvious the Premier was actually cleaning the walls. The thin film of sludge that had built around the waterline disappeared after each pass-through of the Premier.

Before the 2-hour cleaning cycle had finished, the Premier stopped its job. At first, we thought maybe it had glitched or encountered an error, but then we saw the red light blinking on the power supply to indicate the debris bag was full. We pulled it out to clear the filtration system and were incredibly pleased to see just how loaded the bag was with debris. It had captured more leaves, sticks, dog hair, and even sand than we realized was in the pool.

After cleaning it out we decided to try using a micro-cartridge filter to see how the Premier cleaned out the finer particles in the water. We set it to a one-hour cleaning job and let it do its thing. When it finished, we weren’t expecting the filter to be very dirty because the pool already looked clear and clean. But we were wrong. The filter was tinged a much darker color, having sifted an extraordinary amount of finer particles out of the water at a rate of 75 gallons a minute. Our eyes deceived us at first, but the filter itself actually achieved the water purity we thought we had and exceeded our expectations.

After all its hard work, cleaning the Premier was simple. We just rinsed the micro-cartridge until it was bright white again and put it back into the filtration system. It’s a pain-free maintenance routine that the manual recommends doing after each cleaning.

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Family Lifestyle

What Stands Out About the Premier

Filtration Options

Having the MultiMedia feature on the Premier was a much bigger perk than we anticipated. Often, robotic pool cleaners force you to compromise in some way, using a large bag filter when you really need to capture the nitty gritty, or using a standard cartridge after a storm has blown all sorts of debris into the water. With MultiMedia, we got to choose which media to use dependent on the state of the pool in question. Using the standard cartridges for daily use would probably be just fine when you’re using the pool most frequently during the warmer months. But in the case of special circumstances like a storm or deep cleaning, it was a huge resource to grab a debris bag or micro-cartridge for the most efficient cleaning.

Smooth Navigation

The Dolphin Premier didn’t play favorites with any one section of the pool. It’s equipped with SmartNav software, so it doesn’t wander aimlessly like lesser robotic pool cleaners. It can calculate the optimal pattern for the fastest cleaning, and it senses and avoids ladders and drains. It scrubbed every surface, even the walls, and it managed to navigate tricky underwater steps that usually go untouched by other robots. The premier even visited the deepest darkest corners of the pool, getting into the lowest nooks and crannies that hadn’t been touched by a machine in ages.

Tangle-Free Swivel

Dolphin engineers built a game-changer when they patented their tangle-free swivel. If you’ve been a pool owner for any time at all, you know what we mean. With such long cables and a wide range of movement, most robotic pool cleaners inevitably get tangled up into a giant mess, which can hinder performance and efficiency. It’ll also frustrate the mess out of you if you’re the one figuring out how to untangle it. But the 360-degree swivel keeps the cable from wrapping itself in knots, and it’s designed to operate without wear or degradation. For such a small piece of equipment, it relieves tremendous frustration.

Energy Efficiency

Keeping your electric bill from skyrocketing during the summer months is always a challenge. But if it does go up, it won’t be the Premier’s fault. This robotic pool cleaner utilizes dual 24 volt DC magnet motors, which are much more energy efficient than the conventional AC motors you’ll find in many old-fashioned pool cleaners on the market today.

To put that into perspective, traditional AC motors burn a whopping 1,470 watts of energy. But the DC motors on the Dolphin Premier use a mere 180 watts. That’s 87% less, at about 5 cents an hour to operate. So you can relax while it does an extra-long cleaning – it’s not costing you an arm and a leg.

DIY Maintenance

The Dolphin engineers built the Premier on a modular DIY platform. That means that if your Premier ever needs service or repairs, any component can be easily replaced by you or a nearby dealer in 10 minutes or less. While the Premier feels solid and other reviews tout its long-lasting durability, we like knowing any maintenance needs it may have down the road will be seamless and simple.

3-Year Warranty

It’s always comforting to see an investment come with a solid and promising warranty, and the Premier is no exception. Dolphin is confident their pool cleaner will be free from defects in material and workmanship for three years, so they offer a best-in-class warranty to back it. The warranty isn’t pro-rated, nor is it limited by the number of cycles or hours you use it.

Room for Improvement

Dolphin offers a remote control sold separately so you can navigate the Premier for fast spot cleaning. The remote is only an additional $99, but we wouldn’t recommend springing for it. Between having trouble connecting to the Premier bot and lagging after trying to navigate it remotely, it’s just simpler to use the standard power supply to control cleaning jobs.

Don’t forget that you may also want a caddy. We recommend the Terra Caddy over the Universal Caddy, as we prefer the slick design and the integrated power supply holder. The robot weighs 22 pounds, primarily because of the powerful DC motors. Even though that extra weight pulls its weight in the water, it’s still hefty to lug around. We encourage buyers to go ahead and spring for the caddy and do their back a favor and to help protect the robot in storage.

Dolphin Premier Lifestyle

The Final Verdict

All in all, our team of veteran pool owners gave the Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner thumbs up across the board.

One of the main reasons to buy a pool-cleaning robot is to save yourself time, money, and labor. The Premier does just that. All it requires from you is the push of a button and simple maintenance. While it does the hard work of deep-cleaning that pool, you get to take on other chores or just relax and watch the Premier do what it does best. On top of that, every time it runs you can rest assured you’re saving money in the long-term thanks to its energy efficient features. So if you’re on the fence about springing for a higher-end model of robotic pool cleaner, we suggest you hop on over to the Premier side. It’ll make your life easier.

Dolphin Premier
Robot Class: In-Ground & Above Ground


Dolphin Premier Leaf Bag

Only Dolphin with a Leaf Bag

Highest Cleaning Capacity - Clean more than any other robot

Alongside Multi-Media™, the Oversized Leaf Bag sets the Dolphin Premier apart. Combine top-notch filtration ability, waterline cleaning, and the leaf bag, you can't get a better clean than the Dolphin Premier.

Media Alert™

Let's you know when Premier is ready to be cleaned.

When Dolphin Premier is ready to be cleaned, it will let you know.

Dolphin Premier Multi-Media

4 Filter Options. 1 Robot.

Powered by Multi-Media™ Technology

Briliantly, Dolphin gave the Premier what they call: Multi-Media™ Technology, which gives you the ability to swap between, not one, not two, but four different media types. This gives the ability to fine tune each clean. If you have a lot of leaves, use the Oversized Leaf Bag - Note: This is the only Maytronics unit with the Lead Bag! Struggle with cloudy water, use the Ultra-fine Filter.

Waterline / Tileline Cleaning

Clean where other robots can't.

90% of the bacteria in your pool is on the waterline. Don't get confused with robots that are "Wall Climbing". There is a big difference. Waterline cleaning means the Dolphin Premier actively scrubs and sticks to the waterline scrubbing away this problem area in the pool. It is a feature you don't want to miss.

Dolphin Premier Wall Climbing

Wall Climbing

Provides floor and wall coverage

Dolphin Premier is able to easily clean your walls of your pool.The Dolphin Premier combines wall climbing with the even more important waterline cleaning to provide a deep clean in your pool, giving you full floor, wall, and waterline coverage in your pool.

Anti-Tangle Swivel

Anti-Tangle Swivel

No more tangled cords.

With an Anti-tangle Swivel, the Dolphin Premier can fully explore and clean your pool without ever getting stuck. The innovative design allows the robot to move freely 360 degrees around your pool, without ever knotting the cord.

Energy Saver

Ultra Efficient

Save Hundreds of Dollars Cleaning Your Pool a Year!

Dolphin Premier saves hundreds of dollars a year in energy when compared to pressure-side or suction-side cleaners.

Dolphin Premier Power Supply

Plug and Play

Simply Plug Dolphin Premier in and start cleaning!

Set up has never been easier. No installation needed. Dolphin Premier is ready to go right out of the box. No extra pumps, plumbing, or anything else needed. Simply plug Premier and start cleaning!

Dolphin Premier Smart Naviation

Precise Navigation

Powered by SmartNav 2.0™ Technology

SmartNav 2.0™ coverage is powered by an advanced navigation system. This technology ensures that the most effecient route is used to clean your pool floor. So smart, the system automatically navigates around obstacles and quickly returns to its route.


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Most Advanced Dolphin Ever - Lots of technology packed in one unit.

Gyroscope Technology

Multiple Filter Options

Quad Scrubbing Brushes - 4X Cleaning Power

3 Commercial Grade, Efficient Motors

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Check mark Highs

Dual 24 volt brushes DC energy efficient, long life motors

Twin micro-filter cartridges included. Dual Cartridge and Oversized bag also included!

It's the world's only true cable swivel, a patented Dolphin exclusive

Direct drive means no belt to replace, ever

Dual power rotating, scrubbing brushes for aggressive cleaning action

Customer Reviews

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5 stars 5 Based on 2163 Reviews

5 stars
Works great for old inground 13 x 36 pool

Wes B -

So I bought this in October 2020 for 36 x 13 irregular curvy inground pool in Maryland, I was desperate to get my pool clean for closing. Was my 1st. Closing. And it did the job just fine. But waited to write the review until most of the 2021 season. So my experiences is that I almost never if I don’t want to have to pull out the manual vacuum and hook it into the skimmer. I do manual vacuum when I first opened the pool and it was full of lots of stuff because I don’t put a cover on my pool during the winter, so I built my own cleanup pump so I could suck most of the debris to waste, I have a filter cartridge which works great but does not filter to waste. But after I got all that done, for the last three months four months, you put this bad boy robot in there and it gets all the debris off the floor. Like others have reported, I don’t feel that it does as great of a job on the sides, it does climb the sides, and it does scrub, but once or twice fighting some algae and mustard algae, it required me to go out and still do the walls with the brush. But I don’t have to brush the floor, which is a big timesaver and I never have to manually vacuum clean again! That in itself was worth the price of the robot. I exclusively use the nylon filters. If I have a Lotta leaves and junk, I’m going to use my cleanup pump that I built to pull that stuff out. But occasional leaves and bugs and spiders and all the nasties the fall to the bottom get all sucked up by this, and the cleanup only takes about four minutes tops to rinse out the filters once it’s done its cycle. Another bonus with this robot is, if you are fighting algae, those nylon filters capture some of that stuff, and when you pull it out and rinse those off it’s not going back into your pool, while statistically the surface area isn’t that big, it’s still contributing to help clean the pool. I would say another huge benefit is, I am cleaning my filters a lot less, in fact I’m not seeing the pressure go up anymore, I still clean my filters anyways once a month, but because this picks up any sand, pebble ‘s, crumbling concrete, bugs, spiders, grasses, flowers, leaves, that stuffs not making into your filter! A couple tips for those out there that I’ve seen different complaints about. Pulling out of the water can be difficult because all that waters in there, I purchased a net with a hook on the other end and use that hook to open up and get the baskets out of my skimmers without bending down, but I also use it to grab the robot float arm to pull it up and out part way of the water to my other arm, much easier! I have a covered deck that gets almost no direct sun, so I store my robot there without a caddy. All you need is a square stone or a piece of wood and just make sure you place the bottom so that the treads and the rubber cleaning rotors are raised up off the floor not crushed.... it’s really not that difficult, you don’t need the Caddy. I also put the robot very carefully in the pool, I see pictures of people throwing it in the pool like it’s a big old rock, remember there’s still electronics, mechanical pieces in there, if you got a pay this much for this kind of thing why risk slowly jostling the insides and maybe causing a premature death? And the control unit is always under the covered deck so it never can get caught in quick rain when it’s operating, I also never leave the control unit outside when not in use, I always take that inside. If you understand how electronics work, you understand the humidity, heat and coolness of night is not a good mix for electronica‘s, bring it in when you no longer are using the control unit should help extend the life statistically. So bottom line I do believe from what I read everybody else if it breaks I’m probably not gonna get support, and if you get a bad one and it’s outside of your Amazon return window that’s going to suck. But I will say for me it’s made a huge difference in the experience of my pool, no more manual vacuuming is so great. And just yesterday I put in new filters and I usually don’t run the bottom drain Return, but in twisting all the knobs I blasted a bunch of junk and sand and other stuff into the pool because I used to have a sand filter! This puppy cleaned every single piece of broken concrete and sand that was on the bottom. Yes my pool is old and will be needing a refinish here in the next year or two, so yes there can be pieces of crumbling stuff in my pool and this cleans all of it! So in summary, helpful on the walls but not perfect, when fighting an algae bloom you’ll still need to maybe use your brush, however the suction is amazingly strong and gets everything off the floor. I don’t believe for a second about the smart intelligence, it’s just randomly running around and over time it touches pretty much every area. For me the price of the robot is less expensive than a pool Expert if it lasts just one season. I mean I was paying $75 a week for them to come out once, dump some chemicals in, only to have the pool not balanced by the next time they came out, and having issues that affect pool quality. Even if I pay them for closing and opening, the robot still pays for itself. However I do my own closing openings now too. If You’re a do it yourself, I would say this robot could be something that’s a game changer for you.

5 stars
Expensive But Worth It


I researched all of the robotic pool cleaners available on Amazon and You Tube for two weeks before I decided on the Premier cleaner. One of the reasons I spent the extra dollars for the Premier was the three year warranty. The wall cleaning capability is a plus. I also liked the fact that this product is made in Israel. Israeli companies are innovative and build products with very good integrity. After using the Premier for three months, I am very happy with it's performance. I have a 16 x 32 vinyl liner pool with a 9' deep end. The deep end has a 3" safety ledge along three sides. I have put my cleaning hose and wand/pole into storage and hope to never use them again. I use the premier two to three times a week, as needed and my pool has never been cleaner or clearer. Here are the pros and cons of the Premier, in my opinion. Pros: The choice of three filter elements is a plus. I use the ultra fine filters during the summer months. I have trees in my yard, so I'm sure I'll be switching to the bag in September. The ultra fine filter collects everything, down to the fine dirt particles in my pool. The unit is easy to set up and the two hour standard run time is all I need for a totally clean pool. Cleaning the filters is easy as I spray them down with my hose. The Premier climbs walls and really does clean the water line. I notice that it sometimes has trouble getting over the ledge in my deep end, but it keeps trying until it can climb the wall. My walls were never dirty or algae coated. Most of the dirt in my pool goes to the bottom of the deep end and the Premier seems to collect everything. However the wall cleaning ability is remarkable. Reviews of the lesser cost units seemed to hint at trouble climbing walls. This capability is why I bought the Premier. Cons: The unit does get stuck on my deep end drain but it eventually works itself off. This happens when the center of the Premier is over the drain and the treads have trouble reaching the pool floor for traction. The unit also drives up to the bottom of my pool ladder and sometimes stays there for too long of a time. The yellow light on the controller to indicate that the unit is full of debris seems to come on too often and doesn't really serve a purpose, IMO. These little problems are minor to me and they do not make much of a difference. I strongly recommend that you buy the caddy for your pool cleaner. The Dolphin caddy is well built but I believe it's over priced. However, you can't get by without it. The cleaner is somewhat heavy, the control cable is long and can get tangled if it is not stored properly on the caddy. It would be nice if Dolphin included the caddy with the cleaner, like other manufacturers do. However, they'd up the price then. I use a velcro wrap to hold the control cable together while stored on the caddy Overall, I'm glad I bought the Premier and I look forward to many years of a clean pool.

5 stars
Reliable and Efficient

Richard A Talley -

The is the third Dolphin Premier that we have owned. The first one last better than 8 years. The only thing needed replacing was the fine filters plates and the power box TWICE. The second one has lasted about four years. I thought it was the power box. Bought a new one and it turned out to be the Dolphin Premier itself; likely the motor. The Power Boxes should operate LONGER than they do. It is simply an electronic power source with a program card. So - I purchased another Dolphin Premier and now have 2 power boxes. The recent one I purchased and the one that came with the new machine. I wish you could purchase the machine without the power box - would have saved us some money. However, I expect in a couple years or so we will have to replace the power box anyways. The Dolphin itself? Great job vacuuming. The remote control is a waste of money. I work our Dolphin hard here in Mexico, Baja Sur, about 10 months per year. The high grade is for the vacuum. The power pack barely three stars. This ought to be seriously less money. The cord itself cost nearly $20 USD. Crazy.

3 stars
Not all it's cracked up to be

Watsamatta -

Honestly, i had high hopes. After many youtube reviews, comparisons etc.. i've finally decided on this "Dolphin Premier". I'll start with the PROs but they're nothing to write home about. 1 - easy to get going straight out of the box 2 - does save you some time when you're too busy or tired ( "some" - read the cons ) 3 - the different filters are a nice touch. 4 - the carry handle which also acts as a buoyancy thingy is fantastic. 5 - the no tangle cord actually does not tangle and is very easy to manage. The CONS 1 - It's just not intelligent at all. I have a 32/16 size inground pool. Half is 4ft deep the other half is 10 foot but the deep half bottom is what i can best describe as an upside down pyramid with it's tip cut off. And this thing CANNOT clean the diagonal walls. The moment it tried to go up the wall, it mistakes it for a vertical wall at which point it attempts to skim the water line/edge or so it thinks... does that for a few seconds and then it goes back down effectively never actually cleaning the diagonal walls. So this never cleans the water line. Which brings me to #2. 2- Because it's not intelligent at all, 90% of the time it's stuck on the deep end because it cant seem to find it's way back up to the 4ftoot shallow side. I need to physically restrain it by limiting how much length the power cable has. Or just tug it back up to the shallow end, but it falls back down the deep side almost right away. You would think for $1500 it would at least be as smart as a rumba vacuum and actually learn the size and dimensions of a pool. Or at the very least let me tell it somehow and then drop it in a corner of choosing. 3 - Cleaning the leaf bag after it's done.. is by far the worse experience you can imagine. The hassle this brings I just gave up on it and stop using it, and use the other filters instead. It's genuinely the worst experience. 4 - Also, the filter indicator is never correct, I've opened it up to see that it's nearly empty and not jammed. SO that sensor is not accurate. 5 - What is the point of the "scheduler" on the remote... the instructions say "You're not supposed to swim in the pool with the robot"... if not, then i still have to manually dump it in the water each time i want to use it, it's not going to find it's way to the pool from the shed lol. The scheduler simply removed the need to press 1 button at best. WOW!. 6 - it cannot pick up sand and dirt that easily... takes like 5 passes before it fully picks it up.. but it wont do that on it's own as it rarely goes over the same place more than twice without running multiple cycles or assisting it somehow.. I ended up having to manually keep re-steering it to keep going over the patch of sand that I brushed into a small pile to help it. All in all, honestly this is NOT worth the huge $1,500 price tag. That old school pipe and vacuum head attachment are 1500 times better and more accurate that this product, sure it takes time but i also spend my valuable time earning $1,500 that i could have saved and im still spending time helping it do it's job. It's as if the people who made this product saw it move and siphon some water and said... yea that'll do. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS.

4 stars
Where has this been all my life

Martin R. -

Other than the price, this robotic cleaner is outstanding. It will make you wish you had gotten one years before and it puts all the suction-side cleaners that I've had to shame. It leaves the pool clean in just one three-hour cycle. A big bonus is that it cleans the waterline. It runs very quietly, efficiently and fast. You'll be surprised at how fast it traverses the pool. It comes with a long cord, so you'll have to get proficient at coiling that up at the end. But it takes only a few minutes to put into the pool and a little more time to take it out. It's much less laborious that dealing with a suction side cleaner. As I mentioned, you'll have to take a big plunge moneywise, but if you can stomach that, this is a great purchase.

4 stars
Works great for me

J. Harmond -

I have used this cleaner for four years now. It has worked great for me. My pool is about 25,000 gallons and I use this at least weekly year round (South Alabama). It cleans the dirt and sand out of the pool and helps filter our algae when I get the early spring chemicals wrong. The only issue I have had is the impeller broke after four years. Considering that I often leave this in the pool for many days and the amount of use, I would not consider that a flaw. It is easy to replace. If I want to find a gripe, there would be two. First, and minor, is that some debris drain out and back into the pool when I pull it out. I'm not sure there is really any way around that, but it would be nice if there was. Second, and more importantly, is that the power unit is not waterproof. I have to bring in under the patio if it rains. Living where I do, this means that I really need to keep it under cover when I leave the house because you never know when a rain shower will show up. Not a big deal, but since it is a pool cleaner, it would be nice to have everything weatherproof.

5 stars
This is an awesome pool vacuum! Love it!

Dan-O -

We had a Polaris 380 for the last 21 years. I have repaired it many times and it worked Okay. It would miss certain parts of the pool frequently and the hose would tangle. The Dolphin has been awesome. It gets the whole pool except the top step. We have been amazed by how high it comes out of the water to clean the waterline. The only con is it recommends unplugging it every time you are in the water to prevent being electrocuted, which is a good thing. The other con is you cannot program the time it comes on to clean. It just repeats at the same time as the last cleaning. So if you swim in the afternoon and unplug it, it will not come on until the following afternoon at approximately the same time you ran the cleaner after you turned it on after swimming, if you puts select 1. PS The caddy is nice to have too.

5 stars
Best in ground pool automatic cleaner

Alexius -

The suction rollers are extremely efficient in climbing on the walls and cleaning the c Scum line. There is no mobile app for this model

5 stars

007 of Brickell -

This robot is a must! I skim the top and rely on this for the bottom. We have a 25k gallon pool and have zero complaints. I don't necessarily understand the algorithm for trekking through the pool but it does clean how it's supposed to.

4 stars
Bit pricey

Todd -

Unit is some what over priced but does seem to work well so far. Not sure about its random path movement but time will tell. Only used once so far. The foam wheels were smashed when I got it but did reshape when in the water and did seem to be ok after it ran a bit.

5 stars
This is a time saving investment in your pool

Linda W. -

This is our second Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner. We had the first one for 10 years with no problems ever. It cleans to pool completely, can be set to 1, 2, or 3 hours and saves you countless time vacuuming your pool. None of the debris enters your filter system. All of it is contained within this cleaner.

