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Essential Pool Robot Features

Essential Pool Robot Features

Robotic Pool Features You Need To Have

Must Have Pool Robot Features

The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Features

Robotic pool cleaners are a great way to keep your pool clean and sparkling. They are efficient and easy to use, and they come with a variety of features. Here are the top six robotic pool cleaner features that can benefit your pool.

1. Waterline Cleaning

Waterline cleaning is an important feature of robotic pool cleaners because it helps keep the waterline free of dirt and debris, which can cause health and safety risks if left unchecked. By cleaning the waterline, the robot can help keep the pool clean and safe to swim in. Additionally, it can help maintain the aesthetic appearance of the pool since dirt and debris can discolor the waterline and make it look unpleasant. Regular waterline cleaning is essential to keep the pool in top condition and ensure that swimmers remain safe and healthy.

By purchasing a Waterline Cleaning Robot, you won't have to manually scrub your waterline or walls. Providing exceptional performance, we highly recommend the Dolphin Sigma, Dolphin Premier, and Dolphin Quantum, as we have found in our testing they are the top performing waterline cleaning robotic pool cleaners.

2. Multiple Filter Options

Having multiple filter options in a robotic pool cleaner can help provide a personalized cleaning experience. Depending on the size and type of pool, different filter options can help to target specific areas and help remove dirt, debris, and other particles more effectively. Some filter options can also help to reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep the pool clean while others may help to reduce noise levels. Ultimately, having multiple filter options in a robotic pool cleaner can help to ensure a more efficient and thorough cleaning of your pool.

Look for Multi-Media. This Dolphin Premier Exclusive includes 3 filter options in the box. More than any other robotic pool cleaner on the market, it includes:

  • Oversized Leaf Bag
  • Ultra-fine Filter
  • Standard Cartridge Filter
  • Optional Disposable Debris Bag Being the only Dolphin with a leaf bag, 3 year warranty, and most filters of any robotic pool cleaners, the Premier is the best value for your money.

Read our full review on the Dolphin Premier here

3. Programmable Timer

A robotic pool cleaner with a programmable timer allows you to set the time and duration for cleaning your pool. This feature will save you time and energy, as you can set the timer to clean your pool at any time of the day or night.

4. Commerical Grade Motors

Commercial grade motors are essential components in robotic pool cleaners. These motors are designed to handle constant use over a long period of time, whereas standard motors have limited life spans and are less efficient. Commercial grade motors provide better power efficiency for a robotic pool cleaner and are designed to withstand the harsh environment of pools, such as high humidity and chlorinated water. The power efficiency is important to ensure the robotic pool cleaner moves quickly and efficiently while cleaning the pool. Additionally, the motors are designed to be quieter, which is important if the robotic pool cleaner is being used in a residential area.

5. Remote Control

Most robotic pool cleaners feature a remote control that allows you to control the cleaning process from a distance. Whether this is via a smartphone app or physical remote, this can be helpful if you need to stop the cleaning process or adjust the settings.

6. Energy Efficiency

Robotic pool cleaners are designed to be energy efficient, so you won’t have to worry about skyrocketing energy bills. They use up to 90% less energy than traditional pool cleaners, so you can save money while keeping your pool clean.

These are the top six robotic pool cleaner features that can benefit your pool. By investing in a robotic pool cleaner, you can clean your pool quickly and efficiently, while saving time and energy.

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