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How does a Pool Robot Work?

How does a Pool Robot Work?

Let a Robotic Pool Cleaner do the Work for You.

With robotic pool cleaners, scrubbing and suction go hand in hand. Motors power the suction while the active scrubbing brushes dislodge stuck-on debris.

This is where suction side cleaners and pressure side cleaners really fall short. They’re a vacuum, and that’s it. They can only vacuum debris that is already loose enough to fall into its suction path. Robotic pool cleaners, however, have durable scrubbing brushes that actively scrub the pool’s surfaces. The overwhelming majority of bacteria and grime in a pool is adhered to the surface, whether the floor, wall, or waterline. By actively scrubbing that material loose and propelling it into the intake of the machine, robotic pool cleaners offer a far more superior clean.

Intelligent Technology

Advanced technology is what puts the “robot” in robotic pool cleaners. Some of the best models on the market today are remarkably smart, leaving their unintelligent, old-fashioned rivals in their wake.

Navigation Scanning Software

Premium robotic pool cleaners are equipped with scanning software. In a sense, this enables the robot to “learn” a pool. Scanning software maps the pool, denoting where the robotic pool cleaner has and hasn’t been. This saves energy and time, keeping the robot from wandering aimlessly, missing spots, or lingering too long in one area. Advanced navigation also helps the cleaner construct the most efficient cleaning route for its pool, so a job doesn’t go on longer than necessary.

Gyroscopic Technology

Dolphin engineers first introduced gyroscopic technology to robotic pool cleaners, and it has been a game-changing feature ever since.

You’ll find gyroscopes on everything from airplanes to the Mars Rover. This three-axis gyroscope is outfitted with high-tech sensors that detect and measure the rate of rotation of an object around a particular axis. In a robotic pool cleaner, it can control position, orientation, direction, and rotation. In a robotic pool cleaner, that means the gyroscope sends constant, precise information to the microprocessor, leading to superior cleaning coverage, wall climbing, and waterline cleaning.

You’ll only find gyroscopic technology on the premium models of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, like their award-winning Odyssey robot.

Weekly Timers

Another feature of these pool cleaners that gives them their robotic essence is a weekly timer. In a continued effort to make robotic pool cleaners more automated and hands-off than ever before, designers have added a scheduling capability. Now, pool owners can leave their robotic pool cleaner in the pool, scheduled to clean once a week, twice a week, or even three times a week – all without pressing a button.

Bluetooth Capability

You can do almost anything from your phone. Including operate a robotic pool cleaner.

Many premium models now offer Bluetooth capability, meaning pool owners can operate their robotic pool cleaner from the convenience of a mobile app. Dependent on the brand and model you buy, you can schedule weekly cleanings and even manually navigate the cleaner with an in-app virtual joystick. This is particularly convenient for a quick spot-clean, or to simply entertain the kids.


On old-fashioned suction side cleaners and pressure side cleaners, filtration is as simple as it gets. The pool filter does the dirty work, or there’s one filter bag to catch all sorts of debris. With robotic pool cleaners, filtration is much more complicated – in a good way.

Modern pool robots are equipped with multi media filtration. So, instead of a one-and-done filter option for all the debris that litters a pool, these robots can work with multiple filter media. This is a huge convenience for pool owners, as they no longer have to compromise when it comes to cleaning their pool. For example, if your pool is particularly littered with leaves after a storm, use the oversized leaf bag to gather it all up. If wind has blown in lots of sand and fine dirt, use the microfilter to capture the tiny particles.

Different kinds of debris require different kinds of filters. Now, modern robotic pool cleaners can accommodate that.


Once a robotic pool cleaner has done all of that hard work, it requires very little from its pool owner. All it needs is to be taken out of the water, then the filter emptied and rinsed. From there, it’s ready to work again.

Making Pools Cleaner Than Ever Before

Robotic pool cleaners have come a long way in recent years. As designers and engineers continue to apply advanced technology, these robots grow in sophistication and efficiency. Not only are they easy to use and energy efficient, but they work. Put a premium model of a robotic pool cleaner to work in your pool, and you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with anything else.

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