5 stars
Does everything brilliantly

B. Mohr -

You get no real help in pool stores shopping for cleaner robots. First ask their return policy. I tried 3 suction operated units, and sent them all back. Stringy material would clog the motor. Pebbles the size of a shelled pistachio would stop a unit that drove with oscillating lips. The great white would gobble anything but it would just cross the deep bottom spot of my bowl shaped pool in one line and never get to 90% of the rest. I expect it would do better with a flat bottom. Anyway, thank you Amazon for your wonderful return policy. Always save your boxes. Now, about the Dolphin... Yeah, there is the sticker shock. But when you put it to work it will put a smile on your face. It's heavy. Just toss it in and it lands on its feet like a cat. Then, it goes everywhere; vertical walls, even one more than vertical, waterline, a shallow step area. It has thorough scrubber bars in the forward and reverse directions. Suction alone is not enough. The brain stays topside close to your power outlet. The very long cord floats and is truly tangle-free. The cloth filter bag is generous, comes off easy, and blasts pretty clean with a hose. I finish rinse it in my sink, but that's probably overkill. Anyway I don't mind that task because it saves my Pentair filters that take an afternoon to clean properly, and, of course, those filters never see the stuff that settles to the bottom. Dolphin includes a fine filter alternative, but the cloth seems to pick up fine grit very well, about as good a job as the masks people think will stop a virus, ha ha. My pool stays pretty clean, so one hit per week seems to do it. You can leave it in and program more frequent cycles. It even tells you when the filter bag is full. Hope this helps. Yeah, you can't believe 95% of what you read, but this is real. Nobody helped me, so I'm helping you.

5 stars

Charity R. -

I have a concrete pool and have only had this Dolphin about a month. I have had the cheaper versions and this version is soooo much better. It doesn’t get stuck like my other Dolphins did and it picks up leaves like a breeze. I love it so far!

5 stars
Dual filer and best at climbing walls

J.Kaveri -

I like to use disposable bags to open the pool and this unit allows me to do that. It will not climb the pool walls with bag filters but with the cartridge filters it does great. The cable does get twisted up but not really badly. For the first season I am very happy with it!

5 stars
Fantastic Pool Cleaner with Leaf Bag!

Texgal -

First, let me start by saying that I rarely write reviews. However, I have been so impressed by the Dolphin Premier that I felt I had to post about how this piece of equipment changed my relationship with our pool. We purchased a pre-owned home with a relatively new pool that had been a constant source of irritation for us since we bought the home four years ago. The pool was very poorly designed and has a built in cleaner that is insufficient for the size of the pool and has never been able to keep our pool free of debris (Zodiac). We hired a pool maintenance company and spent literally thousands of dollars to try to get our pool to a point where the water was clear, clean and not full of debris. We got a new filter system (changed from cartridges to DE), we installed a multi-speed pump, installed new valves and bought various types of cleaning equipment. Nothing worked -- we still had to fight constantly to maintain a minimum level cleanliness and clarity. Finally, I decided to purchase the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner as a last ditch effort. All I can say is WOW! All of our problems with our pool have been eliminated by running the Dolphin about three to four times per week in addition to the daily running of the built-in Zodiac. The leaf bag on the Premier model is the best thing about this Dolphin. It picks up everything! I didn't realize how dirty our pool was until I cleaned out the leaf bag for the first time. If you are looking for a way to solve your pool cleaning problems, the Dolphin Premier will definitely help. And, if you are trying to decide whether to pay the extra money for the Premier model versus some of the other Dolphin models, definitely go with the Premier as it is the only one that has a leaf bag option, and the leaf bag is the best thing about the Dolphin Premier. As for ease of use, I would say it takes no skill at all to get it up and running. It really is ready to go out of the box and after a few easy plug-ins, your Dolphin will be ready to clean. The leaf bag is a bit tricky to get on the first time, but once you know how to put the filter on, it is not very difficult. The only negative I can see so far is the weight of the Dolphin when it is full of water and it needs to be removed from the pool. It is very heavy and unwieldy when full of water; but after draining, it is not so hard to lift and move. I pull mine out of the pool, leave it to drain on the pool edge, then move it for storage after it is drained. I also purchased a remote control for the unit, but I haven't ever used it. My recommendation is to skip paying the extra $100 for the remote because you won't need it. I would purchase an extra leaf bag for the unit so you will have a clean one ready to go when you need it. I think we will finally be able to enjoy our pool this summer because of the Dolphin Premier.

4 stars
Happy with This Purchase

D. Messelink -

I bought this unit in the spring of 2022 for our new fiberglass pool. It was a chunk of change so I was hopeful it would live up to expectations - and it has. I use it roughly ever other day to clean the pool and it does excellent work. I hope it lasts for several more summer seasons. I would recommend this machine to anyone who asks.

5 stars
Very good Machine

Chadladage -

June 1, 2019 So I will give some background first- I have a very large in-ground pool that is pebble tech. I have used a Creepy Crawly for 10 years with this pool and same with the first pool I had. So when I went to the Dolphin Premier it was a little different to use and understand. This unit does work really good, it has some problems going all the way up the pool wall but it could be because i have some Algae that needs to be scrubbed some more. So before I continue, this is not like a Creepy Crawly, it is not a drop in and leave it for the week. The fine Filters need to be cleaned daily so you need to be involved daily with this unit. there are some really good Youtube videos out there that show how to use it. IF you were going on vacation you could not just leave this by itself because it needs cleaning. So don't throw away your Creepy Crawly. I do like that the filters only take about 5 minuets to clean and put back in. I have not used the bag yet but I will try it and see if it will run the full week. It is nice that you can just hit the button and let it run (Again if filter is clean) Is it worth the money? I think so, it is nice that I am spending less time scrubbing the pool and i think that with time my pool will be at 100%. Again nothing is perfect but i think this Robot is much better that the old fashion Creepy Crawly type. Also you will not have to clean your pool filter as often. with the blowing dust and dirt, I had to clean my pool filter (Pentair) every two months, I am hoping to clean it only a couple times a year. I did buy the Cady and I think that will be a great addition. Again this does take having a relation with the robot to clean it daily and the best time is when it is done with its 3 hour cycle or at the end of the day so it is ready for the next day. I will up date this review in a couple of weeks. Update, 6-15-2019 - So i have to report this... I came home yesterday evening and walked over to my pool and in 4 days it was crystal clear. I have not seen my pool this clean since two years ago when I drained it and refilled. I cannot believe it. 6-9-2019 - gets even better, I took a water sample to Leslie's and the report came back all in the correct range... again for the first time in years. I always had something off. Chlorine or PH or C YA or something... I put the report they gave me on the refrig. LOL PS I bought the pro remote and could not get it to work... not to mention you have to stand right next to the control box so i am waiting to send it back. don't bother with the remote. This model does not have Iphone capability. 8-30-2019Final update- I don’t really understand why this robot works so well but it does. I am continually amazed when I look at my pool and see it crystal clear. When I walk into a pool supply place and see other pool owners with that “My pool hates me” look on their face I have to tell them about the Dolphin. Well worth the money for peace... not just of the mind. I only drop it in my pool every third day and on the weekend. Incredible. Not much more to say. Ps I named him Hale. Lol

4 stars
Nice pool robot - cleans pool well

robidana -

So far, so good. For folks questioning warranty, if something happens you have to send back to Maytronics. They are excellent from a warranty standpoint. My first pool robot, well my cat chewed the line and Maytronics fixed it! So, when it finally died after 12 years, I purchased another. Hoping to get 12 years out of this one.

5 stars
Two Years Strong, Better than my former pool service and paid for itself after 9 months!

Will P -

Still working strong and as effective two years later! I picked this pool robot over other options because it had a solid combination of features and reasonable price. The wall-climbing feature with tile-scrubbing is a must-have and amazing feature for me. I didn't need the more fancy features like bluetooth or smart-mapping in other models, mostly because I run the robot for as long as I need, and it doesn't bug me that it goes over the same spot a few times in the process. The randomized "wandering" program is well-balanced; spending enough time to run in straight lines down the length of my rectangular pool versus other times where it makes a couple of turns. There's some kind of logic and randomization with detecting its orientation going up walls which means it's not really predictable. That adds to the fun watching it roam. Absolutely no question- buy the caddy. I can't imagine lugging it around without one. The remote control is overpriced but sometimes useful for redirecting the robot to a specific spot, before pulling it out of the water. My only criticism of the unit is that the filter basket is on the underside, and there's really no way to remove it for cleaning without getting a little bit wet. But, I'm not a cat, so it's okay. The unit *is* a bit heavy when you pull it out of the water, mostly because of the weight of the water still inside it. If you have a shallow shelf or steps in a place where you can gently drag the unit so it's resting closer to the surface, that makes it a lot easier to extract. Cleaning the filters is easy, but I found that it's even easier if you let the filter basket dry out overnight if you live in a dry area like a desert. Then the dried out leaves and debris is a lot easier to spray off the mesh filters the next day. Using a medium-strong spray nozzle setting works pretty well. It doesn't take more than a couple of minutes to spray out the filters. Again, you're going to get a little bit wet, but it's not a big deal. I haven't had to replace any parts yet, though I noticed my robot lost some suction one day. It turned out to be a bit of stringy-palm debris that had wound itself over the upper blowhole on the robot, interfering with the motor there. After I cleared the debris, all was back to normal. The power usage of the robot is very low. It doesn't seem to pull more than about 175 Watts at a time, maybe less, from the AC power. Compared to the cost of a pool service, this robot is a dream. Although it doesn't do the extra work of balancing chemicals or cleaning the filter, it does a great job cleaning the pool floor and walls. I can't resist commanding the robot to start feeding whenever I start him up. He's my pool hero.

5 stars
This is one well made robot that does all it claims. Cleans my pool faster and leaves it sparkle

Ed D -

To shell out 1600.00 for this robot was a lot. But the reviews were strong and to vacuum by hand with minimal suction was frustrating. fiberglass pool has a great finish and you can see anything that rests on bottom. I have a 3 inch ledge that connects with a 2 foot sitting ledge and steps. Just to make it easier. I take a soft brush and go around the upper sides above the ledge and the 2 ft ledge and push anything to bottom of pool floor. It takes no time to do. The robot will do it but I figure why make it work so hard fighting all the ledges. I drop it in for 20 min and sides and floor are spotless. I see robot is made in Israel not China. It looks well made and very solid unit. No cheap looking brittle plastic either.. It was well worth the 1600 price tag.. I could never get the pool as clean by hand as fast as this robot does. It really amazing to watch it work and the power the vacuum has. You can see it ramp up power or shut down to turn or climb walls or come down off side wall. Its very interesting I can see why its picked one of the top pool robots.

5 stars
Great pool cleaner.

Bonnie Gray -

We have only had the cleaner for a few days but our pool looks better then it has all summer.

4 stars
Premier does NOT work in beach entry pools

Terri K Coppersmith -

Works well, but will crawl out of a beach entry pool. Called Maytronics, the 3 models that will clean beach entries are M600, E70 and Activ 60. Have to look at the "Pool attributes" tab on maytronics web. Would be nice if the descriptions here on Amazon told you that. Now I have to try to return, get credit and get one of the other models.

5 stars
As Advertised!

Andrea -

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner does the job! Easy to operate, clean and store. We are more than satisfied with this purchase.

5 stars

Bryan -

I fired my pool guy being that they never did a good job, $300 per month, Got this machine $1400 will pay for itself in 4.5 months then I will have the cleanest pool I have ever had for FREE! This machine is FANTASTIC!!!! I only with it could jump out of the pool and brush the walls :) FYI does not do the steps but I only have 3 no biggie at all. I highly recommend!!

5 stars
Works great

TJHokie -

Bought this after using a creepy crawly for years, always had to jump in and use hose to suck up the stuff left behind. This cleaner works great, we have trees over the pool and they constantly drop leaves and dirt into pool. After running this cleaner, pool is cleaner than ever, never a bit of dirt left in the pool. Note that is also filters the water when running, so my filter does not have to be cleaned as much. Cleaning the Dolphin filters is a few minutes with a hose, not a problem at all. Pool water is crystal clear, and I absolutely would buy this again. Have never had clearer water or cleaner pool.

5 stars
Amazing Pool Cleaner

Autumn -

This is an amazing little robot. We purchased the Dolphin Premier in early October to replace a Polaris pool cleaner powered by attaching to our pool filter equipment. As first-time pool owners effective May 2020, we have had several missteps in pool ownership, but this buy is not one of them. Pros: The oversized leaf bag is magic and is our go-to. It seems to pick up EVERYTHING from big items to the smallest of particles. We live in a mature neighborhood. Our yard, along with neighbors on each side have several large trees that all seemed to drop their leaves into our pool. The dolphin worked like a dream handling the seemingly never-ending dumping of leaves into the pool. We have 4 swimming dogs that are constantly tracking dirt and depositing their copious amounts of hair in the pool. The Dolphin has no issues picking up the hair and fine dirt. Only warning for those with dogs, or any two-legged family members that shed their hair, is to make sure you regularly check the impeller on the motor for hair wrapped around it. If you see any debris/hair, you can remove the impeller cover and easily clear the impeller. This will keep your motor safe from burning out. Our pool pump stopped working early January, and we are saving up to get a new variable speed pump. Over the past 2.5 months, the Dolphin has done a great job maintaining the pool better than I hoped, even without the pool pump being able to circulate normally. Our pool is in dire need of resurfacing, as the existing white plaster is original from when the pool was built 30 years ago. This has resulted in the plaster sloughing off into the water. Prior to the Dolphin, we were finding a lot of plaster deposits being mucked up in the DE Filter. The Dolphin seems adept at picking up the plaster, and we saw very little getting into the filter prior to the pump dying. Cons/Open Questions: We did not receive a remote control with our Dolphin Premier, so if that was standard, it was a miss in our shipment. We aren't big fans of the "cartridge" filter options. This seems to pick up less than a quarter the amount of debris than the oversized leaf bag when run over the same 3 hour time period. The Dolphin seems to get overheated more regularly these days. I am not sure if its because we have been highly dependent on it, but the specs do advise that it can be run daily, thus I would imagine it shouldn’t be getting overheated like it is. I would recommend spending extra money for a Dolphin with Bluetooth control for starting it, alerts, and a way to monitor/diagnose issues.

4 stars
Romote missing

Lori Myers -

Item works great but remote is missing

4 stars
Great cleaner

Kindle Customer -

This is the best vacuum I've ever owned and I've owned a wide variety. It is like having a vacuum with a really long hose hooked into it's own power source. It does not use your pool equipment. I suggest getting the caddy to store it on. I did not order it at first but have changed my mind as it is quite large and has a very long hose. I believe the caddy is essential for convenience since it is so heavy...especially when full of water. I would definitely not pay for the upgraded wi-fi version. It is a known problem that it does not work. I didn't know that. It is extremely heavy when pulling out of the water to clean the filter which is recommended after every vacuum. It did pick up more sand/dirt and other tree blooming junk in 1 hour than my Pentair Racer picks up in a week. So I think with all it's downfalls it is still a winner to me.

5 stars
Amazing lil machine

Ameet Bakshi -

We opened a pool almost a month back but it needed lot of cleaning as we didn’t open for three years and this machine was a game changer.. we had it run two times a day and it caught so much stuff that we couldn’t believe!! It’s worth every penny !!! Only coz I can think of is that it doesn’t go in systematic way like roborock or rumba .. it just goes wherever it feels like .. mostly in deeper end for us… and there is no remote control so if you want to clean something in one particular area you can’t tell it.. unless. You maneuver it manually with pipe..

5 stars

Elizabeth Figueroa -

Love it. Our pool is so clean and I just have to wash out the filters

4 stars
Stays in deep end, doesn't clean liner above surface.

Trellistar -

Still works after 5 years. Remote control is hard to use. Cleans deep end very well but misses shallow end. Appears to wander around aimlessly and I do not think it does any mapping. Eventually it will clean all but along the wall on the shallow end. Seems overpriced for the job it does.

5 stars
Definitely impressed

Sam -

I was struggling with opening my pool this year and getting it crisp and clear. This which we now call "wade" is game changer and I don't have to use as many chemicals. So I would buy again. That being said the bag is annoying so I would just use the basket.

5 stars
We are impressed

Janet Prendergast -

We've had out pool since 1987 and have used an Aquabot since then. Over the years we've had maybe 4 Aquabots. Each one eventually conks out after a few years and the repair cost is usually as much as the Aquabot itself as it's was always the motor(s) that stopped working. This time we decided to buy a Dolphin. They are around the same price as the Aquabot. It arrived yesterday and we opened the box and plugged it in and threw it in the pool. We had a lot of debris in the deep end and just some sand/dirt in the shallow end. We always start with the cleaner in the shallow end and usually the Aquabot would not stay that long in the shallow end, due to the shape of the pool. It would climb the wall and coming down it would "feel" the slope and just go down into he deep end. It would clean really well and eventually it would come back to the shallow end but for I have to assume it's the shape on the pool that prevents it from really doing a good job in the shallow end. Well the Dolphin climbed the wall immediately and then when it went back down it stopped and seemed to change direction and wet up the opposite wall and continued to do this, somehow avoiding the edge where the slope begins, It missed one spot in the shallow end by the time it was done - but its the same spot the Aquabot always missed. I did notice that the Dolphin moves very fast compared to the Dolphin and I was afraid it was too fast and would not be picking up the dirt. It also seemed "confused" when it got near the bottom of the slope and wouldn't climb back up but stopped and reversed itself and turned slightly to climb the walls, staying in the deep end. We allowed it to do it's work and didn't look to see what was going on until about the 2 hour mark. The pool was spotless - except for the spot in the shallow end that the Aquabot never got either. So all in all we are impressed with the performance. Not the test will be to see how long it lasts and if the parts are as expensive as the Aquabot. I will revise this if anything changes.

4 stars
Works Very Well, but is expensive and not as good as advertised, but very good.

Vince G -

I have a big pool that is surrounded by lots of trees. 19x38, 8.5 ft deep, about 35kgallons. The Dolphin Premier is very good but it's not as good as they make out in the advertisement. It doesn't really clean steps. It tries but is too big and falls off. I had to broom them and push the debris off them. It doesn't really scrub the tile. It makes a half-hearted attempt at cleaning a few tiles, but is erratic and inconsistent and backs off before it really does anything. It barely cleans the walls for the same reasons. I bought the Premier because of the large leaf bag, which is bigger than my old Polaris, and the Dolphin is much cheaper to operate than the Polaris. What this machine really does well is pick up all the dirt, and white powder, and leaves on the bottom of the pool. It also does really well using the fine filter and filtering the pool water and picking up all the fine material on the bottom of the pool that the Polaris could never get. The three filters(bag, coarse and fine) works really well for my leaf innodated pool. I had a great deal of dirt and leaves on the bottom of the pool after the rains and after running TEN, 3-hour cycles, it's really cleaned the pool. The only real complaint I have is the "Bag Full" light. Once it lights up red, unless you reset the box after you've cleaned the bag, while the machine is operating the next time the light comes on, it will continue to light up even though the bag is empty. Some people are complaining that the bag full light will shut down the machine, which has not been my experience. Because it was new and I was trying to see how well it performed I let it pick up all the leaves by itself. It took 10-three hour cycles. In the future, if I have heavy leaf concentration in the pool, I think it will be more efficient to vacuum the pool first and get most of the leaves then let the Dolphin do its job cleaning up the dirt and smaller stuff. Overall I like the Dolphin, but don't go overboard on expectations. My Polaris last for 20 years, though I had to rebuild it a few times. My biggest concern is how long will the Dolphin last? I don't want to spend another $1200 anytime soon.

5 stars
very versatile

Elvis -

No need to spend time brushing pool walls and bottom. Best investment.

3 stars
Problems with steps in the water

JerryL -

It does a OK job with cleaning. I’d imagine if you have a pool with no stairs/steps, it probably can be a good fit. Unfortunately, there are some in-water steps in my pool, this robot ends up belly up or sideways 50% of the time, not being able to learn from previous failures is its biggest shortcomings.

5 stars
Great, if you set it correctly.

YeahWright -

I originally did not have the filter plate on the bottom secured correctly, so the robot would only leave tracks instead of a clean path. Once I corrected the issue, the robot does a great job of cleaning the pool.

5 stars

Misty Nordale -

After 8 years with an earlier version of the same product, this upgrade is an amazing tool. The last robot would "try" to climb the walls, but never really did that great, so we were satisfied with just sweeping up the floor. With the added buoyancy, this machine will not only brush walls, it will scrub its way along the tile at the water line. I have not used the connectivity feature, don't know if I ever will. I just open the cover and dump it in, a few hours later it's done, and the pool looks great. Exactly the same filter and housing as earlier models.

5 stars
Buy this Dolphin

Michael Burke -

This pool vacuum works fantastic. Made the gunnite surface comfortable to the feet, like the Polaris could never do. Easy to clean, well worth the expense, you will not regret this purchase. Should you need parts or service for it, the Leslie’s store can handle it. Thumbs up for this one.

3 stars
Some Spots Are Not Cleaned

Tartinho -

My swimming Pool has 3 ft on the shallow side and 8 ft on the deepest side ; the robot will clean 95% of the time the deepest side and only 5% the shallow side leaving unclean spots. Also, it does not clean the intersection between walls and bottom so I have to brush those places; what is the point of having a robot if I still have to brush some areas of the pool?

4 stars
Overall... Works Well

Joseph Brennan -

It says it cleans steps but it doesn't. It tries to go on a step or seat occasionally, but it falls off before getting flat on it.

5 stars
Worth every penny.

Karnalvor -

Had battery pool vacuum previously. This crushes that. Love it, actually have no sediment in my pool. We run it for hours at a time and my pool has never been cleaner.

3 stars
It broke within the first hour of arrival!

