Dolphin ProLine

Newest & Best Robotic Pool Cleaners for 2024

2024 brought some heavy changes in the world of robotic pool cleaners. With a shift in the pool robot world, you're likely trying to find the best robotic pool cleaner for your pool. Today, we are going to cover one of Dolphin's newest, and in our opinion, best pool robots for 2024 - the Dolphin ProLine.

Why Dolphin ProLine?

The Dolphin ProLine are the professional grade models with more features, more filters, and better cleaning performance. Highlighted by four distinct differences, the Dolphin ProLine sets the new standard with:

Now let's dive into these features, the ProLine models, and what makes them standout from the rest of Maytronics' lineup.


In one of the newest innovations for 2024, every Dolphin ProLine model includes NanoFilters in the box. These highly advanced filters capture more than the standard filters found in other 1st gen pool robots, such as the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. Building on the past, these filters allow the robot to clean deeper than ever before as they capture everything in its wake.

Commercial Grade Motors

Dolphin Gyroscope

Larger and more powerful, the Dolphin ProLine borrows the motors found on the Maytronics commercial units that often retail for $3k+. This allowed the robots to deliver to a more powerful vacuum, which we had never seen before in our testing, as it outperformed the other pool cleaners.

Combined with NanoFiltration, a ProLine pool robot is able to circulate 4500 GPH - which means the robot is cleaning and effectively cleaning over 75 gallons per minute. A feat that most pool robots cannot boast.

Waterline Cleaning

One of our favorite features in our testing, waterline cleaning sets a unit apart in its cleaning ability. Powered by the commercial grade motors, the Dolphin ProLine delivers an exceptional waterline cleaning performance. Able to clean the waterline, also know as the scumline, in your swimming pool is an essential feature.

No Restocking Fee Ever

In the past, buying a robot can be a huge hassle. If the unit doesn't work for your pool, you'd often be stuck either not being able to return it at all or be charged up to a 20% or more restocking fee.

Unlike other robots, ProLine models never include a restocking fee. Meaning all sellers of the Dolphin ProLine aren't allowed to recharge any restocking fees. Given this, nearly all sellers of the Dolphin ProLine include a 30 day risk-free trial such as Poolbots and PoolRobots.

Dolphin ProLine Models

Let's dive into all 3 of the Dolphin ProLine models: Dolphin Quantum, Dolphin Premier, and Dolphin Sigma

Dolphin Quantum

Also apart of the Dolphin Max-Series, the Quantum is the only ProLine model that utilizes the XXL MaxBin - a filter that is over 400 in2. Right out of the box, the Quantum has both NanoFilters and standard fine filter option. We swapped between the two, but found the NanoFilter was much more efficient at cleaning.

Dolphin Quantum Waterline Cleaning

Equipped with all the features of the ProLine, the Dolphin Quantum also includes Active Scrubbing. This Active Scrubbing allows the Quantum's brushes to move double the speed of the unit. This allowed the Quantum to clean and perform at an extraordinary level, as we watched it run everyday after scheduling it on its Included programmable weekly timer.

Dolphin Premier

The only Dolphin with Multi-Media and a leaf bag. The Dolphin Premier stands out as one of the best pool robots for 2024. It's NanoFilters and leaf bag allow it to be fully customizable to fit your pool's needs. Whether you have a ton of leaves or struggle with a green pool, the Dolphin Premier is built for the task.

Dolphin Premier with Leaf Bag

With its dual commercial grade motors, it boasts an impressive 4500 GPH cleaning ability - allowing the Premier to clean and remove impurities in your pool's water. Built to last, it even includes the longer 3 year warranty - which is a 50% upgrade to the standard warranty found on nearly all Dolphin pool robots. There is a reason it is the top rated pool robot for 2024, so if it is in your budget, we highly recommend making the upgrade to the Dolphin Premier.

Dolphin Sigma

Saving the best for last, the Dolphin Sigma is the most advanced robot Dolphin has ever made. It has a whopping 3 commercial grade motors that combine with the Dolphin Sigma's Gyroscope to navigate and clean your pool with pinpoint accuracy.

Dolphin Sigma Waterline Cleaning

Also with the longer 3 year warranty, the Dolphin Sigma boast a ton of features that will enchance not only the cleaning ability, but user friendliness such as the myDolphin Plus App. This app connects to the Dolphin Sigma and to your home's WiFi (also can connect via Bluetooth if Wi-Fi isn't available). We found it super easy to set, schedule, and clean. With an option to even manual control, we loved navigating the Sigma around and spot cleaning any spots it may have missed.


The Dolphin ProLine is a revolutionary addition from Maytronics. With increased performance and better filters than 1st generation pool cleaners, the Dolphin ProLine is the new standard in the robotic pool cleaner industry. In our testing, these robots did not disappoint. From NanoFiltration to Waterline Cleaning, the ProLine models sit at the top of Maytronics' Dolphin lineup.

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