Dolphin Max-Series

The Newest Dolphin Pool Robots for 2024

Why Dolphin Max-Series?

The new 2024 Dolphin Max-Series builds on the 1st Generation of Robotic Pool Cleaners. With the addition of a MaxBin and NanoFiltration compatibility taken from the Dolphin ProLine, the Dolphin Max-Series delivers an incredible value with increased performance and power.

Massive Filters and Quick Cleaning

Dolphin seems to put an emphasis on filters with the Dolphin Max-Series. Thier MaxBin reduces the amount of time it takes to clean a pool robot. Rather than fumble around with cartridges that had 6 individual parts to clean and juggle, the Max-Series improves upon this by having a simple drop-down to clean - allowing you to clean your pool robot with one click.

No longer is cleaning the robot a chore. This straightforward solution is one that we are glad Maytronics added to its lineup. Not to mention the increased cleaning power and performance the NanoFiltration provides, which we will dive into next.

NanoFiltration - Newest Filter Tech

What goes in. Stays in. Thanks to the new innovative design, the Max-Series is now compatible with the Dolphin ProLine's NanoFilters. Taken from the premium models, the Max-Series either includes or has an optional NanoFilter panel set that easily snaps in. If it isn't included, most retailers now give them out for free with the purchase of a Max-Series pool robot.

Dolphin XXL MaxBin

Select Authorized Dealers, such as Poolbots, include the NanoFilters panels for the MaxBin for free with purchase of a unit. You can check out the Dolphin Cayman and Dolphin Escape.

Intelligent Navigation

Thanks to the Max-Series' SmartNav 2.0, every robot has an onboard microprocessor. This allows the robots to navigate your pool and avoid any obstacles. In our testing, all of the robots were able to avoid ladders and stairs to ensure the robot cleaned the pool with ease.

What robots are apart of the Max-Series?

The new 2024 Max-Series includes these 3 Dolphin pool robots: Dolphin Escape, Dolphin Cayman, and Dolphin Quantum

Dolphin Escape

the Dolphin Escape is the entry-level cleaner from the Max-Series, but don't let that fool you. The power and capability of the Escape is unmatched. The vacuuming power of the Dolphin Escape is fantastic. Without all the bells and whistles, the Dolphin Escape does exactly what you would expect and more.

With the addition of NanoFiltration capability, you can upgrade the cleaning performance by adding NanoFilter panels to the MaxBin. This allows you to clean deeper than the standard filters, giving you ProLine performance, at an entry-level cost.

Dolphin Cayman

The Cayman is one of the most impressive units we have ever tested. Between wall climbing, a programmable weekly timer, optional NanoFiltration, and more, it is really hard to argue that it isn't the best value robot on the market. The increased cleaning performance is a major upgrade over the Escape, as the Cayman will climb and clean your walls. Not only that, but you can also schedule to run your Dolphin Cayman every day via the programmable weekly timer - a feature found only on more expensive Dolphin pool robots.

Also with NanoFiltration capability, it pushes cleaning performance to a whole new leve. The seamless integration allows the Dolphin Cayman to be more effective at capturing tiny algae, debris, pet dander, and other microparticulates in your swimming pool. It is no suprises so many pool owners perfer robots with NanoFilters, so we are glad Dolphin gave the new Dolphin Cayman these filters.

Dolphin Quantum

Shared between the ProLine and Max-Series, the Dolphin Quantum does it all. From included NanoFilters to Waterline Cleaning, the Quantum sets the bar with a longer 2.5 year warranty and powerful DC motors. Powered by PowerJet 3D Mobility, it clings to the wall and waterline - moving vertically alongside it scrubbing away.

The highest performing robot in the Max-Series deserves serious praise. The MaxBin is a significant upgrade over traditional filter cartridges, and even has NanoFilters. Leading the way, the 2024 Quantum paves the way at the top of the Max-Series lineup.


Is the Max-Series the best line of robotic pool cleaners ever? We think so. After testing them in our test pool, it is clear to see why so many pool owners are raving about the new Max-Series. They pose a fantastic value and even better clean than other models out there right now. With MaxBin and NanoFiltration, these robotic pool cleaners are a significant upgrade from previous pool robots and are some of the top pool robots on the market today.

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