Sarah -

It arrived today, we set it in the pool, it ran for about 20 minutes, we went to check on it and the handle fell apart. It did work very well until then. We are sending it back and purchasing the same model hoping that it was just a quality control issue. We hope the replacement works for years with no issues. Lot of money!

4 stars
pool cleaning made easy

Donald H Wallace -

robot works great doesn't have any idea where to go but goes until full or timed out, cleaning is simple

5 stars
Watch out for Remote Not Included...

sleadham -

Good product but they were in my view a bit shady in how they highlight the remote, say its optional but give no option so easy to assume (yep that word) it came with it as I did, I also thought for the price bluetooth or wifi but neither... so if you want a pushbutton set and forget with a remote youll need to get elsewhere ok.. this is perfect.. personally I missing my sigma model but it was gone just as warranty went... but again so far so good with the bread and butter function of cleaning the pool...

5 stars
Works great!

Dewey -

A little annoying with only a 6’ cord to the power supply. However, the 60’ cord is more than enough to cover the pool. I also think for the price, the remote should come with unit. Overall I would rate this at a 4.7 out of 5.

3 stars
Need Warranty Help

Lindsay Burnett -

Purchased this unit on 4/15/22 Works as described and were happy with the unit. One week ago (8-14-22) it quit working will not turn on at all. We have tried calling, emailing and contacting the manufacturer with no success. Would like to know how to reach them to service the unit. If they do not respond to service their equipment, It is worthless and I would stay away from it!!!

5 stars
OMG why I didn’t bought this early

Milan Gupta -

I was paying 100s of $$s in the name of professional pool cleaning service and they never made my pool this shiny what this one did after the very first use, amazing. The pool was not too dirty however it lost its sparkle over the period of time, that clear blue surface. What Dolphin Premier did was amazing starting day one. Big fan, will keep working with it and hope it will keep the good work as it ages 👍🏼

5 stars
Keeps our pool very clean!

Amazon Customer -

Before buying this vacuum, we could not keep our pool clean, even when vacuuming every day. Now the water is clean and clearer than ever. We only run in every 3-4 days. Wish we had bought it years ago- it is worth every penny!

5 stars
Cleaner moves quick to cover a lot of your pool well.

Chris Kramer -

Cleaner travels pretty decent in the water and scrubs the tile top of our walls of our Pebble Tech Pool. Pool was much cleaner than our Polaris pool cleaner !

5 stars
Great Performance

Marisela -

Cleans like no other vacuum. Reliable and sturdy. Climbs walls and scrubs even the tiles up high. Easy to maintain. It didn’t bring a remote control. I contacted the seller but he said it’s to be purchased separately. I told him I wanted to purchase it but I didn’t see it was for sale separately. He never replied back. So now I don’t have a remote control and the seller is not to be found.

1 star
Very inefficient machine

Shaun -

Let me start off by saying this is my first robotic pool cleaner, my expectations may have been too high. I expected this machine to clean with a pattern or some type of efficiency to guarantee every inch of the pool is covered and cleaned, but this is not the case. Here are some of my issues with the device. #1. The device advertises using a laser mapping system to clean the pool, but as it turns out this does absolutely nothing to help clean the pool. The robot basically wanders aimlessly in random directions, sometimes without making one complete pass, then stopping, turning, and deciding to climb the wall, then backing down and taking off in another direction leaving dirt and debris behind. I usually need to run 3 full cycles in a day before I can tell the pool has been cleaned. That's nearly 9 hours of cleaning to get the pool clean. That seems to be beyond wasteful on both time and electricity. #2. Unit easily gets stuck on the drains in our deep end. You can't just walk away and expect it will be spotless. The device will require you check up on it while it clears to make sure it gets pulled off the drain when it becomes high-centered. #3. Device does not clean stairs, you will still have to manually do that yourself. #4. Device will flash that it is full and needs to be cleaned, but yet has almost nothing inside of the leaf collection bag. I have never had a complete cycle where I didn't have to reset the light so the device would actually clean the pool and not be tricked into thinking it needed to be cleaned. #5. The Warranty sucks!!! Nowhere on this page did I see any mention of having to pay the shipping to have my unit serviced. Well, I found out after my unit broke after only 4 months and is requiring I mail it to their official service department. I just paid $112 to mail this device back to Maytronics to their specifications. 4 MONTHS OLD....Now I have to pay another $112 for a unit that they should be paying out of THEIR pocket to have shipped to them to repair. Apparently stating "we pay for parts and labor and to ship it back to you" is enough. I spent $1,300 on this unit already. Warranty or not, it is not a fair tradeoff to make your customers pay $112 to mail this unit to you to fix YOUR defective devices. I have a feeling this will not be my only Warranty claim considering it didn't even make it 4 months. Good luck on your decision if you do purchase this device. Does it have positives? Yes, it is nice to have a pool cleaner that eventually after a day or so, will have the pool clean. Is it nice to press a button and let it do the work itself? Absolutely, but there is much more to it than just pressing a button to keep it cleaning the pool. Overall in my opinion this device gets an "F" on quality and dependability and about a "D" on cleaning efficiency. I can say I am very disappointed in this product.

5 stars
It will last for years if taken care of properly.

donna s. -

Pretty good section power. I still had to brush the corners and bottom awesome. I guess it’s easy to clean but I really hate cleaning it, lol. I did not order the remote control. It is a little pricey but it is worth the money if you take care of it for years.

4 stars
Works exactly like it should!

Barbara Tallent -

When working, this is a great product. When I received my Dolphin it ran twice and quit. I returned it and within days received it back and so far it has worked perfectly! The people that I was in contact with were very helpful and courteous.

4 stars
Pretty good at cleaning but alot of quirks for price...........

cindy krum -

We purchased the Dolphin Premier after reading mostly positive reviews and its #1 rating here. We have a busy schedule and don't have the luxury of time to manually go around pool with traditional vacuum to get dirt out every day. We have alot of trees so the pool upkeep is constant. Pool construction is just about done but we've used the cleaner probably around 20 times already as landscaping around the inground pool (plus the constant high winds we've had lately) keep the pool dirty thus requiring the use of the robot. I've only used the big bag and the medium filters so far for cleaning. I think the big bag is mostly for leaf pickup but I've been using it to clean up sunken sticks and leaves, plus some ground that sank to bottom. And for some reason, whenever it rains worms just love to crawl in there and sink. The robot gets all this stuff very nicely. Cleaning the bag is a pain though. No easy way. I don't have time to wash it in machine after every use. So I let the bag in unit for maybe 5 runs, then unhook it and rinse it off with hose to get junk out. The bag can hold ALOT more debris (obviously) than the pleated filters. I find myself washing them with hose after almost every time which is the reason I stop using them for the time being. I was always also getting the "clogged" light with those cuz the pool has been dirty as mentioned above. I think those are mainly for a pretty clean pool. Until the pool is done being landscaped, I'll stick with the big bag made of canvas. Now my beefs: 1. Instructions are terrible (VERY VERY vague on the operation of the robot). 2. The push/pull knobs on the handle have NO MENTION whatsoever for the tricks needed to make it climb the walls bettter (had to resort to a guy on youtube to find out whatever these even did) 3. Doesn't climb the walls (could be cuz of some dirt but our water chemistry is good so don't know). Have to assume its because the floats on handle are not set properly. The brushes are new so it cannot be those as mentioned in the manual. 4. The unit only seems to run a process for about an hour and this cannot be adjusted to my knowledge for say 2 or 3 hours at a time. The buttons on power pack are only for how many times a week but who actually uses the robot like that? I pull mine out after every run or two to wash it out after disconnecting the power which resets everything anyways. 5. We also bought the remote which is pretty useless. No instructions except a few words on basics. The manual movement works but is very painfully slow to move the robot around. As for the quick cycle which will tell the robot to NOT try and move up the walls, DOES NOT WORK. Tried everything and cannot get those two functions on the remote to change anything. Still runs an hours and always TRIES to go up the walls but cannot. 6. Lastly we have a steel liner pool which has the hopper design. The robot constantly gets stuck straddling those hopper lines where is doesn't have a flat surface to run on. It will try to climb up when it knows it can't. It will be stuck there trying for maybe a few minutes before giving up and backing by down.

2 stars
Could be a lot better

Integrity -

I did a lot of research before purchasing Dolphin Premier. I have to admit that so many positive reviews with such a high scores did have a huge impact on my buying decision. I used it for about 2 weeks before returning the robot. During this period I observed something good and something that has room to improve. To be fair, Premier has powerful dual scrbbing brushes, three different kinds filters, and is capable to allow users to schedule the jobs, these are something I really liked and enjoyed. Here are the areas I thought they could improve: 1. So called CleverClean do not always deliver a smart clean result. I see it repeatedly cleans the same spot and leaves a dirty area untouched. The algorithm could be enhanced; 2. It climbs the wall only one out of nine times when it reaches the wall. The other eight time it just stays at the floor and drive back to the other direction. I called the customer service rep, who told me that Premier only climbed the wall once in every 4 to 6 minutes (to save the energy?). And the rep said the robot was supposed to clean the floor and the water line only, not the wall. I really think they should revisit their design to think more on how to make the robot clean the wall better, less on how to save the energy; 3. Moreover, Premier can only climb wall in one direction although it can drive back and forth (in two directions), making one side of the pool wall not cleaned. The rep told me that this was their design, and if I wanted, I could drop the robot in different place each time when start the cleaning. I would not think it's hard to make the robot climb walls in both directions. Something else I'd like to have is to make it wifi enabled, like their competitor's Polaris VRX IQ+ does.

4 stars
Pool boy

Jaykalish -

Read machine from a pool but there’s no climb walls or stairs

5 stars
Easy and very efficient.

jeff -

Took the plunge and spent the money. Very happy with this purchase. Have been using it for about 1 1/2 months in a rural area with wind and leaves. This unit covers every inch of my pool and leaves nothing behind. Climbs the walls and cleans the tiles as advertised. Put it in once a week and let it do it’s thing. Since I have eliminated the old pool sweep I believe my filter is circulating the water much better and was able to reduce rpm’s of pump. My opinion is that if you can afford it, get it.

5 stars
Worth every dollar

Amazon Customer -

Clean my pool like a professional, filters are easy to change and clean.

5 stars
Great machine

michael stolpinski -

Works great - easy to use - my 3 rd one

3 stars
customer service sucks

beatanova -

I'm nearing the end of the warranty period and the robot is malfunctioning. If you try calling the number on their website it goes to some very weird recorded message about a medical alert device. You can't contact Maytronics by phone. Submitting a request online is hit and miss. They were supposed to send me replacement parts and there's always a problem. Two foam rings instead of 4. Four gear wheels instead of 2. No guide wheels. It's exasperating trying to get it right. And when they ship stuff, its usps, so it takes like 10 days to arrive, so you end up buying on Amazon with Prime delivery. Now I'm trying to get a repair ticket created. Keep in mind, you pay to have it shipped to PA and who knows how long the repair is going to take. So I ended up buying a Polaris as backup. At least with Polaris, you can take it apart yourself and replace any part that wears out.

5 stars
Complaint free

Efr -

I do not have one bad thing to say about this cleaner. We had one with a pool from a previous house we owned, and just got a new house, and this was the first thing we purchased for the pool. I would not own a pool without one. It saves you quite a bit of money in that the DC motor uses little electricity vs. the power required to run your 'suction side' cleaner, plus, you don't have the noise of your pool pump running when this is doing its thing. I run it for 3 hours at a time, and about 3 days a week. Filters are easy to clean. Saves money, saves noise pollution, saves wear and tear on your pool motors, does a great job....how can you go wrong!

4 stars
A Honest Review

Nathaniel Plenty -

When I purchased this product I thought all my cleaning nightmares were over. Well yes & no. If you have a extremely dirty pool or an algae infestation this product will do little to help. However, once you vacuum your pool get rid of all issues and get your pool to a pristine state, this pool cleaner has value. It does a great job of maintaining a clean pool if you use it 3 to 4 times a week. In my opinion, the only filter that's provided that does a great job of holding sediment and debris is the bag filter. The other filters allow sediment to pass right through them. Cleaning sediment was the main reason I purchased this pool cleaner. With that being said, if you utilize the bag filter and let the machine clean your pool 3 to 4 times a week vacuuming will become a RARE inconvenience. By the way, my pool is 50x25 and has a vinyl liner. I have had the Dolphin Premier for 1 month and a 1/2 and honestly my pool has never been this clean. I hope this helps!!!

5 stars
So far so good..

Gw -

My last robotic pool cleaner lasted for a little over 11 years and only required minimum periodic maintenance (belt & filter replacements) until the power supply went out last month. That model is no longer in production, so I began looking for a replacement that had some of the same features of the old pool cleaner, which were mainly an oversize leaf bag, waterline cleaning, and an anti-tangle feature for the cord. I've been using the dolphin premier cleaner for a few weeks now and it has performed great with no issues. It does an excellent job of cleaning our pool and I like having the multiple filter options for when we need to remove leaves and other large debris.

4 stars
Cleans great!

wendy davis -

Overall, this product is great. I am very pleased with the suction and the ability the Dolphin has to clean up to the water line. I did purchase this model because it offered the leaf bag. I, obviously, have not tried the other brands or models, but I was expecting a larger capacity. It definitely works well. I just assumed the bag would collect outside the machine and therefore, have the ability to collect more at one cleaning. But, I have a large amount of leaves. The only other less than positive comment is the line has been twisted more than once. The cleaning ability is wonderful and I still would purchase this brand!

5 stars
Fast and easy to operate!

Bubba -

Doesn't have wheels on bottom of filter compartment like Auabot Turbo 4 so it does get caught on the drains. Does have "edging" pieces to scoop dirt out of where the floor meets the wall of the pool. Fast, easy to operate!

5 stars
Did what I wanted

Douglas J Walsh -

Wanted it to clean the bottom, mission accomplished

5 stars
Best Purchase Ever

Renae Crayton -

Takes so much work out if owning a pool. Best purchase I have made for the pool.

1 star
I think I got a lemon.

Jenny -

I don’t know if I got a lemon or not. I opened my pool. Had watered tested. Got everything good. Went to use my old robot and it didn’t work. It is probably 5 years old. So it was time to buy a new one. Ordered the Dolphin premier thinking I was just going to splurge and buy a really good one from what I saw online. Had a Polaris and actually my first one that I had was for an above ground pool that someone gave me and it was the best one I’ve had so far. My Polaris worked so much better than the dolphin. I had some leaves and a decent amount of debris in my pool. The large debris bag picked up some of the leaves. It didn’t get the big leaves. This unit picked up very little debris even with the ultra fine filters. It blew all the debris all through my pool. I bought a product which my pool person and a customer said they use with their robot that makes all the debris settle to the bottom of the pool and they put their robot in and it picks it up. The customer told me he manually vacuums his pool while his robot is doing some of the work too. Used it and it worked like a charm, pool water crystal clear and debris at the bottom. I was going to manually vacuum while the robot worked. But by the time I got my stuff ready debris was off the bottom floating all through my water. I put the robot in and it immediately started throwing debris up through the top and the sides. This was with a clean filter. The indicator light never showed the filter was full. I still cleaned it thoroughly. I tried all 3 filters. The leaf bag worked ok and would have been better if it would have got my whole pool. The other filters barely had any debris in them. And every time the cleaner went in to the top corners of where my shallow end starts when the robot was coming up from the bottom of the pool it got stuck. Once it left my shallow end and into the deep end it couldn’t get back to the shallow end. I am very unhappy. I only had it a week. Ran it for at least 6 hrs a day for a week and my pool is no where near clean. I had my water tested yesterday and everything was perfect. My pool lady told me to shock it at night and pour in the clarifier. Woke to a pool clear except for the bottom and put the robot in and my pool water is dirty throughout now. I normally would have manually vacuumed it out and my pool would be ready to swim in today. But now I have a pool with all the stuff that was at the bottom of my pool all through my water. I really feel like I got a lemon. But even if I got another one I still don’t think it would be able to get up to my shallow end. As far as that goes it worked as well as my above ground pool cleaner that I had to put in to the shallow end cuz it couldn’t get up there. The dolphin did go up my walls but got stuck in my corners every time it went there. I tried to call customer service. Not opened on the weekends. I’m returning this to amazon. Not sure how they will handle it yet. If they send a new one and it works like I’ve seen videos of I will be extremely happy. But the one I have now does not perform even close to that. It’s actually making it worse for me. Now a lot of that debris will be going into my filter that I will have to mess with and have been. What a nightmare. If I could give it negative stars I would. If maytronics or amazon makes it right by returning it or sending a new one that works properly I will be satisfied. I have watched numerous you tube videos to make sure I was working it properly. Got on maytronics. It seems like everything is how it should be. Maybe I’m missing some small step. I don’t know. But so far I’m just frustrated. 😕

5 stars
Dolphie #3

Guy -

This is my third dolphin in 12 years, outstanding product

5 stars

Sf Shook -

This was a reasonably expensive purchase and I was very concerned it would not work as advertised. IT DOES! I've been using it now a couple months and it seems to be doing an excellent job. I have a large 18ftx40ft pool - 3ft shallow to 10ft deep end. I have a professional company clean weekly on Thursday. On Friday, my neighbor's gardener's leaf blower creates a dust & debris storm that look like San Francisco fog laying over my pool. Adding to this frustration, are the daily, dry So-Cal winds which cause my neighbor's trees to dump so many leaves, pollen, dirt, dust, seeds and debris into the pool. But the dolphin gets it all! I run it every day and my pool looks like the cover of 'Clean Pools' magazine. I'm very happy with it.

5 stars

Ann Momper -

This vacuum is a work horse!!! Climbs the walls and even the first step of our pool!!!! The bag is a pain to hose out but it’s big, holds a ton of debris and doesn’t need cleaning very often. Best one we’ve ever had and we’ve had a pool since 1987!

4 stars
Very happy with the dolphin

Ralph1 -

Had a couple of Polaris 360 for almost 20 years. It never covered all of the pool. Broke down all of the time. Constant maintenance. Spent a fortune on parts. Last year, I'd had it with pressure side cleaners and bought the Dolphin. Love this thing! It does make me come out to check on the pool more than I did with the Polaris. But the Dolphin blows me away! In the spring & fall, I may have to run it 2 time a day, but mostly, I run it 2-3 times a week, and the 3 hr run cycle leaves the pool sparkling. I have 2 issues with it I think could be re-engineered. The intake doors need to be a little larger to allow twigs, acorns and such in. They cause the doors to remain open when you pull the Dolphin out of the water allowing debris it's picked up back into the pool. That said, even when the doors aren't blocked, they tend to remain open allowing debris to escape. I've figured out how to lift the Dolphin out minimizing debris escaping, but It's cumbersome. Other than those 2 issues, I think it's great! Highly recommend.

1 star
Save your $ guys (no on climbing pool walls) NOTE - this will NOT work miracles on your pool opening

Steve J. ( O H I O ) -

Pros: Easy to use out of the box Looks cool moving around your pool floor Provides hope for an easy Summer hanging out at the pool instead of working at the pool Return for Refund was simple Cons: 4x in and has yet to hit all areas of my pool Is incapable of climbing my straight up and down (vinyl liner) pool walls. Climbs one step, but can't even get off the pool floor to "climb" If you're OPENING YOUR POOL (READ). This absolutely, positively will NOT collect the fine dead algae that you amass if you opened your pool green, super green or very green like some of us here in the Midwest see. You can literally see the fine algae particles being blown right back out the top of the Cleaner as it scoots across your pool Price is out of this world ridiculous Very short cord on the actual power unit (not a big deal) Need a caddy or you need to store this cleaner upside down. Repackaging for a return is difficult as well Major Con - too many reviews appear to be planted within the Masses SUGGESTING that you can use this to remove dead algae from a GREEN pool, and that is simply not going to happen. You can possibly use this cleaner to help keep your pool clean, but this cleaner will NOT "open your pool with ease" through several cleanings like some (too many) are suggesting. Bottom line, this was $1500 plus tax, and the moment I noticed it couldn't climb my pool walls, it was going back. I then continued to use it for several days, thinking......maybe I return and exchange, possibly getting a poor unit. Watching its progress changed my mind. Returned for refund. Joined Swim University (free), learned about the proper way to open my pool with chlorine, then vacuum to waste...and now simply vacuum the pool and scrub it weekly, then use chlorine. We're all looking for the magic ticket, this isn't it....and is far too expensive a unit to "hope" it works for you. After returning I am now looking at a crystal clear pool, simply using my skimmer floor vacuum and chlorine. You can do this...and I'll add pics and videos POST review from my phone (leaving review from my desktop. The proof is in the pudding, so I hope I can add the pics. Watching the fine particles blow out the top of the filter, with the FINE PARTICLE filter in is all most would need to see. If you're luck it'll climb your walls, it wouldn't on mine (and they are plain Jane, up and down vinyl liner - in ground pool liner walls). So disappointing.

5 stars

Kay D. -

This is the best thing ever for your pool! I use it daily and keeps My pool pristine. It crawls up the wall perfectly and keeps my pool beautiful. Highly recommend!

5 stars

Sam -

It works well but. I compared 3 different ones and this one worked the best.

5 stars
Great pool cleaner


Cleans great and very easy to clean filters after. Dolphin will stop when filters are full. Worth the money

5 stars
Takes alot of the work out of cleaning the pool!

Damazon Prime -

The media could not be loaded. Purchased the Dolphin Premier Robotic June 2017 to replace a 4 year old Pentair Legend that came with our new pool. The Pentair worked on the positive pressure side of the pool and did a great job of vacuuming sand/debris (we have few trees in the area), but I was looking for something that could also climb the walls and do some scrubbing on the water line and kick off some of the algae that builds up overnight down here in the Texas heat. I find myself spending an hour or more (several times a week) brushing the walls (in or out of the pool) to get it clean. Im done with that! Our pool is a free-form with PebbleTec base 36’x16’ from 3’to 7.5’ deep with some built-in step outs, sun shelf, tile and rock edges. Unpacking and setup was easy. The inner box was lined in a plastic bag, looks like everything made the trip fine. Setting up was easy with the quick start guide. The only thing that is unclear on setup is how to adjust the floats on the handle, but after downloading the manual on the Dolphin website tell you to extend the floats if your unit is using brushes on both ends. The floats (when extended) help the unit get to the water line with zero problems. Simply plug the Power/Control unit to the cable (already attached to the Robot), lower the Robot in the pool, plug the controller in to your GFI protected plug, and hit the power switch and its on its way! You can keep the unit in the pool and set cleaning intervals with the Power/Control Unit for full cleaning cycles on a 7, 3 or 2 day interval. I cannot comment on the remote control (not included), but my understanding is the controls and cleaning patterns are more detailed and specific. My Pentair ran for 2 hours before I unboxed this unit, and after 3 hours of running the Dolphin Premier, it managed to pick up quite a bit of extra algae and sand the Pentair (suction only) did not get. Im confident that the Dolphin Premier will “learn” its routine over time and improve coverages and results. I took a quick video of the unit climbing the wall and “walking” the water line to give you an idea of how it works. Usually it runs along the waterline a few feet before going back down into the water, across the pool and back up the other side.

2 stars
Not impressed so far.

Dan -

Pool was just installed. Ian came through SC but it wasn't bad. Few leaves in the pool etc. Put the Dolphin Premier in right out of the box to get the leaves. It got 70% or them. Ran right over them and left them. after about 2.5 hours it stops. It's full, ok that's cool. I take out the bag and replace it with the fine filters. Put it back in and after yet another 3 hours the floor is just mostly clean. The biggest thing is, it wants to climb and clean the walls, but it can't. After watching all the videos of it cleaning the walls and water line, I knew I wanted a Dolphin. Made a mistake, I guess. An expensive mistake.

5 stars
Great product only a few warts!

Young Guy -

Dolphin Premier is the top of the line residential pool cleaner. This my 3rd one. Hawaii pool, unit runs every day, sits in a 50 foot salt pool continuously. The pool is covered, so mostly fine dirt, bugs, small leaves when open, and floor petals-the hardest to pick up. Each unit has lasted about 40-42 months, and like clock work —loses it’s mind. Between worn climbing rings, worn tracks, and worn rollers—this appears to be the service life for full time use. Two options remain-move up to commercial grade, or continue to replace every three+ years and build up a spare parts inventory! Replacement of maintenance-wear products is straight forward but seems not to be failure point. Read reviews-motor bad, water in cable attachment, pier supply, etc are the take out of service issues. I like the way it works when it is new/working. I wish—1. It had a programmable cycle longer than a week (as if one only takes one week vacations) 2. That it could be an option to have a longer cord. 3. That there was an easy to order set of wear items that could be quickly ordered from Amazon, to include filters, filter holder (the catches break-one on my new one arrived broken yesterday—but I had spares), a 4. I know their saving money but for goodness sakes the new came with no manual—fully and quickly available via the internet. Yes, I will continue to buy them as it is the most powerful pool cleaner that can climb and scrub walls 365 days a year here in Hawaii.

4 stars
Cleans well, with a couple of shortcomings.

Lee -

I’ve had this for 2 seasons now. This cleans well, but here are my top complaints. You can set it to repeat, but not the timer it repeats. It’s going to repeat at whatever time you turned it on. This is annoying, and here is why. I like the robot to clean early in the morning so I can swim when I wake up. The bag fills every few days and you have to reset the timer. So if I wake up to a full cleaner bag then it’s now going to start repeating at this time of the morning. Secondly, it won’t cleans the large Baja shelf of my pool as it needs a fairly deep minimum of water to operate. Thirdly, it’s sun burnt severely after just two seasons. Finally. It’s sometimes a little finicky to turn on. It illuminates the cycle button but doesn’t actually move. I have to turn it off and on again to operate, sometimes several times. However it dies a good job of cleaning otherwise.

5 stars
Works fantastic to clean pool and easy to use

lil debi -

We love how easy it is to use. Has various filters that perform different job functions. Love that filters are reusable. Recommend adding cart so it is easy to move around.

5 stars
Great machine !

Amazon Customer -

Fast delivery and easy set up. I have a large pool but the dolphin pool cleaner works fast and efficiently. This machine works much better than my old tiger shark. John h. Howell nj

5 stars
We wish we had purchased this years ago.

GMac -

Wow. It does a great job and the pool looks cleaner than when we hand vacuum it.... even coming out of the water to clean the tiles.

4 stars
Great Machine When You Finally Get It Setup

Joel W. -

Arrived with a defective control unit, but a call to customer service got me a new one Fedex. Another call to customer service to learn how to reset the the serial number for the new unit. Once that was done, it has been working flawlessly. I like the robot and especially the filters (very effective at removing small particles). Robot is not light (40 lbs.) and pretty heavy coming out of the water. A small person would have trouble lifting it. As for the wifi, I cannot imagine why a person would need to operate the robot over the internet. Once setup, the robot does not need wifi to work; just turn it on. I bought it for the third brush which seems to work really well. Overall I am very satisfied with performance and service.

5 stars
Take a break from vacuuming!

VK -

Bought this for my husband who is meticulous about pool maintenance after my daughter said her friend had a Dolphin and loved it. Well, now so do we! It should pay for itself after one summer as pool company charges bet $85-$95 to vacuum each week. My husband actually does the vacuuming and pool summer maintenance himself but it's getting harder as we get older. The Dolphin cleans better than anyone could. Plug it in, drop it in the pool and watch it climb the walls and scour the bottom. The only spots it can't access are the steps but big deal. The cycle is around 2.5-3 hours so you need to time it before people get into the water. It's a breeze to clean filter bag- that is all we are using for now though it comes with several rectangular filters (like HEPA ones in vacuums) for medium and small particles. The bag collects leaves and other debris from pool- no particles left anywhere! Have had this for around 3 weeks and we use it every 2-3 days just because it is so cool. Checked online- it only uses 15 cents of electricity for each full cycle. Amazing!

5 stars
Had this a year.. works fantastic

Bri -

This does a fantastic job on our pool. Love it. I have to manually clean the very top step, but besides that it takes care of the rest.

5 stars
This has a remote?

Kristysa -

I didn’t get a remote. Tip: you can’t turn it on until it’s in the pool. Damn this thing is cool. Even climbs up my stairs. I love it. Cleans whole pool in 2 hours.

5 stars
Very good cleaner

Krista -

Update- rating increased to 5-star, this robot might not get every nook and cranny but it climbs the walls, scrubs the barstools, steps and even managed to handle the spa. Anything that ends up on the bottom of the pool is gone by the end of its cycle. As long as used regularly the walls stay clean. The large leaf bag actually works better than the filters to collece fine debris. Kept having a fine powder show up on our pool (time to replace our pool filter) and the robot gets rid of it with the large leaf bag installed. Its not super easy to clean the large cloth leaf bag but its not difficult either. Very happy with our “Murr-Maid” 😂👌🏼. This is my very first go at pool ownership, we had a San juan Fiberglass pool installed in January of 2018 and therefore my first robotic cleaner but this cleaner seems to do a good job. My pool has been struggling lately with algae growth after repeat rains so the cleaner had very obvious areas I wanted to see if it would clean. On the bottom of the pool this thing is flawless, doesn’t miss a morsel. On the sides of the pool it touches maybe 30% of the walls before it’s cleaning cycle ends. The walls do get cleaned but not like I was hoping, but perhaps my expectations are not realistic. I think as time goes on and the robot has time in the pool every day to clean the walls will eventually be problem free without much extra brushing from me. For now the bot and I work together and the pool looks great! I would caution however that the packaged insert instructions on switching the bot to the large debris bag system says to remove the filter screen when attaching the bag - DONT - it caused the bag to get sucked into the propeller blade and the unit stopped running (thankfully with no damage done). I put the filter screen back on and then attached the large bag filter and it works like a champ again. Time will tell how it holds up (was a refurbished unit) and I’ll update if it has issues....the dogs are undecided😂

3 stars
Could do a better job

Guy Perrone -

It works ok but I think it could be better at navigating the pool because it misses a lot of spots. In addition the power supply only turns on and runs the robot. All the lights are illuminated when plugged in and you are not able to select any of the options. I called customer service and the suggest sending it back or sending it to their service center. I will probably wait until the end of the season to send it back for service.

5 stars
Love this cleaner only one that really works.

dave l owens -

Absolutely love this pool sweeper. Was not able to purchase in any store had to be ordered on line only. Hope yous never discontinue it's the only one I,ve tried that really works.

5 stars
Better than expected!

Jamel Giuma -

This robot is worth every penny. Keeps our pool super clean and is easy to use, and completes the job very quickly. So glad we made the investment!!

5 stars
Great cleaner -- if you use the cartridge rather than the bag

PT -

I've owned this cleaner since 2017, and I've got to say it has been delightful. I originally used the oversized leaf bag, and it worked for a brief amount of time before giving me one problem after another. I was about to ditch it within the 1st year, but I found the box and realized I had forgotten about the cartridges. I inserted the micro cartridge, and it was a night and day difference! It has been absolutely phenomenal for the past 3 years. I've used it 2-3x/week in my pool, and it's been cleaning like a champ season after season. Just make sure you take the cartridges out and rinse it after every run, and you'll be guaranteed a nice clean pool each time. Remember when you have lots of leaves in the fall, try to scoop some of them to help out the robot!

5 stars
Fantastic Product!

Selva Mudaliar -

I am completely happy with this product. I have a lagoon shaped pool. It has 5 benches built on every side. I had designed one of the benches to go around a bar table in the pool. Wonderful design but an absolute pain to clean and brush. The lush tropical vegetation around the pool constantly dumped leaves. My old Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend served me well but was absolutely useless. It would wrap itself around the bar table stand and do nothing. I'd have to monitor it manually and untangle it. High levels of frustration caused me to stop using it and brush and vacuum once a week. Over 8 years the pool was dull, always high on phosphates and was always only slightly away from a full algae bloom. The diamond brite crystals were all but covered and the pool was a permanent blue green. I recently wet acid washed the pool and got the diamond brite crystals to sparkle again. After researching many robots, I settled for the Dolphin Premier. Thanks to a very detailed review on YouTube. The unit comes with paper filters, regular filters and a bag for large debris. Very pleased that I don't have to buy all the accessories separately. I bought the caddy and the remote separately. It was worth it. Small glitch in shipping, The mounting clip for the remote unit was missing. I called customer services at Dolphin and they are shipping me one. I was amazed by the units performance. It picked up all the debris that constantly lay in my pool - included 4"-6" sized banana leaf shreds, country oak seeds and twigs, leaves and fine dust. I used the paper filter first because I didn't want the dust to mess up the leaf bag. The unit sucked up all the crud efficiently. I had to stop and clean the unit a few times - 10 minutes tops but within a few hours, my pool was gleaming! I was ecstatic when the unit ran into my bar table stand, stopped, turned back, turned around and didn't get wrapped! I'm told that the Dolphin Premier "learns" about your pool. I'm now into two days of operation - not enough time to review this feature but will update soon.

5 stars
Love this thing

R Dash -

Works amazingly well! I can run it and clean the bag and run it again and there’s a little more dirt in the bag. That’s a good thing because I don’t expect it to get 100% on the first run. Running it twice means it’s covering more ground, or different ground. It really works amazingly well. Climbs right up the walls too. Crazy.

5 stars
Pricey but worth the investment

Review Name -

The media could not be loaded. I have been very pleased with this purchase and I hope it lasts for years to come. The unit could not be easier to use and clean. Simply drop in and walk away. It came with several different filter options (1) a large collection bag for large debris, (2) a mesh filter and (3) a corrugated extra fine filter. The default setting will have it run for 3 hours and when finished you simply pop the filter out from the bottom of the unit and hose it off. It takes far less set up and clean up time compared to when I used the traditional suction filtering (prime hose, attach to skimmer, use long extension pole, clean pump skimmer at end, etc.) and is far superior compared to the pressure driven robot unit (connects to cleaner jet wall return) that was previously used. In the attached video you can see the unit has no problem climbing the walls and scrubbing the water line. My time spent on the maintenance of the pool has been drastically cut down because of this vacuum.

3 stars
Cheap Stainless steel used

Don Clare -

I purchased on May 24, 2021. I pulled it out this morning to get my pool open and found all of the stainless steel screws discolored, meaning cheap / low grade stainless was used. I’m in Jersey meaning this equipment is used for max 4-months. My prior Dolphin lasted me seven years and cost me $700. I have a funny feeling this one’s going to last me three years and cost over $1,200.

5 stars
Amazing robot and excellent customer service from Terra

Atlas -

This is a great pool robot. Easy to use and gets the job done. The only thing I dislike is that the filters are removed from the bottom of the robot. Most Dolphin robots now have top loading filters. However, this one comes with three filter types depending on what you need and whether you have lots of leaves and debris to clean, lots of sediment and sand, or even finer particles. This robot doesn’t come with a remote, but you really don’t need one. The cycle is 3 hours and is sufficient to clean whatever you need. I highly recommend getting the caddy. Makes life so much easier if you are going to take the robot in and out of the pool for a time. The seller Terra is wonderful. With this being my first robot, they answered so many questions and most of the time within minutes of my emailing them. They helped me choose the right one for my needs and walked me through how to set it up and get the mist out of it. Customer service is outstanding A+

5 stars
Amazing purchase! Worth every penny!

Eduardo G Alcivar -

The media could not be loaded. This was a fathers’ day gift for my husband. It works great! My pool has never been cleaner

5 stars
Best cleaner ever

Rob Wilson -

Bought it in March 2016. Was the 4th pool cleaner that I used. The other 3 cleaners (2 pump powered, 1 robotic) would always get stuck somewhere in my irregular shaped pool. The Dolphin took over right out of the box. Put it into the water and it took off. It climbs the walls, cleans up to the water line and cleans sitting areas. Does not clean ladder step well but I don't know what would. My pool is surrounded by oak trees with leaves falling in the pool year round. The cleaner does a great job of cleaning up all the leaves and other residue that hits the bottom. Been finding steel ball bearings in the cleaner screens lately. Thought the kids might have been shooting bbs into the water but now thinking that a bearing is failing in the cleaner. Have not noticed a problem with the movement or water flow from the cleaner but am monitoring the situation. Absolutely no info on any of the core parts in the owner's manual. The cleaner is very heavy when removing it from the water and I doubt that people with weak upper body strength can hoist it out to clean the filters. But this thing has worked perfectly for almost 3 years now. And the present price is $140 less that what I paid for this one. UPDATE:6 guide and drive bearings failed and were replaced at 36 months. Cleaner worked well but it has now failed at the 4 year mark. The cleaner moves a few feet and stops. Nothing is blocking a drive component and I replaced the brush rollers since those bearings had failed also, Bought another Premiere and will be using the old cleaner for spare parts. I'm happy with 4 good years of use out of it.

5 stars
Need one of these for years!

Tina Campbell -

Cleans walls and waterline but not steps.

5 stars
Awesome Pool Cleaner

MikeG -

So far so good. Loving this machine. I highly recommend buying this !

4 stars
Buy it

Paul Garvey -

Great product. Does a great job. Climbs my pebbletec walls without issue. Easy to clean but as other reviews have mentioned be prepared for splash back during the process. 2 considerations - 1) it is heavy to pull out of the water until it drains and 2) it would be nice to have a pause button. On #2, the cleaning cycle is about 3 hours and unless you're very observant while swimming, you don't want to be in the pool while it's working. It's aggressive and fast. Having a pause button for a swim during cleaning would help without resetting the 3 hour timer. Besides that, I'd do it again.

2 stars
After four weeks and two new units: how this product fails miserably

SR -

Built a new pool and was excited about the Dolphin Premier after doing a lot of research (note: you can never do too much research). Product looks cool, and as a vacuum, I think works fine. However, one very key element is that it will shut down after ten minutes to a half hour, as it thinks the bag is full (the bag had nothing it in). So after resetting the light every day for two weeks and googling the issue and contacting tech support (which gave me incorrect information), no change. So I changed the bag system to a filter system (included with the product)...no change. So I contacted Amazon (who was awesome) and I received a new unit...same problem. I contacted Maytronics by email on their support page and after a week, have never received a response. So I figured I would download the Dolphin app so that I could reset the bag full light every day...except the Dolphin app is only BlueTooth and after ten attempts for it to connect to a new iPhone, I gave up...this is why the MyDolphin app has 1.3 stars on the appStore. Frustrating. Finally, in this day and age, paying $1200 for a robot vac with no app, inoperable controls, no customer service, and a bag system that requires you to take the vac out of the pool, drain the water, turn it over, release two latches on the underside and then pull out the bag, remove the rubber fasteners, hose out the bag and reverse all the steps again, is ridiculous. I've purchased the Hayward AcquaVac 650 (a Dyson-like system, with canister removal from the top). It has an actual wifi app, intelligent mapping, super ease of use, etc. I purchased from a local dealer so that I have someone who can provide service. I'm now two days in, and the app for the Hayward requires a dedicated device, as if you want to use your phone, you have to disconnect from your wifi, then connect to the AcquaVac's wifi (which means you don't have any use of your phone on your home wifi). The second issue is that after each cycle, the bin light comes on to remind you to empty the bin...this isn't all that bad, as you just flip the arm on the canister and it automatically resets...it's pretty easy. For the money involved, it should have a bag-full sensor. On the plus side, the unit does have updates to the firmware that are done over the wifi, so that's encouraging. All-in-all, I would take the Hayward 2 to 1 over the Dolphin. Five stars to Amazon...two stars to the Dolphin and it's manufacturer.

5 stars

James Costello -

Love this Dolphin—my pool has never been cleaner.

5 stars
Pool cleaner

kathleen cassidy -

Great suction, cleans walls, easy to clean

5 stars
Works great!

Electrogut -

Had mine 2 years but only used for one season. This is the start of second season and it is working wonderfully! The remote not so much but I have never read instructions for remote.

5 stars
Works as well as advertised.

Gregory Roe -

I have been using this for a month or so now. It is easy to use, does a fantastic job, and filter cleaning is a breeze. I am very happy with this purchase.

5 stars
Amazing performance

Eric Birmingham -

Well, after reading varying reviews I went ahead and splurged and bought one. It arrived at the US Navy Base in Italy unharmed. Great robust packaging. Unpacked and inventoried. I think it is missing two small rubber plugs, but I may have misplaced them! Anyway, my pool is huge! I mean 65 feet long and thirty feet wide from 5 feet to 20 feet deep. It holds more than 88,000 gallons of well water which I've switched over to a coloring generator. Six months ago I would have sworn the Swamp Creature urged at the bottom, if I could have even see the bottom! It was dark green and filled with an assortment of water bugs. Not good. I started by dredging the depths of the trench with my net. Pulled out piles and piles of leaves, branches and debris. God only knows what it was. Then I set the Dolphin primer to work. Large leave bag first. Thirty hours later the leaves were almost gone. The 4 sand filters had calcified all of the said so the pool company came out and chipped out the boulders. New sand a couple of days later and a lot of chlorine shock to speed things up. Unfortunately when the pool was fired up initially a broken stand pipe had pushed a lot of sand into the pool bottom. The dolphin was busy sucking all of this debris out of the water. Then once I could see the bottom and the robot had gotten all of the leaves, I switched out to the medium filters. It scooped up most of the sand readily. 16 hours of the medium filter and time to switch to the fine filter. I've been running the one filter for about two days now. Crystal clear water! Amazing is all I can say. Not one kink in the electric cord, easy to clean filters and seems like a very robust machine. No issues to date and the job it has performed so far is phenomenal.

5 stars
Must have pool cleaner

Ry -

Great machine! Cleans the pool very well and really can climb the walls. Love that it plugs into an electric outlet and not a suction unit. Highly recommend!!

5 stars
Great product!


Replaced my Polaris with this thank goodness! Works so much better!

5 stars
Cleans/scrubs entire pool, quietly & with no water spouts to interrupt pool entertainment

David F Judy -

All automatic, great suction power, climbs the side of pool to scrub tile/ no algae build up.

5 stars
AWESOME cleaner

Jamie H Virginia Beach -

I love it! I am so glad I don't have to do the hard, endless work of keeping my pool sparkling clean. Prior to purchasing this one, I did a lot of research and 3rd party review research. Compared side by side with many other available cleaners, this one outperformed every one of them in every category (including water line which is the hardest for automatic cleaners). The design is modular and user-friendly. The reviews explained the cost of maintenance on a cheaper brand (engine replacement after 3 to 5 years) will quickly make up for the lower purchase cost compared with this one. It makes sense, if a person buys a 500-700 dollar robot gets less than 5 years work out of it and has to replace an engine (costing almost the same as the whole robot) then in a short time, the Dolphin Premier will pay for itself. I have it run a cycle once daily (preset #1). I wish the instructions had been more first-timer friendly, because I was worried I would do something wrong in putting it together. I am sure the instructions are easy to understand for those buyers who have previously used automatic pool cleaners, but I was so sure it was going to be more difficult than it was I over-thought the process. It is great that it comes with the multi-media. There is an over-sized bag with its own holder piece so I don't even have to manipulate the metal arms when changing out media types. It also comes with the regular size filter cartridges as well as micro filter media. On the first run, I used the bag. Next run, the regular size filter cartridges, and now I consistently use the micro filter cartridges. It is very easy to clean the filter and the impeller (as needed). It cleans the pool better than I ever could and I think it does just as good or maybe better than a paid pool cleaner would do. There are three presets for scheduled cleaning.

5 stars
Love it

mario -

Love this thing… I have had no problem as of yet… Does what it says…

5 stars
Best purchase I have ever made!

Bug lady -

If you are thinking about buying this item, stop thinking and just do it! This has truly been the best purchase I have ever made. We have 38x16 fiberglass pool with steps on all corners and a resting ledge all the way around. I am crazy about our pool being spotless so I would spend at least and hour and a half cleaning that every other day. The Dolphin has made owning a pool effortless. I get up in the morning , let my dog out and put the dolphin the pool. Go inside and have my coffee, watch the news, get my shower and get ready for my day. Go outside remove the dolphin, spend literally 7 minutes rinsing everything off and put it away then I go about my day. Our pool is amazingly spotless! The only manual work I do to our pool is if there is dirt on the steps or ledges I brush them to the bottom. The dolphin climbs up 3 of our 5 steps on each end but I like it spotless so this process works for me. I purchased the caddy and the remote. I would definitely get the caddy. It makes it easier to keep everything neat and easy to move. I wish I had not bought the remote. I have never used it and can't imagine why I would need it. I would recommend buying the dolphin and the caddy and use it a while, if you need the remote order it . I am a 52 years old woman and I have no problems lifting or using it by myself. My husband loves it because now his only pool job is changing our pool filter. I would never give up my Dolphin! It's not cheap but well worth every penny!

5 stars
Has a lot more suction than old unit, climbed walls much better

Dennis Saxton -

Very easy to clean

5 stars
Best roboticPool cleaner

Bruce R. Richmond -

Love everything about it

4 stars
2nd Purchase of a Dolphin

RJ -

My first Dolphin lasted about four years, then stopped running, possibly due to a bad motor. By the third year the "tangle-free" cord was getting twisted at each use, so it was on the downhill. It did a great job while it lasted and I'm just not sure any of the other brands are any better, so I purchased another. This model includes three different filters, which is part of how it does such a great job with cleaning. It also has automatic settings so that it cleans without having to be turned on. I noticed Maytronics improved their instructions (which are minimal at best) this time around, adding a few cautions that they did not offer before (don't leave the robot in the pool when the water is not properly balanced, keep the power box protected from rain), which may improve the lifespan of this robot. The Dolphin does not require a separate motor like the Polaris and it certainly cleans much better, so I can recommend it over the Polaris. That said, my Polaris lasted much longer than the Dolphin. Overall, giving the Dolphin a four star rating due to it's lack of durability, though it is an excellent cleaner.

3 stars
One of the brushes came off

A.H. -

I have owned several of these cleaners over the years and normally can't say enough good things about them. We live on a heavily treed lot and the cleaner gets a lot of work over a summer. This year my old model died and I purchased a new one. It worked great for about 5 cleanings and then one of the brushes fell off in (my still cloudy) pool.

5 stars
Great Product!

Frankie Crouse -

Best pool cleaner we have ever had. Been working great right out of box.

3 stars
Worst user manual ever

E. L. Davenport -

User manual offers no written info on when to use which filters. The diagrams are hard to use —not showing what to do with the strap that’s part of the bag filter. I can’t find any tho that shows me how to put I the cartridge filter pack. If you k ow how to use it already this looks like a very good cleaner.

5 stars
Does a good job of cleaning the pool

Steve Henry -

Does a good job of cleaning the pool. It gets stuck in one of our smooth corners, seldom, but it happens. It will spend a fair amount of time in one part of the pool and I will have to manually move it to the part that is being neglected, if I am wanting the pool to be cleaned quickly.

4 stars
Excellent cleaner; useless controls

Jeffcnj -

I have now used his cleaner several times and can recommend it without reservation. It was easy to set up and the minor modifications that you have to make to the weights in order for it to be able to climb the pool walls were simple and straight forward. It does an excellent job picking up even small debris from the bottom of the pool and climbs the walls with alacrity. Once you get rid of the bag and use the standard filters the cleaning of the machine becomes very simple and easy. Two major things stop this machine from getting five stars: the first, is that The controls are hard to see and provide no information at all. The filter full warning light comes on to quickly and has no effect on the ability of the machine to continue to clean the pool; secondly, even if the controls it told you something useful they are difficult to see in the day and impossible to see at night. I did not purchase the remote control his other reviewer said it was not useful however I did purchase the card which was easy to put together and very useful if you have to move the cleaner at all. In summary, I find the pool cleaner to be excellent at its job but it's this price point I would expect more convenient features like a countdown of how much time is left in for the knobs to actually light up. Finally, I think there's a structural deficiency in the full filter warning light.

5 stars
Very easy Product to use.

Franklin -

Robot works very well. Good packaging, good video how to use on line. Easy to set up. I received my Robot with not a dent on the packaging. I ordered the caddy and was glad I did, very useful. I have used the Robotic cleaner one so take that into account. I have a new inground pool and this was the first time it was being cleaned so there was a lot of concrete chips and small stones and sand. The unit did a great job except in the deep end where the wall meets the floor. Other than that it climbed the walls and did everything else effectively. I will write back at a later date after I have a few more cleaning completed. But from what I see so far this a a quality made product with some very good engineering. I am expecting it to last. Everything fits perfectly, filters, covers etc. I made sure before I used it to unravel the cord properly and had no problems. I extended the float arms and had no problems going over the floor drains. It won't do steps and it didn't do my seating shelf either. Not sure why it didn't do the seating shelf but no big deal. A bit expensive but buying from Amazon seems to have saved me over $400.

3 stars
Warranty may be longer than most, but it still broke down

lnicholson -

6 months after the warranty expired, the power supply burned up ($299 replacement), worked for another day and stopped working again. Now I have to take it into a shop to see if it needs a new power cord (another $299) or something else. At these costs, this unit can quicklky become a total loss, meaning that I got 3 pool seasons from it, at a cost of $400 per season. That's expensive consdering my old Polaris lasted for over a decade!

5 stars
Love the robot, don’t have the remote. Manual cleaning days are over.


The robot is easy to use and does a very good job cleaning dirt and debris out of my outdoor unground pool. Still experimenting on how to use it effectively. Very helpful this time of year with lots of heavy spring rains and winds.

5 stars
Efficient and works very well

Daniel R. Stevens -

Happy to not have to use my second pump motor to run my pool sweep. Got tired of Polaris, they don't last long, and are always having to be tinkered with to make them clean well. And my Hayward Phantom, while it worked spectacularly, broke very year and was very expensive to fix. So trying my luck with this very expensive electric. I've had it about a month and so far is works very very well. Complete coverage of a large pool on one cycle. My only complains is the debris bag is stored internally so it is very limited capacity, due to the way it is tucked into the body of the unit. I have neighbor cedar trees hanging over my pool so there is a lot of debris to be cleaned up. But it works, just have to keep the bag cleaned out after each use, but if there is excessive debris on the bottom of the pool I will scoop out the larger collections off the floor of my pool with my manual skimmer before running the dolphin.

3 stars
I really want it to love it

Daniel A. Rodriguez -

My review will be nice and short. After reading many reviews, I decided to give it a shot, well it back fire a bit. It never wen out the walls (pool chemistry was correct), it gets stock in the same rout sometimes and will not clean half of the pool. And I have a pebble tech pool and will it go past 2 feet up the wall. There it is my review, I hope it works for you, the bot that is 👍

5 stars
After 3 months...wow!

Greenb4greenwascool -

I've purchased Kreepy Krawley side suction robots since 1985. Instead of replacing parts this year, I decided to do a search on types of pool cleaners and those rated best. The dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner stood out. I AM SO VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT! After one week, 8 hrs a day, the Kreepy Krawley hadn't cleaned leaves at bottom on 9 ft pool nor the tile at water line. Within 1/2 hour, the Dolphin had cleaned ALL leaves in pool bottom and had cleaned tiles and pool sides within 1 hr saving me time but also keeping the pool crystal clear and clean. I have packed up Kreepy to give away and will only use Dolphin and pool filtration system. I'm so glad I looked up other ways to clean my pool. I would have purchased this Dolphin years ago. I highly recommend it. I, unfortunately, have a pine tree, pomegranate trees and other leaf dropping trees around my pool. So, I get lots of debris in pool. The dolphin makes quick work of cleaning debris up with bag. The dolphin also cleans the pool with fine filters which helps my regular filter stay cleaner. I also purchased the caddy which is a nice plus for storage and moving Dolphin. I don't need the remote since the Dolphin works well on it's own.

5 stars
Climbs the walls, not stairs

Spencer Ledbetter -

I love the Dolphin Premiere! It's convenient, easy to operate and does the job!

5 stars
Replaced my Turbo

peterg -

I've had my Turbo T for long time and I did some research before I purchased. I really like this unit and cleans my 20x40 pool very nicely. I put it in for a 1 hour quick clean in morning and it really does the job. The only thing is make sure you balance it properly so it goes to the bottom and stays on walls. Cleans walls very nicely. A bonus that it comes with several filter combinations. The bag for your heavy duty leaves and debris and the smaller mesh for quick cleanup and smaller particles. Very easy to change and clean.

5 stars
Removing the bag and cleaning it is a pain; otherwise, I like the job it does.

Gary E. McCall -

Bag removal and cleaning isn’t easy

5 stars
After two years, I tested out the 3 year warranty!

David S. Anderson -

I've used my Dolphin robot for two years and it has been great. It does a great job cleaning the pool, is easy to clean, and has served me well. About a month ago it stopped working. I emailed Maytronics and received two emails back, one with a couple of things to try myself to see if the robot would start working again, and one email with instructions. I kept the original box, something I recommend, boxed it up, and shipped it. It did cost me $60 shipping. It took about two weeks, round trip, but I got my robot back in working order. They replaced several parts on it and shipped it back at their costs. $60 is a lot less than a new one would have cost. I recommend this product and company.

5 stars
Worth the $$$

callitasiseeit -

This is my 5th cleaner...2 pressure side and 2 electric robots. My past 2 have been a Dirt Devil and an Aquabot. The Dirt Devil was a decent product but quit working after 2 years. Tried an Aquabot based on reviews, and it was horrible. Marginal cleaning, and the motor stopped working after 2 months. Got it fixed under warranty last summer, but it died again after 3 uses this year. Was not going to pay to have it fixed again. Decided to buy the top of the line this time, and if this one didn't work out, I am done with robotic pool cleaners. Right out of the box it was ready to roll. Put it in the water and it stopped working after 30 minutes. I was worried....but it turns out it was so good at cleaning that its bag was full that quickly. I always thought my pool was pretty clean, but this thing is amazing. It was cleaning things I couldn't even see. After about 6 iterations of this, it finally ran a full cycle. I finally switched over to the filter cartridges instead of the bag filter. Yes...the product includes both! Usually a $150 or so option. Still cleaning like a champ My only concern is longevity, but with a 3 year warranty I feel at least somewhat confident that this will go the distance.

5 stars
My Dolphin Premier Makes My Pool Maintenance So Much Easier


My Dolphin Premiere works great. It comes with three levels of filtration, which are very easy to exchange. Our pool is surrounded by larger trees so we often have a good deal of leaves at the bottom of our pool after a rain. The Dolphin, nicknamed The Beast, never fails to clean up all during its 3-hour cycle. We previously used a Polaris robot. While it did a good job cleaning up debris, it did not have the scrubbing brushes to clean our tile. The Beast has no problem climbing the walls of our inground pool and cleaning the walls and tile. I no longer have to scrub those areas. I've been using The Beast for about 6 weeks. The only improvement I would suggest is a more flexible controller. I would like to be able to program different times, as well as days. Other than that, I highly recommend. I also purchased the cart and cover so I can store and protect my investment outdoors.

5 stars
This Dolphin is a monster cleaner in the pool!!


This thing is a monster in our pool, which was FILTHY with algae, oak pollen, and dozens of pounds of leaves on the bottom. Our Polaris (aka Ernie) which operated off the pool pump just could not keep up with the demand. Once the Dolphin arrived last week, we read the instructions, and got our new Ernie roaming around the pool. It picks up all the pool debris in its path and got our pool almost perfectly sparkling blue within the 1st three hour run. After a 2nd three-hour run, it was perfectly clean. No leaves left, no algae on the bottom or sides....the thing looks peeks out of the water as it scotches along the waterline....my cats were sure it was a sea monster. It's quiet. Per the instructions, it does not climb on the steps or seating routinely, so we still sweep that small area. I opted to also get the cart, and am glad that I did. It makes storing unit's cord (60 ft or so) much neater as well as moving the unit around as needed on the deck. Although I've had it for only a few days, I am amazingly happy with it. The one item that is odd is that the power cord from the cart to the outlet is only about 6 feet or so. The instructions say to not use an extension cord; however, I personally don't know of anyone who has a power outlet within 6 feet of their pool. So we are using a heavy duty, outdoor extension cord - no problems as of yet.

5 stars
Fantastic pool cleaner robot

Dogma101 -

Exactly what we needed, perfect robot pool cleaner. We'll worth the price

5 stars
It’s fast and cleans great 👍

Mark Gunter -

4 stars
Cleans good

dj -

What I like is the good clean it does also it’s climbs and cleans walls and water line love that Dislike its too heavy also cleaning the bag filter ( the cloth one is hard ) Will be in washer next time In all fairness a lot of people would not find it difficult to lift and clean cloth filter but for me I have a hard time with this

5 stars
Very easy to use and works great!

Joan H -

The media could not be loaded.

2 stars
This thing is junk. Do not waste your money on it.

James Thompson -

Filter clogged or blocked light comes on within 15 mins of operation. It float across top of water and. It stay on bottom or wall of pool. Takes close to 4 hours to clean a 16’x36’, 3.5’ to 8’ deep pool. Watched it clean same areas over and over. Support line is out of Europe not US thus you deal with emails unless you want to deal with them in the middle of the night.

5 stars
A huge time saver

Richard Rushworth -

I don't know why I didn't get one of these years ago. This machine is a huge time and labor saver. I had seriously considered filling in the hole in the back yard with dirt until now. I used to spend 3-4 hours a week cleaning the pool, now I only spend about 15 minutes. The only labor I need to do is brush off the steps (the machine won't climb them), clean the strainer and clean the machine filter about every other day. Prior to purchasing this unit I had to clean the large paper filter at least every week or two. Now I'm not sure how often I'll need to clean it since I've only had it for two weeks but it'll be interesting to see.

4 stars
Large bag capacity and cleans Walls, leaves, plus fine dirt

McCraryWalton -

This cleaner does all the work fort ou. The bag is extra large. I do not have the remote control. If I do, I don’t use it, but it programs itself, so if you are going to leave it plugged in and out of the water, unplug it if you are not sure you have really turned it off. It will start up. Yes, you have to clean out the bag, and you have to take care of it. Initially it took some time, but then as it was in the pool, it began scrubbing walla, etc... the extra large bag is not mesh, so it will get leaves and fine sand. Although it came with filters, I have not used them yet, as this has prevented any manual vacuuming! I highly recommend it!

5 stars
Pool has never been cleaner

brenda -

We both work full time and have a side business or two. It seemed like we spent more time cleaning the pool than enjoying it. I love the bot for that reason. I can set it to clean the pool and away it goes. It was hard to throw it in the pool the first time... spending over 1k to just throw it in... well it just didn't seem right. I will have to say the first time we had to clean the bot often. It gets every bit of slim and gook that we didn't even realize was there. We had it get stuck in the corner once or twice, but it is a Grecian shape so not getting stressed out over that. Never had it get stuck on the bottom drain. It did suck up a frog and it wasn't pretty! The time it saved is priceless. So happy with our purchase. I recommend purchasing the cart for it also. Makes storage so much easier.

5 stars
This is exactly what we needed!

Cathy A. Rodgers -

We had the same Polaris since the pool was built in 1999 - my husband would buy parts and fix it and fix it. I would see vacuums at the pool store, but my eyes would go toward what I was familiar with: Polaris. Then this winter, I came across this and decided I would give it a try. I liked the fact that it had "scrubbers" that would clean the surface, and even go up the walls to scrub above the water line - THIS THING IS GREAT! We used to have to sweep the bottom and sides and hated it - this does it for us! I love this vacuum. I bought the whole deal - with the caddy and cover. It stores away nicely whereas our Polaris did not and was a pain to put away when company was coming. This is easy and quick to put away. I wish I had gotten one years ago.

5 stars

stayci99 -

So easy and works great!!

2 stars
Works for leaves...not much else

Elijah Lamppin -

I got this on Aug. 20th, 2020 and was pretty excited to use it. I hate having to scrub my pool and vacuum it so I was hoping this would satiate my lazy desires. The pool was definitely in need of some cleaning so I was eager to see how well it scrubbed. From what I saw it looks like it takes a few runs...I ran it twice on the 3 hour setting and the pool definitely was not finished being cleaned (that said, it was the small particulates which I guess don't get cleaned without using the small filters that come with it. No big deal, it got all the big stuff like leaves rather well which was great! Problem occurred when I tried to run it a 3rd time with the micro filter cartridges. Now, the Power Supply will not turn on. I even tried the troubleshooting where you unplug the robot and see if it turns on. Nothing works. So I'll have to get it replaced after only 2 uses....not very encouraging. I'll update later when I get more usage from it and hopefully increase the stars. UPDATE: Power supply started working again after a few days. I ran it with the bag to clear out leaves which it does a great job at! However it this far has failed to "brush" the particulates off the floor and walls...a cheap $250 mindless pool vacuum did a better job than this one. I've attached photos of the results from running it twice on the 3 hour setting. I really only cared about the floor and sides being brushed well, but sadly I was disappointed. So, it's great for large particulates, but you'll still have to manually brush everything. Not worth the price at that point for me.

5 stars
Great product so far

Shelly Goldman -

Like many, I read the reviews. I chose this one in particular because of the large filter bag and overall good comments on reviews. I am not disappointed. It does the job very well. Easy to use. Hopefully it lasts many years. Highly recommended.

5 stars
... own upkeep this Dolphin Premier is hands down the best over those run off the pools pump and vacuum ...

Geoff M. -

Over 10+ yrs as a pool owner who does his own upkeep this Dolphin Premier is hands down the best over those run off the pools pump and vacuum suction devices. Here's why. This machine pulls the dirt, leaves and particles out of the pool instead of getting suck up into your DE filter which eventually clogs up and reduces vacuum pressure. As some pool owners know that once those pool pump powered pool sweepers lose sucking pressure they stop working. Tired of those multiple hoses leaking or poor connections that stuff is over!!! My pool is rectangular with steps and pepple tech. I get little to sometimes hand size leaves and it seems to pick up just fine using the large leaf bag. The micro filters are useful too but the pool get completely clean with the leaf bag. Unlike the pool pump powered type this thing has 3 settings so you can run it for 1,2 or 3hrs. independently. During the fall weather I use the Premier about 2x a week. When I first got it I use to store it out of the pool when not in use. I still do store it and only use it when the pool needs a light cleaning. Only downside I've notice is sometimes it doesn't get to the upper steps but most others don't either so I can live with that. I've own this machine for just over a year so I will probably give you the best review over others but simply put... THIS ROBOT ROCKS!

5 stars
Plug and go ready

Gary Dodson -

Easy clean filters. 3 media filters included. Fine media filter takes out very fine material easily. Great coverage of pool. Cleans waterline very well. Great purchase choice. Worth the $$$$

3 stars
Tracks may be weak link

Sonic Penguin -

Waiting to see how warranty claims work with Maytronics and this merchant. After just a month of use, one of the main drive tracks completely broke. This unit replaced a similar 12-14 year old unit that previous homeowner purchased. The weakness of that one was the bottom tray has an array of thin tabs for mounting the filter frames. With most of them broken I had the choice to replace the tray for $100 and hope that nothing else went wrong or upgrade to a newer unit. This model uses the exact same tray with the same design flaw. But, when it’s working, I really have no complaints other than the power supply unit will display light that the filter’s dirty and needs to be cleaned, when actually it’s not.

5 stars
Heavy Duty

Ronald Blount -

Got what we paid for. Like it a lot

3 stars
Maytronics Customer Service is Terrible!!!!

Team Crowley -

I bought a dolphin premiere last week and I ran it for the first time in my pool. It cleaned very well but I noticed that the unit would not climb the walls. It would go up the wall about 6 inches, stop for a short period and then reverse itself. So I picked up the phone and called their customer service. After sitting on hold for roughly 30 min a customer service rep came on the phone who was just about as unenthusiastic to talk to me as can be. I explained the situation and you could tell that she simply wanted to point me to the product manual and get me off the phone as soon as she could. I was never able to resolve the problem of why the unit won't climb the walls. So here is the bottom line...if you are okay with a product that will clean fairly well, cleans the bottom of your pool only...and you are the type of person that expects nothing re: customer service from the companies you buy from...this is the product for you. if you like customer service...I recommend that you steer clear of Dolphin/Maytronics.

5 stars

felix rivera -


5 stars
My pool has never been this clean!

J. Gilbride -

This cleaner changed my life. We have been fighting yellow algae and sub-par cleaning done by our suction side cleaner. I got this for Father’s Day, and have been nothing short of amazed. The pool is sparkling. The chemistry has been more consistent during these two weeks than any prior recorded time. The water is being circulated more efficiently, and the pool is clean! I use the ultra fine filters, and must clean them every day - and I’m impressed how much it still picks up daily. I am happy to have received this, and would buy it again. Very great product.

4 stars
It sure works....

Kindle Customer -

It cleans almost 95% of my pool. The only thing I dislike is that it doesn't clean the steps. It does the first step and backs off from the remaining two. Other than this issue, it cleans well and picks up large leaves as noted in the pictures included.

5 stars
Fantastic, highly functional cleaner

Tater -

I’ve had this cleaner for a few months now and couldn’t be happier with it. I replaced an older suction-side cleaner that picked up very little debris and would get stuck in various corners of my pool routinely. The Dolphin Premier is simply fabulous. It gets everything in the pool (I’ve only used the leaf bag since it’s fall), including leaves, dirt, berries, pine needles etc. It has never gotten stuck on either of my pool’s drains, and never gets stuck in any of my pools “sharper” corners. I run it 2-3 times a week at most for 3 hours each time and my pool looks like it was vacuumed each time the cleaner finishes it’s cycle. It also cleans the pools walls, a fascinating process to watch. My only “complaint” is that I generally feel compelled to clean the filter bag after each use (a 5 minute prices with the hose) because this cleaner picks up so much debris and dirt. It’s expensive yes, but worth every penny. It has also allowed me to shut down the dedicated motor for my previous suction cleaner which I ran 4 hours daily (28 hours per week of energy saved). You won’t be disappointed in this cleaner...it’s a real workhorse that does a fantastic job cleaning the bottom and sides of my pool.

5 stars
The Best Robotic Cleaner Out on The Market!

Suzan C -

Dolphin by Maytronics is the best Robotic Pool Cleaner in the industry. I've done extensive research and my friend's large hotel where they work use the professional ones. My next door neighbor has had the M400 for over a year, just leaves it in his pool and it runs great and less Chemicals are needed. I wouldn't personally leave it in my pool, but the area pool specialist in Texas seems to think it's ok. The difference between the 2017 Dolphin Premier is it doesn't have the 3rd brush on the bottom and media filters aren't conveniently on top. The 2017 Dolphin Premier is somewhere between the M400 & M500 models that are priced $1,100- $1,300 which come with the caddy (m500 with useless remote and different running times) M400 M500 no reason for remote, because both have bluetooth and app for your phone to run if you desire. It's a matter of preference, I think all will clean your pool very well. Also, the 2017 Dolphin Premier has a large Media Bag, if one feels they need it, I never would. Maytronics says it won't climb your stairs, but mine does, you must adjust the top handle things! The M400, M500 are difficult to find, only Professional Pool Companies sell them in your area, but do your homework on pricing.

5 stars
Dolphin Premier is just that.....it's the top

Michael W. -

I am a two month old owner of a pool. The pentair cleaner that came with our pool did not pick up much and never really cleaned the sides very well. This little bot covers everything, walls, floor, steps and scum line. I was having to broom the pool every day. Not any more. This little bot picked up more in the first hour than the pentair one picked up in a month. The first day I dumped the bag 4 times before it went through a complete cycle. I guess my pool was dirtier than I thought. Now my pool is crystal clean and I dump the bag every third day now. This is a must if you want lower maintenance to a pool. Thanks Dolphin

4 stars
Seems like a higher quality product but time till tell…

Pam -

Better constructed than the Aquabot that lasted less than a year. I don’t love that the filter access is on the bottom. But, the seals are much better, and I do not anticipate the problems I had with the Aquabot.

5 stars
... don't write many reviews just if something is very good or very bad

Rich -

I don't write many reviews just if something is very good or very bad. This one is the former, it is very good. We have a relatively small amoeba shaped in-ground pool. We had another popular brand robot also top of the line, did the job although slow and it would get stuck on the built-in concrete steps at least once every time we used it. The cable also got badly twisted. It preferred the deep end of the pool and almost amusingly one small section got a much more thorough job than most of the pool combined. But it worked. This robot is much much faster, much more thorough covering the whole pool without preferring any spot, never has gotten stuck (4 weeks), the cord doesn't tangle. Don't bother with the remote (don't see a need) if you store the robot near the pool you don't need a caddy, just make sure to store it on its side so that you don't deform the plastic bristles. We live in the northeast with many trees near the pool, read: oak pollen, gypsy moth poop, dead leaves, worms and your usual run of the mill indecipherable dirt. We use it about once or twice a week and the pool is very clean. Expensive but worth the money.

4 stars
Great robot.

Bill S.I.NY -

Great Robot! Not cheap. I purchased a aquabot turbo classic before this and returned it, what a difference. This robot cleans my 12x26 vinyl liner pool in about 3 hours. It moves fast and climbs walls with ease. It can get stuck on drains, but it will eventually get itself off. It seems to be totally random what it does, but it gets the job done. A few times it left spots unswept but for the most part this thing will save you time. Only downside of this particular sale, there is no caddy and no remote. The unit is HEAVY and when trying to pull it out of the water its even heavier, the water evacuates slowly. The cord still can get wound up a bit even with the claimed no tangle system. This unit came with all the different filters, I use the standard one for now since my pool is relatively clean. I can see however using the fine particulate and the large bag for pool opening. It also came with a factory 3 year warrantee.

5 stars
Worth it unless you have time and energy for manual vacuuming.

magenta girl -

A lifesaver. Without frequent vacuuming pool gets algae. Manual vacuum is hard work and takes up weekend time. I don’t have excess energy anyway and to add to the misery i’ve been sick half the summer. I wanted a unit with the floaters on the handle because it made sense that it would improve wall cleaning. I believe that it moves in a random pattern because there are no sensors. But since it runs for thee hours per session it gets everwhere. It doesn’t get the steps. It doesn’t hang up on the drain. Cord tangles a bit but I don’t run it more thanks three times before removing to clean and i untangle then. The bag is much better than the filters. If you have leaves get the bag. If dirt then either the bag of filters. Bag is too hard to clean, i wash in machine. I have two bags, I wash one while the other is in the bot. I hope it lasts beyond this first season!

5 stars
best pool cleaner

Paul Ellinghuysen -

This is our second robotic pool cleaner, the first was a different brand. This cleaner is superior because it never gets caught anywhere in the pool, programmable to turn on daily, every other day or weekly. This really does climb up the walls all the way to the top. It has 3 different filters you can load into the cleaner and they all do a superior job. We have an inground concrete pool.

5 stars
Excellent Customer Service

Robbie S. Dees -

I LOVE this pool cleaner. The cord does not get all tangled and the cleaner does not try and eat it. The cleaner is well made and having the 3 different types of filters makes it appropriate for all situations. When the pool looks clean to the eye test and I put in the cleaner with the finest filters you can see the dirt that was still picked up. Then there was the one problem and the customer service was amazing. The main reason I picked this particular cleaner was because it came with a 3 year warranty, but when I went out the other night and it wouldn't turn on I was really upset. Even with the warranty I was afraid it would be a mess. Boy, was I wrong. It was crazy easy. Basically they sent me out a new power source on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday. I just had to change the actual cord over, use the new unit and throw the old unit away. WOW!!! No fuss, no sending the broken unit back and forth. Two days and I was back in business.

5 stars
Love my DOLPHIN Cleaner

lovethebeach -

This cleaner is amazing! As a first time pool owner, this DOLPHIN makes keeping the pool clean simple. It is so easy to use and does an excellent job cleaning the sides and bottom of the pool. It is quiet and fun to watch. It doesn't quite make it up the steps, but that doesn't matter to me because I can just brush those. It's easy to clean, and I do that every time I use it to keep it well maintained. This product is well worth the money!

5 stars
Works very well but instructions are poor.

deadmanscurve -

Works very well but instructions are poor.

5 stars
Great product. Working for almost 2 years

Wilson Grava -

I was waiting for a couple of months to write a review and it's almost 2 years now. I feel I'm ready and happy to report that this product is excellent. Has been working flawlessly for almost 2 years now. A little difficult to clean as it's heavy to pull out of the water and the manual is not the best. Other than that it is great product and really does the job. I bought the optional remote control but never uses it. No need. It covers my 35,000 gallons pool completely. Cleans walls too. Really good.

5 stars
Really great!

Meredith Hunter -

The first time I ran the robot, I used the mid-level filter (not the lead bag or the very fine filter). To my surprise, 2 pieces of glass were in the filter after the first session. I’m so glad the robot found that before my kids’ feet did! We run the robot nearly every day with the leaf bag on because we have an oak tree that is constantly shedding in the pool (mostly little twigs and bark). I’m impressed by how much it cleans up!

5 stars
Much better than the old AquaBot it replaced!

jdsnetworking -

So far it is doing great! It cleans a lot better than the AquaBot that it replaced, especially the sides at the waterline. I like the way you can put it in the pool and not touch it for a few days with its scheduling feature. Of course if you have a dirty pool you'll still need to clean the filters or filter bag more often; but in a clean pool you it can go for a few days. The choice of a filter bag when there is a lot of debris in the pool or the cartridge filters for catching smaller particles is much better than just the bag the old AquaBot had! The only place it doesn't do good in our pool is around the ladder, but only because is physically doesn't fit behind it - but none would. It has seemed "stuck" on one of the drains in the bottom of the pool a couple times, but after a few minutes it moves on. I'm not sure if it's just spending extra time cleaning it, or bottoming out and not getting traction across it. Either way they are clean, lol.

5 stars
Mount control unit indoors if you can!

Mr King -

This guy is working great for us, and I recommend him highly. He does leak a bit of dirt when pulled from the pool but I've found it is minimal if he's pulled out quickly and allowed to drain on the pool deck instead of pulled out slowly. I didn't want to leave the control unit exposed to rain so was originally disconnecting it and bringing it in when rain threatened. This was such a hassle I was regretting my purchase, even though he was doing a great job cleaning. Then I recently found a solution! Part of our garage borders our pool so I bored a hole in the brick wall and put a short piece of 1-1/4" schedule 40 PVC pipe through the wall. I covered the pipe outside with a low-profile "in use" electrical box cover. Now my control is mounted in the garage, the excess cable is coiled inside, there is a normal-looking electrical box (it appears) on my visible wall, and I can easily disconnect and pull the cable through the wall when I want to take the robot out of the pool. So much happier!!!

3 stars
Works, but I would not call it Premier

Derek Smith -

The product works and seems well constructed but it will get stuck on the drain and the steps on occasion. The 'clean filter' light comes on after 5 minutes, it's VERY annoying, so I just ignore it. It's a useless feature. It will also go over areas that it just got through going over so I don't believe this, "maps out your pool" line. I did not get a remote, not sure why. This thing is anything but "Premier" at this price.

5 stars
Very impressive product

Russell Moore -

I have used this product for three years and am motivated to write this review. The Dolphin is an amazing pool cleaner that has continued to impress. I was very skeptical at first since my in-ground pool is a Viking Rockport fiberglass with numerous seats and contours. The Dolphin (I named Luigi) handles all of this in stride. I am just now replacing the filters after three years of use. Very impressive robot that has made pool maintenance actually enjoyable.

5 stars
Awesome pool cleaner! Super happy

cmullis -

So I looked and looked before I bought a pool cleaner. I previously had the Polaris nightmare booster pump cleaner. This cleaner is THE BOMB! it climbs the wall it never gets Tangled, super easy to clean!. It has gotten stuck on the drain just a few times and sometimes in my jacuzzi seat. However it is awesome and I am so happy with this purchase. Look no further;❤️

4 stars
Game changer for me...

KThorsen -

...making the pool a joy instead of a chore! However, it does have problems getting up to the water line.

5 stars
Perfect with correct filter

raphe -

This replaced an old tiger shark. It works very well, does a much better job of getting to the whole pool than the tiger shark did (it always avoided the shallow end). Big caveat: take out the "giant" bag which just clogs up almost immediately and replace with the included mesh filter. It works much much better this way; night and day difference. With the bag it could even climb the walls for to the added weight of its own filter. I was prepared to come here and leave a 1 star review until i realized the bag filter was the problem. Bad gimmick used to try and differentiate and sell the robot.

2 stars
2nd Version I've Tried and am Very Disappointed

Southern Spoon -

After being disappointed enough to send back the Dolphin Nautilus I decided to spend even more money and go with the Dolphin Premiere. After a month and a half I am thoroughly disappointed. I bought it because I was tired of wasting time getting the hoses straight on our creepy crawler so I wanted to try the electric self contained unit. Truth be told there is no time savings what so ever. Cleanup which has to happen. After every run takes much longer than messing with the hose. They claim this thing has AI well either it's the dumbest AI invented or it's a crock of you know what. I just watched this thing go back and forth three times on the same clean path. Didnt move at all. Its every bit as random as my $80 Creepy Crawler...I actually think it takes even more time to clean the pool. They have a three day cycle so I guess it's ok to leave in the pool but we have so many people that I typically have to take it out after each use. You cant leave it in the sun, you cant leave the power box in the sun, they say not to leave it directly on a surface as it could damage the rollers (they will however sell you a caddy on to of the $1100 you already spent to store it) it ends up looking like a very large vacuum cleaner and good luck trying to find a place outdoors to store it. Just not practical. Save yourself $1000, buy the $90 Creepy Crawler and you'll be a lot happier than I am.

5 stars
Best purchase I have made for cleaning the pool

RT -

Best purchase so far for cleaning the pool. Just set it up and let it go to work.

5 stars
Such a great workhorse!

CindyA -

After reading the reviews, especially the ones that say it's the same as the Triton, we decided to go for it anyway. We live in a colder climate (upstate NY) so usually by the time it's warm enough to vacuum it's June and the pool is going green. We got the Premier in mid April and the water just reached 43 degrees, the minimum temp to run this unit. We put it to work cleaning out all the winter junk...leaves, dirt, needles, etc. We had to hose out the bag about 5 times, but three cycles later, the pool was pristine. It climbed the walls and scrubbed the waterline clean. It managed to clean two out of the three steps. It did not do the top step. The robot is silent too! It doesn't float to surface when done; you have to pull it out by cord. It's heavy with water, but tilting it at the poolside, drains it well so that you can lift it onto the deck without undue effort. We are both 65 with bad backs but we can handle this. The bag does a fine job of filtering fine particles and clarifying the water. And it washes clean in the washing machine! Great product!

4 stars
Works fine, but does not climb walls

Michael -

It's a pretty good robot vacuum, but it does not climb the vinyl walls, stairs or get all of the pool in one run. It claims to have technology to efficiently cover all if the pool, but that is certainly not the case. However, the areas it does cover, it does them well. I have also experianced the vacuum dropping things back into the pool when being removed, but thats not a huge issue. Overall, good vacuum, but not the best considering the price.

5 stars
Very happy with this product.

livedbyacemetery -

I had a Polaris but after the second time it died in 3 years, I wanted to try a different product. So far this is winning my heart. Does an excellent job, and gets the status, and ledge in the deepen. Unlike the other machine. Just wish it would clean my tanning ledge then it would be perfect. Cleaning the bag is a little tricky, but I love that it alerts you to clean it. I haven’t used the other 2 filters yet. The bag has been great. Spring in Texas is one week of fall- where the leaves fall like crazy, and then the next week the pollen pours out of the trees. It worked wonders on my pool during this season.

5 stars

Maureen Briggs -

I had a previous model which I loved. When I went to buy a new one, I was advised there was newer model(this one I’m reviewing). We have started using it recently after our pool net was removed and I am disappointed. The capacity for the leaves seems way less than the last one. I have to clean out the baskets way more. It has a spring loaded entrance for the debris and if a large leaf get stuck in it the machine just stops. Would not buy again.

5 stars
Spotless Pool Cleaning

Obviousman -

Love this Dolphin pool cleaner. It scrubs the water line very thoroughly. Super easy to clean the filters. I use the bag filter when there are a lot of leaves in the pool and it works great. Been using this since the middle of June 2021 and so far no issues. Worth every penny.

1 star
Poor Customer Service

Kumu B.Vasconcellos -

So Disappointed as my above-ground pool turns brown with algae. Motor broke Dolphin Representative as know idea when it can be fixed as my pool gets brown wings algae. A real bad experience this is. had high hopes for this machine. I bought a manual vacuum but the manual vacuums are so small they can't do the job. A representative from Dolphin is helping me. It's been 3 weeks, and nothing the pool continues to get brown. Recommendation try another company Dolphin is big, too big to take care of it's customers. I paid $1300 for no service. IT'S NOW SEPTEMBER 30,2022, I STILL DON'T HAVE "POOL CLEANER." IT'S SO SAD. IT'S BECOMING LAUGHABLE ABOUT WAHT A FOOL I AM TO HAVE BOUIGHT THIS "PREMIER POOL CLAEANER." AM I ANGRY? YES! DOLPHIN CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-EXISTANT.

5 stars

Tracy B. -

I'm so glad I purchased this pool cleaner. It took about 8-10 recycles (with cleaning the cartridges in between each) before my pool was clean. Now I run it 2-3 times a week. When I first tried it, I was on pins and needles because this pool cleaner cost sooo much money. After watching to climb to wall and get the water line, I was relieved. One mistake I made was not cleaning the filter right after taking it out of the pool - DON'T DO THAT. I was able to clean with it with lots of extra effort. Sadly, I can only rate this a 5 star, it's a 10 in my book :-)

5 stars
Works well even with a very dirty pool

S. Walker -

We bought a new house and the pool was filled with leaves and algae. We had to use the bag for a while and then the other filter. Works great but because this one was newer it was hard to find videos and resources to figure out how to assemble and use. We didn't purchase the remote and don't plan on it. I do recommend purchasing the caddy. It's well worth the money.

5 stars
Very happy

D. Shelton -

We are very happy with the Dolphin Premier. We've been using it for a month. When we opened our pool this year, our cover had a couple holes, and a lot of trash had really dirtied the water. It had never been this bad...the pool bottom & walls were very dark & badly stained. In a couple of days, it had cleaned the bottom & walls and our water was clear. No hand scrubbing on walls was needed. It picks up very small particles and it's easy to clean the filters. It has trouble cleaning our steps, maybe because they're fiberglass. Still very happy

4 stars
Like many others have mentioned not much for instructions but ...


Recived the cleaner very quickly and gave it a test drive within the hour. Like many others have mentioned not much for instructions but not much else to do but plug it in and hit the power button. I can not attest to the leaf picking up ability of this unit and am a bit skeptical as to how well it would do because of the size of the intake ports on the bottom. I swapped out the bagger filter and used the micron filters. After a 3 hour run I can attest to the fact that it did indeed filter out a lot of dirt as the filters needed a good spray to clean out all the dirt. Coming from a pressure side cleaner this robotic cleaner is a total no brainer. Great product...will let you know in a year if its still working

5 stars
Better investment than an inline pool system in my scenario.

Daveedo -

I had an older Maytronics Premier model Premier model (Triton) . I got this one because it didn't make sense to replace the expensive motor assembly in an attempt to fix it. I chose this one because it has good 3 year warranty, plus I can interchange some of the parts with my previous model. I like some of the newer features available on this model as well as the simplicity of knowing what to expect. It made more sense for me to buy this model than setup an inline pool system. I have had it for a week, but I am already happy with what I got. Good quality materials that hopefully will last me another 5 years.

5 stars

Melissa -

This is the best pool robot vacuum you can get in your life. It worth every penny. It take 3 hours to make your pool clean again. It can clean everything, leaves, dust, algeas, sand... you name it. It can scrub all the pool edges. You just need to brush the stairs.

5 stars
Fantastic results


We've had other pool cleaners before, but this one takes the cake! It is super efficient, does the job in half the time, and is very thorough. I love that it scrapes the wall sides and that you have a choice of the different mesh filters you can use. We haven't had to skim the pool or scrape it since we bought it. Great investment.

5 stars
Excellent purchase

James R. Taylor -

LOVE IT!! We invented in it last year and its been a game changer! It does an excellent job of picking up leaves and debris. Change the filter and it'll pick up small particles, sand, grit etc. It's a little gross cleaning out the filters but that's only because it does such a fantastic job. Highly recommend it.

2 stars
Incredibly overrated!

Peter G -

This Dolphin Premier doesn’t hold a candle to my old Aquabot. It gets stuck in corners or where odd pool angles come together, and doesn’t climb stairs. My Aquabot never had this problem. When the Dolphin Premier occasionally goes to the top of the pool wall, and starts down, it comes off the pool wall and starts to float down until halfway to the bottom before it rejoins the pool wall. I put in clean filters every time I use it. Mapping is totally useless. When it floats to the bottom of the pool from the wall it loses it’s orientation. Sometimes when I set the timer only part of the pool gets done because it’s stuck in a corner spinning it’s tracks for a couple of hours. After all of the rave reviews I can only surmise advertising dollars are influencing the reviewers. I wanted to love this thing. If you buy it, make sure you have a strong return policy, like with no restocking fee.

5 stars
The best pool cleaner yet!

Sarah Scanlon -

This product is outstanding. I have used it every day for a month now and the pool has been the cleanest ever and continues to be so. Compared to the creepy Crawly that I had before it is head and shoulders above. It is easy to use, easy to clean, gets the vertical walls and edging tiles and of course the bottom. If I were to think of an improvement, it would be interchangeable rollers with nylon/SSbrushes. The rubber paddle brushes on the rollers work very well, but I think the nylon /SS brushes might be a bit better. What I like the best about it is that I don't have to stand there and brush and vacuum once a week. The initial Zen Meditative experience quickly turns to a tedious, I have got to do this, chore. the Dolphin premier does all that for me. Just clean the paper filters every few days and set the program, it does the rest!

5 stars
life saver! no regrets!!

Leeann C -

just put a pool in this summer. We wanted to save money so we did manual pool cleaning every morning. Needless to say, its hard work and time consuming. After a recommendation from a friend we decided to splurge and get this. So glad we did! simple to use. Toss it in and turn it on and it gets to work. Pools comes out spotless. Only complaint is it cant clean the stairs properly. Definitely worth the money!

2 stars
It was good while it lasted which wasn't long - Update

EHunt -

Update 7/14/21 - Well, I was able to get through to customer service last time (trying first via website with no success and then calling) and they sent me a new power box (or whatever you would call it) and then it worked again which I really liked and it did a good job. BUT recently it happened again...it flipped the breaker on the same outlet and now won't turn on with any outlet. I take it out after every clean and store it so it's not the elements doing it. So at this point, I'm going to call it an expensive mistake. Original - This vacuum is extremely expensive for only lasting through 4 cleans. Now when I try to use it, it flips multiple outlets and now won't start. I've tried a few times to reach the manufacturer via their website but I've received no response. I'll now have to call to see what they will do. I purchased the remote but that arrived about the time it stopped working so I can't review that. At this point, I would not recommend this product.

4 stars
Updated Review - Great product but poorly packaged


ORIGINAL REVIEW... Item arrived damaged. Rollers were bent and brush looked mangled. We were not willing to risk attempting to use it. There was no damage to the outside of the box, so we suspect it is poorly packaged by the manufacturer. Not sure we are willing to attempt to order again, as it is a lot of money for this to happen again. EDITED REVIEW.. I can verify that the rollers do soften in water, but the new order did not come with bent rollers and the brush was not mangled. I am satisfied with how well that the Dolphin Premier does clean our pool, but I can tell you I am very unhappy with how the first one arrived. Regardless of the appearance of the rollers, the brush on the new Dophin was in pristine shape when we took it out of the box.

5 stars


Got my unit yesterday, got it working. After about an hour the yellow light went on indicating the bag was full. As the pool was clean this was not possible. I turned it off and restarted 2 times same thing happened. This AM i called customer support, after a short time i talked to Amir. He was very helpful. we registered the product and trouble shot it. They are sending me out a new power supply Fedex. hopefully the new power supply will solve the problem It was not necessary for me to give them a CC. I would say great customer service! PS when U connect the cord to the power supply U will see a notch inside the plug, match it with the socket and it will plug right in

1 star
Good vacuum until it breaks!

Amazon Customer -

Had only used it for 3 months (100 hours according to service center) and contacted manufacturer Maytronics. They instructed me to return the product (at my expense) to have it repaired since it was under warranty. It has been with their authorized service center for the past 4 weeks because they have no parts to repair it. After spending hours on phone calls, maytronics says they can’t do anything but wait. It is the peak of pool season and I now have to pay someone to clean my pool bc they refuse to do anything…so much for a warranty! My advice, buy a different product bc it will break and they have no parts to fix it!!!

3 stars
Overall good, but not as good as expected

Dustin -

Wall scrubbing and overall cleaning impressive, however it does not get our steps or tanning ledge well, nor the curved areas around the base of them. All of those still have to be hand scrubbed. Also frequently gets stuck on drains. Disappointed, but for the overall clean, still does ok.

5 stars
My son bought it for his pool. He loves it!

Rebecca Cimino -

He really likes the suction power. It cleans the pool great!

5 stars
Well-designed and works great!

jro -

Let me preface this by saying that after my experience with an Aquabot Turbo T4RC, I was skeptical that a pool robot would ever meet the expectations I had. The Aquabot was a disaster that ended up costing nearly $4,000 over 4 years and was constantly being repaired. That being said, this thing rocks! It climbs the walls of my 32,000 gallon in-ground gunnite salt pool with ease. It scrubs the tile line, gets up 2 steps and cleans the built-in swim benches. In two hours, this out-cleans the Aquabot on its 7 hour mode. Its modular design and array of filter media is only outdone by the tangle-free cord which in and of itself is worth 5 stars to anyone who has ever owned a robot without a cord swivel. If this lasts nearly as well as it is designed, I'd give it 6 stars! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to purchase a new pool cleaner.

5 stars
Worth every penny

Kreg Schmidt -

Really fast cleaner with a great sized bag to hold plenty of debris. Climbs the stairs well and cleans all the way to the coping on the pool. If I had one critic, I would challenge the engineers to 1) make it easier to attached the bag after cleaning and 2) make the design of the bag easier to clean.

5 stars
Worth The Money

Jorge Munoz -

I am relatively happy with my purchase. To be honest it cleans as well as can be expected. It still leaves some debris behind and cleans better after I have scrubbed the pool to loosen any dirt or undiluted chemicals. I wish the brushes would scrub a little better. All in all it beats the previous pool vacuum I was using.

5 stars
Love it!!

Todd White -

By far one of the top 10 purchases we’ve made in the 20 years we’ve owned our home. The Dolphin works great and saves so much time. I put it in for 3 hours once or twice a week and our pool stays spotless all the time. We are using our pool more than ever, because it’s always clean and ready for use. I like that it captures all the dirt in its own filter and does not recycle through the skimmer/sand pump. It’s not that much trouble to clean the filters after every use...way easier than dragging hoses around with a manual cleaner. I ordered the remote for it also, but am considering sending it back because I’ve never had the need to use it. Oh, and other reviewers said it wouldn’t get steps, but it gets our bottom 2. Only have to brush the top step. It’s like having our own pool boy, we’ve named him flipper!

5 stars
Great customer service

Melissa Merritt -

Excellent customer service ! Had it back and working great in 7 days ! Very pleased

1 star
Stopped working after two uses

DN2469 -

We used the new Dolphin Premier twice on a clean pool. There was very little to collect in the filter. We cleaned it as instructed each time stored it covered under a gazebo. The third time we went to use it there was an electrical problem. The system turned on then turned immediately off. The power supply of the Dolphin is failing. I called Medtronic’s and they are going to have me ship it for repairs. I asked for a replacement but they refused. Told me to go to Amazon. We had it 31 days when it failed (didn’t take it out of the box until last week when pool chemicals balanced.) Amazon won’t refund after 30 days. I don’t recommend buying the Dolphin. Medtronic’s doesn’t stand behind their products.

1 star
Broke and waiting for repair

Momo's friend -

I received and used my Dolphin Premiere Pool Cleaner. Appears to be an Amazon exclusive product as it is hard to find on the Maytronics website. My Premiere broke, normal use just stopped rolling. 1 year old and is under warranty...3 year warranty. I spent $170 to ship it back to Maytronics for repair. Been sitting there for 2 weeks and they haven't even looked at it. I informed them California has a lemon law in which if the product can not be repaired in 30 days they will need to remedy the situation with a new product or refund. They told me they may need to order parts. Again California Lemon Law states if you sell Electronics for more than $100 then you as a manufacture MUST have repair parts available for 7 years post sell, regardless of warranty. Obviously Maytronics is more interested in selling junk rather than having a product that will make it through their warranty statement claim of 3 years. That is supported by their lack of parts and turn around on repairs. Repairs take 1-2 days anything else is a lie and fraud. BBB is next. Then small claims for these liars. $1200 for the this piece trash. Maytronics they will not honor their own stated warranty. Buyer Beware!!

5 stars
If you want a clean pool, buy it!

Debra H. Liebler -

I bought this in February but just put it in my pool a month ago. After using it for a month, I feel like I can write a decent review. When I first put it in the water after our pool was opened, our pool was very dirty from the long winter. There were a lot of leaves and worms and who knows what else. After a day of running the Dolphin, my pool was perfectly clean! I could hardly believe it! It climbs the walls and doesn't get stuck on my drains in the deep end. I had to empty and clean out the bag two times, but once cleaned out, it works like a charm! Our old Dolphin was 8 years old and stopped working at the end of the summer and this one was a big improvement over the older model. Do not hesitate to buy this model!

5 stars
Fantastic product.

Howie and/or Cyndy -

This robot far exceeds my expectations. It replaced and older robot and the difference is incredible. I have a fiberglass pool with a lot of benches and steps in this thing cleaned everything. I especially like the easy cleaning I’ve the unit when finished.. This is a well-designed and well-made product. It's a bit pricey but once I have used it I will never not have this in my pool arsenal. Before this product my pool had a chalky film on the walls of the pool and after about three cleanings with the robot that is completely gone. Would also strongly suggest getting the Caddy with the robot as that makes for a great storage and use function. 8/22/18 update This unit has not missed a beat and even was under salt water during IRMA. The control box was on a higher shelf but the robot itself was under 4 feet of water. I use this robot every day and it is flawless. Very impressed.

4 stars

BBell -

We’ve owned this pool cleaner for 6 months and it stopped working - will not even power on anymore. I’m now having trouble with getting clear directions on a warranty claim. I’d have never spent this much money had I known the technical difficulties.

5 stars
Great warranty and customer service

Amazon Customer -

Bought this model 3 years ago and it's worked flawlessly since. The only trouble so far was the power supply unit that sits outside of the pool started acting goofy. Considering I left this electronic device out the entire winter in the northeast I'm surprised it even worked at all. Anyway, I called the company, spoke with a HUMAN about my issue and within less than 5 minutes they agreed to send a new power supply unit free of charge. I WILL BUY ANOTHER ONE IN THE FUTURE!

5 stars
Great cleaners bad support

John -

Pool cleaner is awesome. I have owed for over a year. It works amazingly. Omer a year in to it and I now have issue with faulty power cable they want me to mail entire unit even the filters 1/2 way across the country to Maytronics at my expense to get a cable that weighs less than a lb. And john “pool express” the seller on amazon says they don’t carry parts and are no help.

2 stars
Expected more given the cost, reviews and advertisements

Brigette Brown -

I was excited to get my Dolphin Premier robotic cleaner. I've been manually cleaning my pool and everyone recommended a robotic cleaner. My pool is fairly clean, but we see mostly sand and dirt particles at the bottom. I've run the cleaner 10 times so far. It had only gone through the entire cleaning cycle without disruption once. All of the other times the clogged filter indicator comes on within 30 to 60 minutes. When I check the filters there is very little in them. It's very frustrating to have to remove the cleaner from the pool constantly to "clean" the filters that have barely anything in them. It defeats the purpose of purchasing this product. I could understand if my pool had a ton of debris, but it doesn't. Also, it doesn't climb every wall and doesn't appear to be mapping the pool as advertised. Given the cost, reviews and advertisements I expected more.

5 stars
Ripped screen filter

Mayberry -

Beats vacuuming the pool any day. Seems to do a great job except for the hard 90 degree corners but that was to be expected. Only issue I have at the moment is one of the filters is ripped. Not worth sending the whole thing back but wandering if I can get a new filler screen.

3 stars
Buyer’s Remorse

R. Johnson -

I’ve had this dolphin for about a week now, and I’ve got some serious buyer’s remorse going on. First, I should say that there is nothing really wrong with it. It does an okay job, just as well as the SandShark we had at our rental. The thing is, though, that we could have bought nine SandSharks for what we paid for this Dolphin. And although it does clean the pool by itself, I do have to lug the heavy, awkward thing over to put into the pool, and then after about three hours, pull the beast back out, take the filters out and spray them off, put them back in, put it on its caddy, coil up the cord, and put it away. It’s not much, I know. Ten minutes, maybe. But it’s heavy, and I already hate doing it. Especially since I remember living at the house we rented before we bought this one, and all we had to do with the sandshark was . . . Nothing. We ignored it. Sometimes it was a little annoying having it in the pool when the kids were swimming, but we just pulled it out until they were done. I feel like a dope for buying this thing.

5 stars
Open box, used but works well.

Mitch -

Cleans really well. There are some tight corners I have to hit with my brush but overall it works great. It was open box and it came dirty and had been used a little. It still works really well. Beware when they say just open box. It was 100$ cheaper.

3 stars
Returned - did not clean as advertised

Reginald Finley -

No manual included, looking at the online manual, there must be two versions of the same "premier" I got the version that didn't climb the pool wall. didn't not clean the waterline. But the description says it cleans waterline. Also no remote included in this version. I was happy with the return process. I only had it a few days, only took a couple of cleaning to find out it doesn't clean the waterline. It did clean the bottom of pool okay, but who needs automatic clean that doesn't climb the wall.

5 stars
Left our original one when we sold the house...

Amazon Customer -

And this was one of the first purchases we made after we moved to our new home that also had a pool. Our new house pool came with a cleaner but it was clearly not the standard we were used to with our previous Dolphin.

5 stars
Smooth Operator.....

bluesky_in 7211 -

We’ve had our dolphin “Big Hank” for about 1 month and so far it has met our expectations. I can put him in the morning before work and come home to a nice clean pool. Big Hank is a smooth operator, climbing and cleaning the walls & bottom of our pool. As new homeowners/pool owners, we are definitely thankful we took a chance on Big Hank, he’s helped keep our pool crystal clear. He’s definitely worth the investment!

5 stars
Clean your pool with ease!

Jeff -

Great product, makes vacuuming your pool a breeze! Just drop it in and sit back and watch it work! Durable and easy to clean once the job is done. Easy to program on a schedule or just once when you need it! I highly recommend this product!

5 stars
Best Pool Cleaner We’ve Ever Had!

Adriane J. -

The media could not be loaded. This is a great pool cleaner. We don’t have to worry about suction power of our pool filter. It’s quiet, powerful and climbs walls - amazing! We call our Cleaner “Moe” because it reminds us of the little robot in Disney’s Wall-e. Purchased the holder (must have) but not the remote but it would be very handy... Next purchase? It’s learning capabilities are awesome. Highly recommend.

5 stars
Super clean pool

Amazon Customer -

We started using the robot this summer and we can only say that our pool is super clean each time it runs. Very happy with our purchase!

5 stars
Works great so far

Pam Idle -

Have used this pool cleaner for a few days opening our pool. So far it is excellent! My husband says it is by far the best we have used for our inground pool. Suction power is great, he loves the different filters. The cord truly does not get tangled, so far!

5 stars
Not my father's robot pool cleaner.

BananaJuice -

Growing up in the 80's and 90's my father always had Dolphin cleaners. They always worked great at first - but eventually they just broke down. I just bought my first house and did a lot of research on these. I was delighted to see that Dolphin is still an industry leader. The Premier 2018 model has blown me away in terms of it's design, weight, and operability. I love how easy it is to clean and empty. The different media types is an awesome feature and needed in my dusty backyard. The no-tangle cord really works, too. I'm happy to get 2-3 hours of my week back from manually vacuuming - and to keep the dirt out of my filter. The only downside is that my dog is naturally distrustful of new technology and barks at the Dolphin anytime it breaches the surface.

4 stars
Excellent pool cleaner.

Steve -

Excellent pool cleaner.

5 stars
It’s great

Sharon Brown -

I got so tired of my old Polaris sweeper just going around in a circle. I have a oblong pool. Technology is wonderful and it was time we upgraded. Couldn’t have made a better choice. Very happy.

4 stars
So far so good

Kindle Customer -

Only had best thing for a week so far and so far it's been pretty good it climbs up the wall like it's supposed to and cleans the top portion of the pool however I still can't tell if it goes all over the pool because we haven't said too much at work for 3 hours straight. The set-ups a little confusing as to how to program it to clean everyday once a day once every other day because I still can't tell if it starts at the same time everyday we haven't seen it yet unless we go out and push the button but that's a minor issue we'll have to see what happens as even around for another week or two so far so good it looks great

5 stars
Dolphin Saves time and money!

TexKan -

This is my second Dolphin. Replaced a Kreepy that only lasted two seasons and did a poor job. Loved the old model,which lasted over 8 years in constant use. Tried to find to buy the same unit, but is replaced with this one. Bought for almost the same price and immediately showed it was an even better unit. My pool is irregular shape and this learned and cleaned the entire pool faster and better. Have used for two months and it is already saving me a lot of hand cleaning time. While expensive in my book, it is worth every penny and saves the full cost of pool maintenance. Hope this one lasts as well as the last and I will replace with nothing else. I have recommended to friends already and to my kids for their pool. With the extended warranty I will get at least another 6 years from this one!

5 stars
Good product for the money

Lisa -

The robot does a great job, and effectivly climbs the walls o four above ground vynl pool. I like that it has 3 sets of filters that come with it. The micro filters are the best. I have used the leaf bag a couple of times but I don't like how you have to invert it to clean it. Maybe they could install a zipper so it would open up flat to clean perhaps? Otherwise love it!

5 stars
Wow, clean opened pool.

tom giarnella -

I used the robot for the first time to clean my just opened pool. The robot had no problems picking up leaves, small acorns and a dead frog with the bag. I had to clean out the bag a few times over a 5 hour period before the pool was spotless. In the past years this took me a few days of vacumming, netting and back washing. I have a lot of trees around the pool that keep dropping pollen. After one week of running the cleaner daily the pool has never been cleaner, I was able to reduce the pool pump running time by 3 hours. Week two, pool has never been cleaner, I reduced my pump run time down to 3 hours a day with no issues, water is balanced. --- 2017 update, again, I opened our pool and let the bot clean up the winter mess. A few days later and the pool is spotless. No manual vacuuming needed. Worth the price.

4 stars
Love my dolphin

Melissa N -

Love my dolphin.. I just closed my pool but had my dolphin for the full summer season.. this bit did a great job for leaves and all the junk that falls in the pool.. one of the features that I like the best is that it moves more water around the pool in places that the filter system normally can't get to..so less Alger too.. Over all I was really happy with this little guy.. though he does seem confused when I drop him in and does not get to the full pool (though I have not watched for the full 1,2, or 3 hour cycle the whole time) Glad we made this purchase as pool season was less of a chore this summer.

5 stars
This makes 3 pool sweepers we have owned and by far the best.

Jimmy Madon -

I like the way it cleans all sections of the pool, also its fast. But the remote is useless.

3 stars
Sand gone sand back

CH -

I so wanted to love this. It vacuums up fine desert sand and leaves. It is hit or miss on the walls and tile line. It is very heavy at 37+ pounds. BUT.. I returned it because when you lift it out of the pool all of the sand it just vacuumed up runs back out in the pool. It cleans the pool 100 percent then dumps 90 percent back in. I tried different ways to lift it out and nothing worked.

4 stars
Pretty good, but not as great as I had hoped

Dml -

Purchased yesterday and used for the first time. Pool was dirty with leaves. It did a pretty good job, however, I have a 42' fiberglass pool with 4 spa seats and a ledge that goes around the deep end. The cleaner was not able to get those. In addition, it did not climb my steps. I had an aqua bot before that worked fine, but decided to try something new after that one bit the dust. I wonder if you can't get away with something less expensive really. I was hoping this one would do a better job of figuring out steps. However, I am hoping it will clean my walls well. This is a major purchase, and a difficult one. Hoping for the best! I'll review again at the end of the summer.

5 stars
Extremely slow shipping

PickyMama -

This automatic pool cleaning robot works extremely well my pool has never been cleaner. Easy to use easy to clean. If you need it in a hurry do not buy it from Amazon it took them over five days to even process the order for shipping and then found the slowest way to ship it to me and Amazon wants to blame it on COVID-19 it’s just another way for Amazon to save money And continue to charge for their prime membership

2 stars
Stopped working 4th day we had it.

Barry -

Stopped working 4 days after we got it. Followed all instructions. Instructions that came with this $1600 robot very limited. Troubleshooting guide useless.

5 stars
Excellent product!!

Amazon Customer -

This was a long overdue purchase!! I little pricey but, product is very well worth it. Great suction power, debris trapping great, wall climbing and cleaning is great. With this product I haven't even had to vacuum the pool because, it catches everything. I highly recommend this product.

4 stars
It good

Pyguy6 -

I’ve had this for about a month and it’s pretty good. It has a bag for leaves, micro filter and a regular one. It covers the pool well. It lacks suction on the walls, But overall it’s ok. I had the natalis cc and this is way better, way more expensive. It shouldn’t need the remote s/b Bluetooth.

5 stars
Must have

uriah bufkin -

This thing is amazing! If you have larger debris like leaves that settle in the bottom of your pool,this is the one to get. Very large collection bag. Easy to clean. It doesn't have a remote, but it gets everything from the bottom and sides of my 20x40 pool.

5 stars
A great pool cleaner!

WT -

I have only had it for a couple of weeks but so far it works great! As others have posted in previous reviews, the only thing it does not do well is clean steps. Having said that, I purchased the Dolphin Premier knowing that it did not clean steps well mainly due to its size. The easy work around is to brush anything on the steps down to the pool floor prior to starting the Dolphin. Aside from the steps, it does everything else so well that I have still given it 5 stars! Because I have only had it for a couple of weeks and have only run it 3 times I cannot speak to or rate it's durability and or reliability. I will update this review as I have owned this unit longer and used it more. So far though, so good!

5 stars
A great robotic pool cleaner.

Alicia Aldrete -

The media could not be loaded. My pool was very dirty and this machine did an awesome job. It is very easy to use. Just drop it in and it works like a charm.

4 stars
How long will it be trouble free?

Lardogg -

Does a good vacuum job after a very bad dust and wind storm Tons of leaves from neighbor tree. If it keeps up the good work I'm pleased.

5 stars
Never so happy with a product that I was moved to write a review

richard/sharon -

My wife writes review I don't but this product is AMAZING. We used to use Polaris with pump and what we paid for installation it was piece of trash. Getting ready to bulldoze the pool out of frustration. 40 X 20 ft pool would take hrs to vacuum using filter. Polaris totally inadequate. Saw hesitated, to buy but took plunge. After SINGLE use pool looked great by our standards. After SECOND use pool perfect. All fine grit gone water crystal clear. Pool looked like it was photoshopped. The bag is cumbersome to clean but only took about 15 minutes. They recommend starting with that at first because they know large amount of debris will be picked up. Changed to the plates with fine mesh and they take 3 minutes to clean (only that long because I had to get hose). Thank you whoever designed this

5 stars
Very Happy with the Dolphin So Far

Hugh Pickens -

I have had the Dolphin Pool Cleaning Robot for a month now and am very happy with the Dolphin Robot so far. I previously had a Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic In-Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner Vacuum 4-Wheel Drive which failed after three years of use just outside of the warranty period. The Dolphin cleans much better than the Polaris and the cord doesn't get tangled up nearly so much. It took a little while to get comfortable with changing the filters on the Dolphin. The instructions that come with the Dolphin are not that great. I would suggest you go to Youtube and look up "Dolphin Pool Cleaner" for some good videos on how to use it. I'll update my review of the Dolphin after a year or two with info on how reliable it is.

1 star

Amazon Customer -

Item stopped working after TWO uses. I have been unable to get a replacement or refund. This "company" of Maytronics is not working to keep me satisfied. Maytronics thought the item was sent to Illinois when in fact it was sent to Pennsylvania for a repair. Now, six weeks after the fiasco began, I am told to continue waiting and have only been offered an extended warranty - a worthless piece of paper for something that does not get fixed. Run as fast as you can from anything connected with Maytronics.

1 star
Ongoing problems..Now trash

Char -

I have had this product now since mid 2019. Upon opening the box I broke the filter basket as it was very fragile. The wheels constantly come off the rollers. After 6 months it was returned to the manufacturer (postage paid by me) to be repaired as ir stopped working. I have had it back for 5 months and it has stopped working again. While it was being repaired the first time I purchased a Polaris 9550 and love it! The cleaning canister is easy and not fragile, the wheels do not come off and I have had no problems. Sadly after buying dolphin at $1500 it needs to be trashed as it has stopped working again!!

5 stars
Great filtration

Curious Pebble -

Our pool has a lot of plants and a forest near so things are always finding their way in the water which is difficult to keep clean. I am really pleased with the Dolphin Premiere with 3 filter choices. My favorite is the accordion style filters. They clean up the very fine particles and you rinse them off quite easily. Very happy with this purchase!

5 stars
Love this!

C. Hill -

Magnificent machine! However, it began to stall at about 1 year old. But then it seemed to self-correct. Than at two years old it required an external nudge to get going. At 30 months it required more nudges. At 3 years it operates for perhaps 5-10 minutes, then you have to nudge it again. Great machine...other than the reduced reliability with time.

5 stars

Diane L. Henderson -

We absolutely love it!!!! This thing does the trick and does it quietly. Best purchase for our money for sure. We talked my sister and her husband into one as well.

5 stars
Better than we expected

Amazon Customer -

I was nervous about spending this much money on a product I hadn't seen or tried, but we are very impressed. Our pool is very irregularly shaped, so it doesn't get to every curved corner and is challenged by our curved steps, but I don't think anything would work on our pool. It climbs the 8-foot walls just like it claims and picks up just about everything. We had algae for a while, and it helped with that. We had ash from a nearby forest fire and it did great with that. It picks up normal dirt and leaves. We use it once or multiple times per week and it is still going strong after almost a year.

5 stars
Good product, delivered very fast.

PB -

The cleaner was delivered very fast. Box was in perfect condition. The cleaner is very nice. Does a good job so far. Very happy but I should be for the price. So far the cleaner is meeting my expectations. Does not climb the stairs and is sporatic on water line cleaning but I hope it gets better the more it learns my pool. It's fun to watch.

5 stars
Great robot cleaner for indoor pools.

Jamey Todd Gold -

I am glad I finally gave in and got the Dolphin Premier robotic cleaner. I had been putting it off due to the price, but after a lot of research...I can honestly say I wish I would have bought it sooner. Very pleased with the filter/basket options. My pool is 20’ x 40’ and 8’ deep at one end. I use the bag filter after opening the pool for larger debris. And the 2 other cartridges for when I’m just doing a maintenance cleaning. Very pleased so far. Would also definitely get the caddy again...but would probably pass on the remote.

5 stars
Beats vacuuming the pool be hand!

M. Norton -

This is great. My husband is thrilled to have “the pool boy” as he fondly calls our Dolphin, clean the pool while he does other things. It does a great job and is so easy to use!

5 stars
highly recommend this pool cleaner

Brooke T. -

we recently purchased a home with an inground pool & have been through 2 other pool cleaners with no luck. they mostly just stirred everything up rather than actually sucked anything up. we purchased this pool cleaner & have zero complaints! the suction is great & cleaning afterwards when it is done is super easy. I like the fact the pool pump can still run since this is ran off of an outlet rather than the pool pump.

3 stars
Too buoyant to do a good job

SW -

I do like that the cartridge doesn’t have to be cleaned after each use. I dislike the fact that it is too buoyant to do a good job of cleaning. I have followed the instructions to adjust buoyancy and it only gets worse not better with adjustments. When I pull it from the water I lose particles back into the water, the bottom doesn’t seal tight enough to keep debris contained. I read reviews and was hopeful that this would be a good pool cleaner but find that my old one that’s a different brand did much better. I went with the Dolphin because it said it was lighter weight and had a tangle free cord, I have found neither to be the case. Disappointed but will contact customer service in hopes they can resolve the issues.

4 stars
The manufacture wasn't much help but I was able to make an easy fix. The floats can be pulled out for ...

Selling1 -

I bought this because it could climb walls and it was capable of doing so in a fiberglass pool. Well... it had issues climbing the walls in our pool because our pool has a ledge and steps. The manufacture wasn't much help but I was able to make an easy fix. The floats can be pulled out for buoyancy and an assist in climbing walls. I added a two inch long piece of foam pipe insulation to the float arm and it worked. That little bit of extra floatation did the trick. I am offering four stars just because I had to make this work myself.

4 stars
Does the job

Amazon Customer -

It does what it says it will! I am not totally amazed but happy with the purchase. It is definitely easier to use than my vacuum that hooked up to the pump but Im not sure it has as high of a suction.

5 stars
It climbs the freaking walls.

Kindle Customer -

Most of all the reviews are correct as far as good it is. I really did not think it would climb my vinyl wall but it does. Steps not so much. It comes with all the filters. The bag filter is pretty good at even catching algae even though not really what it is for. The power supply will indicate the filter is full but I find you can keep going and just wash out the filters after the next cycle. Unit might be a bit more labor intensive washing out the bag as opposed to say polaris or shark units where they have like a basket but they also will not catch finer sediment. Overall I think I will be very pleased with this unit.

5 stars
Great machine…

James D. Ragsdale -

Can not buy/find one locally so I went to Amazon bought this, works great… real time saver… great machine

2 stars
Does not clean well or go up walls as described. Many areas not even touched

Amazon Customer -

No remote or Bluetooth connection as seen on video . Also doesn’t clean nearly as well as it should for such a highly rated item

5 stars
Very happy with this product!

Jeff D -

It came exactly as expected and was incredibly easy to get started right away. It has completely eliminated our need for a hose and manual pool vacuum. The different types of filters make this very versatile and handy for all types of cleaning including spring and fall when a lot of larger debris fall into the pool. Depending on the design of your stairs in and out of the pool, it may or may not work well. So don't get your hopes up for the stairs but the cleaning of sidewalls and up at the waters level edge cleaning is great.

5 stars

Amazon Customer -

works great----easy to set up and use...saves us a lot of time..and backackes---also fun to watch

5 stars
Great machine

Jasper Sterling -

Works great!!! Just had pool replastered filled fine filters twice before completing first cycle. Water is always crystal clear. Only issue is that it always completes it's cycle in the deep end.

5 stars
Issue with controller/ computer but manufacturer sent new controller. Problem fixed.

Rose -

This is updated review. 5 stars! Had issue with controller. 2 years later with in and off success - emailed initially and didn’t follow up. we finally got off our butt and emailed manufacturer. In 1 week we had new controller. No questions asked. GREAT SERVICE. IT has ALL been working great! Pool always clean!! Purchased this at end of April 2017. Had a solid month of it working great, super easy to use. Then after 6 weeks of use the device to power on will not turn on at times. Can't get vacuum to go. Tried emailing the vendor we purchased from to see if we can get them to repair or replace the power unit and no response after a week. VERY DISAPPOINTING after spending $1000+

5 stars
A great choice for a really clean pool

Austin Joe -

After researching robotic cleaners of every make for quite some time, I finally concluded this Dolphin Premier was the best bet even though it was one of the more expensive ones. After having used it for a few weeks I am very impressed with the performance and ease of operation. Using both sets of filters over time I have the cleanest pool I have ever had. The fine filter cleans all of the silt and algae and the larger filter keeps the pool clean of all debris and grit which blows into the pool. The filter system is easy to use and extremely effective. This is a very good investment for the pool and glad I made that choice.

5 stars
Best $$ ever spent!

Melissa Brooks -

I love this cleaner! Granted, I have not owned another one, but after having a house with a pool for 6 weeks I purchased this and it’s SO nice to drop in, walk away and come back to a clean pool! I wish they made disposable filters though - I would pay more vs hosing out the fabric one! :)

5 stars
Let it do the work

maureen ryan -

Thank goodness for this vacuum, well worth the investment, we are enjoying the pool instead of slooowly vacuuming walls

1 star
Lasted one year

Chris -

It lasted one year. There are issue with the driving belts slipping off, the plastic holding the wheels is bending (sun/heat ?). Then there are frictions and the drive motor is not strong enough to drive the wheels and the unit does stop after short while. We use only 3x a week and it did a good job while it was working. It is the second we did buy, the first one had to be repaired (motor failed but was still under warranty), then lasted two more years, therefore we bought this one (same model). Mistake. Cannot be repaired at any of the stores doing Dolphin maintenance because not purchased from them. Then, at this price it should no fail after a year, not even two. There are many good reviews but this does not reflect our experience. Lemon ? Who knows…

5 stars
Favorite purchase ever!

LeAnn K. -

This pool vacuum is AMAZING!! We've had it for 3 years now and it is still running great! We have a 40x20 in ground pool that is 12' deep. We program the vacuum to run every day. It climbs the walls and will even try climbing the stairs. We have a drain in the deep end and it doesn't get stuck on the drain. It's very easy to clean the filters. It comes with a larger debris style bag and small sand style filters. We only use the sand style filters as we don't have any issue with leaves or other large debris. I can't give this product enough great reviews! It is my absolute favorite purchase!

5 stars
It is perfect for our busy season!!

D Shah -

We are in sandy beach area, our pool does accumulate sand everyday during busy season. It is suppose to clean our pool dimensions in 3 hours, we wish it would have a sensor to go to the spots that have sand and clean those first. Sometimes after leaving the vacuum for 3 hours it does not reach to all the spots.

5 stars
Love this Vacuum!

LS -

Love this vacuum. Takes a job that used to take 3 hours and make it into a 15-30 minute job twice a week. I never vacuumed during the week before as it took too much time after work, now it takes 5 minutes to get it in the pool and running and maybe 15 minutes to clean the unit after its done it job. Love that it comes with all 3 filters, so I can choose which is best for the debris thats in the pool. I highly recommend this if you want to enjoy your pool and not work on it for hours. Also with the 3 year warranty it give a little peace of mind since it is expensive.

5 stars
Robust, well made brand

Lara Olson -

The best brand! Lasts years and very well made

2 stars
Amazon Warehouse "Used - Very Good Condition' - Not as expected

MM -

The robot luckily works with parts from our old one we had to swap out. I was very upset to see the Discounted Very Good robot arrived with a broken propeller! Clearly visible upon opening the box. What was more upsetting was seeing the broken parts of the propeller in a separate bag. So obviously the person, "okaying" this used product had no problem shipping a broken robot. We would have to return the item if it wasn't for the old parts on our other robot that stopped working. I am hoping to hear from Amazon Warehouse if they are planning on mailing us the propeller piece. The leaf basket was also bent. Again, we were able to use the old one. It was frustrating to trust this purchase, stating the Amazon Warehouse guarantees the item works and is in good condition. How could they miss something as important as the PROPELLER!?

1 star
Failed after 3 uses

Nick Johnson -

Now, there is basically no instructions on how to get this vacuum working but I figured it out after reading some forums and other people's questions. So it worked, and worked quite well. I picked up a hefty amount of sand from around the pool and a fair amount of leaves and even some dog hair. Then next time I used it, the same thing happened. I never got to the point of setting the schedule because by the third time I tried to use it it wouldn't work. The procedure goes like this: set the robot in the water, watch it drown, turn it on, let it go. That simple. Eventually it'll stop. But now it's stopped and won't start. So unplugged it and started it again. The pump went but then died again saying the bag is full. Its a clean bag (read other reviews about this impending sign of failure when the bag reads as full when it isn't). After a few more attempts I realized it's not worth $1200 (with 3 year warranty since Dolphin has terrible warranty service from what I've read) for a machine that only works twice. I'll have to look at another brand because I do want a clean pool. Side note: the caddy does a terrible job of controlling the wire that turns into total spaghetti. It is doable to get it all together but requires you put on gloves and untangle the wire that gets completely twisted while in the pool. Push the twists to the swivel with a helper and you can get it back on the caddy. But this isn't how difficult it should be.

5 stars
Best purchase I've made!

akccoach -

I should have bought this years ago! My pool has trees all around and constantly was sweeping the pool. It's so nice to just push a button or have it on the auto cycle to clean. Love it! Hoping to find disposable filter bags for this model - once I do then this is perfect!

5 stars
After 3 months, very happy with Dolphin Premier 2018

thephatp -

Spent a lot of time mulling over reviews of many different robotic vacuums. Ultimately decided on this, and couldn't be happier thus far (3 months of use). I was skeptical that this would make such a big impact, but after weeks of brushing my pool and seeing dirt move around prior to using the vacuum, I was pleasantly surprised the first time I brushed after using the robot for the first time. There was practically no visible debris moving around after a robot cleaning. I also like that I can schedule it for every other day for a week to run automatically.

4 stars
Which way to turn things. Directions not too clear.

Shirley Martin -

So far it is doing a good job. Heavy to lift out of pool for cleaning. We are weak seniors, so have to ask for help.

5 stars
our Robie

Lynda S. -

Robie does his job without complaint and does it very good. Loving our new Robot cleaner

5 stars
Amazing! Finally!

Anne -

This thing is amazing. Absolutely no issues. Goes all the way to top of wall, climbs our wide steps easily, does NOT get hung up on drain, no cord tangle, easy filter remove/clean/replace. Cleaned up leaves after huuricane Laura in 3 hours and we have lots of trees around- Woop! Woop!

3 stars
Not as good as advertised

Jeremy Quast -

This cleaner works, but not as well as I expected. I was instructed to go with this cleaner over the Polaris, but everyone I know with a Polaris has better suction and controls theirs with Bluetooth. This has no Bluetooth control.

5 stars
I Love This Cleaner!!

Paul T. -

This is a great vacuum for my pool. I run it everyday in the morning and it climes my pool walls and keep my tiles clean from debris that sometimes builds up. Cleaning the filter is so simple, just turn it over and hose it down.

1 star
No wifi or bluetooth

Pijush Choudhury -

The product advertisement is misleading. It does not specify that it doesn't work with wifi or bluetooth, while they show that the dolphin plus app works for all their products. They should explicitly say on the advertisement that this particular model does not connect with blue tooth or wifi. It works well for cleaning the pool, but it's automation is lacking due to it's inability to to connect to wifi and/or blue tooth.

5 stars
Dolphin clean

Dennis L. -

Saves a ton of time and work. Pool has never looked cleaner. Love it and would recommend. Still had this only 2 months.

5 stars
A must have!

Michael -

This dolphin does an excellent job!! The floor of the pool is totally clean, no slick spots. It also climbs the walls and cleans above the water line. I set it for two hours and walk away. Removing and cleaning the filter is simple. I clean it after every use. Going on year two no problems.

3 stars
Made from Gold and Unicorn fur.....

Jay Raxter -

This is my 3rd Dolphin...love them and they work well. One of the easiest to use. Comes with good features. Build quality is spotty but all manufacturers of these devices tend to cut corners and have crappy assembly too. No way they should cost $1k......maybe $400. I've sourced some parts (some are not purchasable and they are the ones prone to fail) and there's nothing in their that's even remotely high tech or expensive. The pumps / motors that are not available for individual purchase are purposely done that way to incur a higher repair cost. If I could find one that was as easy to use, better made, and cost under $400....I'd switch so fast I'd draw a vacuum on the door as I ran out to get it. It's great but the high cost and the difficulty in repairing them makes them only "OK"

4 stars
Great machine that works great

Jim Purvis -

Replaced an older Dolphin I had for over 10 years which is still working Giving it to brother in law who doesn’t have one

5 stars
I would buy again

Robert Veverka -

Keeps my pool clean with minimal effort. Rinse, set, repeat the next day. Clean pool, clean fun, highly recommend.

2 stars
Dont buy

Eric Oldham -

What is bad? Fine dirr remain on the bottom. My old vacuum is better and cost $700 less.

3 stars
Not as advertised.

leah m. -

Definitely not as the ads claim. It does not clean the stairs, like not at all. It scrubs about 25% of the waterline, and leaves the rest at the mercy of the pollen. It is supposed to “learn the pool”, scrub the waterline, and clean the stairs, according to the literature. Maybe I got one with learning disability. It is tilted on one side most of the time, which means it is not flat against the surface, killing its efficiency. It picks up large debris, but still doesn’t vacuum the bottom well. I still have to break out the old fashioned pool vac twice a week, and I still have to scrub the waterline. It does REDUCE the amount I have to do, but I expect more efficiency for this price tag. Overall, not worth the extra money. Get a cheap one, and keep your vac and hoses.

5 stars
Great purchase

Alex Stanton -

Outstanding. 3 hours and pool is pristine. Will hardly ever have to use the pole/vacuum head through the skimmer again. Keeps debris out of the sand filter so I have not had to backwash all summer. I think it is well worth the extra money.

3 stars
All items help

Timothy W. Uhl -

The product seems to be very good. Nothing like paying the top price and getting a return. The power unit did not work correctly. No directions. Directions help. Little thing climbs walls no problem.

5 stars
works like a champ!!

cherie -

The media could not be loaded. I wasn't sure how this would be as it was $1097 (pool store wanted $1500 for the same exact model), but it works GREAT!! it sure beats using a vacuum. it cleans the bottom and the pools sides, its almost fun to just watch. I have not used the remote control, I set the timer for twice a week to clean the pool and so far it has been working for me.

5 stars
Even better than advertised

Grace atyndall -

Great looking and terrific working machine. Easy to operate and clean

5 stars
A great cleaner.

Edward goldberg -

I was sceptical at first. Reading reviews are a bit confusing. BUT this cleaner is great. I’ve been using it for about two months and it is perfect. It climbs the walls and scurrys back and forth. The only place it can’t get is the sundeck but I know it is too shallow. The good thing is it doesn’t go there. Also can’t get to the top step because of the hand rail. It is heavy coming out for cleaning the filters but the filters clean up easily. I am very pleased.

5 stars
Top Shelf Cleaner... None Better..

bob sullivan -

I had an Older Dolphin Unit that Finally Quit after 12 Years... I shopped around for "Possible" other Replacement Units, And Nothing Came Close to the Dolphin's Features... I Bit the Bullet and got The Latest and Greatest Dolphin Premier... One Word. Awesome... This thing can suck a golf ball through a garden hose... It Climbs the Walls of my Gunnite Pool with Ease.. Almost to the point of cumming All of the Way Out of the Pool !! It Scrubs , Cleans , Sweeps ... It Does it all, Except Bring You a Cocktail... :(

5 stars
Great pool bot

Shaun Mendenhall -

Works great

5 stars
Cleans well.

qaz Customer -

It cleans the sides and bottom of the pool beautifully. But it doesn't do the stairs. Not a big deal. I just brush the dirt down to the bottom of the pool and the robot does the rest. There seems to be a lot of opinions out there as to the quality and dependability of this unit. I've only had it about 2 months and have had no problems

5 stars
Awesome purchase!

Jacqueline Stephens -

It does all the work for you! It’s definitely worth the money! No more time spent scrubbing! I definitely recommend!

4 stars


Does a decent, but not perfect job. I was really impresses when I had to have power supply replaced under warrenty. Unit purchased in June 2016 and power supply stopped working in September 2018. There were a total of 5 emails and I have a new power supply. Their communications were all timely and helpful. They included a troublehooting attachment that will be helpful.

Question & Answers

Why won't this cleaner climb the walls?

The above ground robotic pool cleaners are designed specifically for cleaning the FLOORS ONLY.

What is the typical life span of a Dolphin robot?

The Dolphin is designed to last many seasons. However, the lifespan differs from Dolphin to Dolphin. Many different factors play a role, such as amount of use, pool chemistry, and pool surface.

What DIY repairs can I complete on my Dolphin?

DIY repairs should be completed by an authorized technician. Please contact your local retailer for service, Maytronics directly at 1-888-365-7446 or the support page of our website.

What are the voltage requirements for the Dolphin power supply?

The Dolphin requires a standard 120v outlet for power.

How many filter options does the have Dolphin Premier have?

The Dolphin Premier has a total of 4 filter options: Oversized Leaf Bag, Ultrafine Filter, Standard Cartridge Filter, and Disposable Debris Bag (optional / not included)

Pool Attributes


Pool Types In-Ground & Above Ground
Pool Size Up to 50ft
Pool Shape Rectangle, Oval, or Freeform
Obstacles Steps, Ladder, Drain Cover, Ledges, Pop-Ups
Surface Concrete, Plaster, Gunite, Pebble, Tile, Vinyl Liner, Fiberglass
Waterline Cleaning Yes
Number of Filters Included 3
Filter Cleaning Oversized Leaf Bag, Ultra-fine Cartridges, Standard Cartridges, & Optional Disposable Debris bag
Cleaning Coverage Floor, Walls, Waterline
Cleaning Cycle(s) 3 hrs
Number of Brushes 2
Connectivity & Automation
Remote operation Yes - Optional Physical Remote
WiFi / Bluetooth WiFi: No
Bluetooth: No
Smartphone App No
Automated Weekly Timer Yes
Full Bag Indicator Yes
Cable Length 60 ft
Anti-Tangling Swivel Yes
Restocking Fee No
No Restocking Fee Ever.
Warranty 3 Years
Caddy Included Optional Caddies Available
Part Number 99996339-SPL

Dolphin Premier
Robot Class: In-Ground & Above Ground


Terra Premium Caddy

Terra Caddy

The Must-Have Dolphin Accessory

Weather and UV-Resistant. Terra Caddy is the go-to Dolphin Caddy. Sealed and protected, the Terra Caddy is covered in a protect resin that cures to an extremely hard layer, making it resistant to scratches and weathering. The resin cures very hard, making it solvent-resistant and scratch-resistant. This level of protection makes the Terra Caddy stand up to rain, sunshine, termites, and more.

Dolphin Universal Caddy

Dolphin Caddy

Easy Transport and Cheap

A robotic pool cleaner is an investment, so make sure to protect it. The Dolphin Universal Caddy is a solid caddy that gets the job done. Easily store and transport your robotic pool cleaner to keep it lasting for years to come.

Dolphin Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Need extra filters, replacement power supply, or new climbing rings?

Looking for Dolphin Premier replacement parts? Well, you've come to the right place. Shop all replacement parts for the Dolphin Premier and all other Dolphin models.

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